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Offering breakthrough solutions in energy efficient lighting
Written by: 
Ivy Carter
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Chuck McKenna

Dinesh Wadhwani has always been tech-savvy. Born and raised in Ghana, he began a career as a technology entrepreneur at the age of 14, developing software and websites for small and medium businesses. While attending college, Wadhwani came up with a bright idea that would set the course of his professional life: to build a leading company in the distribution and implementation of low-energy lighting solutions that challenges the industry standard of replacing fixtures.

Wadhwani established ThinkLite LLC (ThinkLite) in 2009. “Instead of replacing expensive fixtures with even more expensive LED fixtures, I realized that having a custom lamp that can simply plug-and-play into any existing kind of fixture will allow for significantly more value,” Wadhwani explains. “With time, I realized there was a huge opportunity on the commercial level, due to the very high return on investment. And so, we developed a full line of energy efficient lighting products that retrofit into existing light fixtures.”

Since then, ThinkLite has grown to become a global lighting efficiency leader. Wadhwani works with a team of 60 employees who custom design, manufacture, distribute and install energy efficient retrofit solutions for commercial customers and governments. The company’s efficient lighting products leverage proprietary LED and induction technologies that specifically adapt to existing infrastructures. As businesses take on a more sustainability-focused approach to energy use, ThinkLite has established a growing customer base. Headquartered in Natick, Mass., the company currently serves markets in 14 countries.

Bright ideas

In any facility, such as an airport, hotel, warehouse or parking garage ThinkLite can reuse the existing fixtures, by creating energy efficient versions of the existing light bulbs that are being used. “Our systems utilize mainly LED and Induction lamps, which are up to 90 percent more efficient than traditional lamps,” he explains. “These are clean, turnkey products that allow people to utilize an existing lighting system, even if it is computer controlled and dimmable. Why change the entire fixture when you can just change the lamp? On average, it takes about four to five years to breakeven on a lighting upgrade when all the fixtures are replaced. By simply swapping out only the light bulb, our customers typically break even on their lighting investments within two years.”

The company’s research and design team developed the technology for the world’s first and only T5 LED Tube, and the brightest T8 LED Tube, both fitting into traditional fluorescent fixtures. “The traditional T8 LED tubes on the market produce around 90 lumens per watt, making them noticeably dimmer than their fluorescent counterpart,” Wadhwani continues. “The ThinkLite tube produces 131 lumens per watt, making them the brightest LED tube in the industry. These produce light equivalent to that of a fluorescent tube, but using at 60 percent less energy. This achievement has been made possible due to our revolutionary driverless technology.”

The ThinkLite LED Tube contains no driver, but rather uses a proprietary microchip technology to drive power to the light, defying the commonly accepted practices of LED technology. The absence of a driver allows for the ThinkLite LED Tube to produce 70 percent less heat than any other LED tube available. By reducing heat ThinkLite’s solutions provide higher light levels, with far longer lifespans.

A growing portfolio

ThinkLite’s innovative products are at work in a broad range of structures around the world. The company has completed comprehensive lighting retrofit projects in major distribution centers, factories, parking garages, laboratories, tennis and racket clubs, offices and other commercial and public spaces. Repeat customers include The Men’s Warehouse and Marriott Hotels, for which ThinkLite has delivered several projects within exacting parameters to provide pleasant, evenly distributed light and dramatic interior accents all at a fraction of traditional cost.

ThinkLite has also provided solutions for AT&T’s information technology and data centers. “We worked to make them more efficient in terms of heat and lighting,” Wadhwani elaborates. “We designed a twofold system that provides them more light for less wattage and helps eliminate 90 percent of ceiling heat. When it comes to data centers and information technology systems, heat is the enemy.”

Looking ahead

While ThinkLite has grown significantly since 2009, Wadhwani and his team are always looking for new ways to grow. “We look to meet the right people, the decision makers in a corporation,” Wadhwani notes. “We seek to build relationships with C-level executives to demonstrate the value we can provide.”

ThinkLite offers a monthly payment option that allows customers to pay for lighting solution directly from savings over time. This allows companies to implement high ROI and efficiency projects even if it was not budgeted for the current fiscal year.

Relationships are vastly important to ThinkLite. Working in such diverse geographic markets, the company relies on resellers and distributors worldwide to offer ThinkLite’s revolutionary solutions and product line. The company’s strategic partners prioritize value and energy savings.

Looking ahead, Wadhwani plans to maintain a strong focus to grow in the countries where ThinkLite already has a presence. At the same time, he aims to gain a greater market share in energy efficient lighting by advancing the company’s proprietary technologies, such as driverless tubes.

“Overall, we measure our success by how much we challenge, and provide solutions to the wasteful energy practices of today’s market,” he explains. “We are always striving to provide exceptional and increasingly efficient products for our customers.” By focusing on providing efficient lighting solutions, ThinkLite LLC leads the way in sustainable technology, providing the company limitless potential for global expansion.

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