Ronco Communications: Extending the Human Connection

Harry Ronan founded New York’s Ronco Communications (Ronco) in 1965. In the early days, Ronco delivered Cold War technologies, such as radios and generators, to businesses and private homes in the Buffalo area, outfitting fallout shelters. However, as times changed, so did Ronco.

The deregulation of the telephone industry in 1968 allowed Ronco to expand into the telecommunications industry. The company has since grown 18 locations large, becoming a leading innovative systems integrator consulting and delivering real-time communication solutions for clients.

The next generation then took the reigns. Chris Wasp, Harry’s son-in-law and president of Ronco, as well as Chris Wasp Jr., senior executive vice president of Ronco, now lead the company as it approaches almost 50 years of business success.

“I’ve been with the company for 13 years,” says Chris Jr. “This is a business I grew up in, and since day one has always been of great interest to me.

Ronco specializes in consultation, design, implementation and ongoing support for a wide range of communications and network infrastructure solutions. The company has 325 employees spanning the East Coast, allowing Ronco’s specialists to establish a niche in unified communications data network infrastructure, voice-over Internet protocol (VOIP) and industry specific solutions such as nurse call platforms for healthcare.

“Our organization is focused on delivering real-time communications technologies for today’s enterprise,” explains Chris Jr. “Highly integrated communications platforms wrapped around an organization’s unique and specific goals can set an organization apart from its competition by offering productivity gains, simplified management of systems, as well as improved client satisfaction.”

Making Connections

Ronco has performed many projects over the years for clients in several sectors using cutting-edge technology to improve an organization’s ability to more effectively communicate and collaborate. The company is also partnered with several major technology firms to stay ahead of the competition.

“We live in an untethered world, where a given communications experience can seamlessly be transitioned from any device to anywhere,” says Chris Jr. “The historic limitations of what business communications represents are no longer.”

One of Ronco’s flagship portfolios is wrapped around Microsoft’s Unified Communications portfolio, specifically Microsoft Lync. Lync offers a host of technologies that allow for online meetings, voice, video and collaboration between users. This partnership has enabled Ronco to expand the company’s portfolio, as well as develop strategic partnerships within the Microsoft ecosystem with organizations such as Zeacom to deliver contact center solutions wrapped around Microsoft Lync.

Ronco’s sister company, Ronco Specialized, adds yet another interesting twist to the company’s reach. Ronco Specialized works largely in the healthcare industry providing nurse call systems with partner Rauland Borg. Currently, the company is involved in an ongoing project with a healthcare organization where the team has upgraded the existing nurse call infrastructure and integrated the hospital wireless phones to allow alerts from the nurse call system to go directly to support staff for each patient.

The efficient wireless solutions cut back on wait time for patients and allow nurses to easily receive and respond to calls more easily. The impressive systems are catching on in the healthcare industry, and Chris Jr. predicts many hospitals will be making the switch in the coming years.

Staying Ahead

The team at Ronco was not derailed during the recent recession, despite a temporarily shrinking market. This is mainly because the majority of Ronco’s customers return on a repeat basis, which is a testament to the family-oriented business’ success.

Those who have not yet upgraded systems continue to rely on the company for support. “Our loyal clients have allowed us to continue to grow even through the downturn,” explains Chris Jr.

The company’s start-to-finish approach ensures clients remain as Ronco primary focus, following its mission. “We extend the human connection,” continues Chris Jr. “The solutions we convey empower individuals to create and share their greatest ideas. We believe our hands-on approach is the best way to obtain the desired results.”

Ronco’s mentality will allow for the team to continue prospering in the future. “We continue to embrace software-based applications and delivering the underpinning technologies that support those applications, this gives us the unique ability to deliver the promise end-to-end for our clients,” explains Chris Jr.

After nearly a half-century of business, Ronco is one of the oldest technology firms in the United States. Chris Jr. credits the team’s longstanding relationships with both partners and clients as a testament to the team’s commitment to Ronco’s values. Ronco Communications is growing with support from proven partners and clients, and will continue to reach out in the surrounding regions to offer high-tech business solutions for yet another 50 years.