Nortec Communications Inc.

Providing Technology-driven Solutions to Businesses along the East Coast
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
Produced by: 
Caitlin Mugford

Andrew Grose founded Nortec Communications Inc. (Nortec) in 1991 and continues to lead the business today. While Grose truly enjoys work today; that was not always the case. After several years of working in consulting, the manufacturing industry and technological system upgrades, Grose determined it was time to strike out on his own.

“I previously worked for a business similar to this one,” he recounts. “We primarily focus on Microsoft infrastructure and phone systems. We consider ourselves a premier systems integrator, providing value-engineered solutions to our clients.”

Strong partnerships with strategic partners and a rapid project turnaround rate have allowed Nortec to climb to the top of the industry. Nortec is business partners with Microsoft, ShoreTel and Life Size, among other technology giants. The crew has also partnered with Dell and Hewlett-Packard.

“We recognize that there is a major shift in technology where companies are integrating Cloud solutions,” explains Grose. “We are helping our clients design these solutions, which can be challenging without the right resources and strategy.”

Well-rounded Solutions

As technological integration continues to speed up, Nortec is getting busier by the year. “We’re doing a range of work,” Grose explains. “We’re integrating Cloud solutions, putting together video conferencing solutions, such as IIE, and helping our clients get set up with Microsoft Lync. We help our customers shift to these new systems quickly and at a lower cost.”

The business recently performed a unified communications contract for Sparta Systems. The large contractor works with clients in a range of industries to provide operations control platforms that help businesses achieve compliance, improve control and reduce costs. Vincent Bocelli, director of global information technology for Sparta, did some homework and sought out Nortec for its capabilities.

Trying to decide between a Hewlett-Packard Co. system and networking equipment from ShoreTel, Bocelli sought the company’s expertise to select a solution. Citing value, the Nortec team encouraged Sparta to build a system combining the capabilities of ShoreTel and Aerohive. The result has been a strong, centrally managed system, high on security without cutting down on integration between several offices.

Soaring to the Cloud

Nortec also recently worked with National Lutheran Communities & Services (NLCS) to help the organization make way for growth. NLCS is a faith-based nonprofit organization providing senior citizens with lifestyle, residential and health care options through retirement communities in the Mid-Atlantic States. While the organization started small, with a single small residence for seniors, NLCS has expanded rapidly in recent years. As the organization continues to grow, it struggles with growing pains.

One of the most significant challenges was managing information between locations, as the organization has acquired several additional locations. Camille Roussel, chief information officer for NLCS, sought out Nortec to aid in a major technological transition. Nortec worked closely with the organization to provide a Cloud-connected, centralized information technology infrastructure that would accommodate NLCS’ growth goals and potential. The new system allows improved communication between facilities, as well as 24-hour access for residents.

Growing with the Market

Nortec is successful not only for its high-tech capabilities, but also for sticking to its core values. The company maintains key policies that attract new clients and keep repeat business coming back. Grose and his team vow to follow-up with clients to address any issues with systems and prevent such from repeating. The company also monitors systems around the clock, offering leading accessibility and quick response time to clients.

Integrity is a key factor in building relationships. Grose and his team aim to honor commitment to the tech products they sell by using them at their own facilities. This offers familiarity for the expertise on staff, as well as a guarantee the business can back up. Finally, the team strives for excellence and customer satisfaction.

For more than two decades, the business has been growing. A small staff of 35 works diligently with clients, as well as partners and contractors, to develop custom solutions for each project. The team operates out of three offices: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and northern Virginia. For the most part, work is within one hour of each office; however, the crew travels to New York, New Jersey and as far as Miami, Fla., for specialty contracts.

Despite this growth, Grose and his team are always ready to face the many challenges of the technology industry. “I think there are always new challenges,” he explains. “There is a lot changing, and that creates opportunity. Technology is about to experience a huge shift with the implementation of the Cloud. We need to alter our business model to fit this shift and grow in that direction. Cloud services have become a larger part of our business.”

As the economy improves, businesses are ready to invest in technology that boosts efficiency and allows room to grow. In the coming years, Grose is looking ahead to continued growth. As revenue increases and the team expands its market reach, Nortec Communications Inc. is staying true to its founding principles and will continue to strive for long-lasting relationships through quality and integrity.

Strategic Partnership(s): 
LifeSize, A division of Logitech