Engineering Excellence Making Manufacturers Better, Faster, Stronger
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
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James Logan

“Genesis” means beginning or the birth of something new, and that is exactly what brothers Matthew and Patrick Perry were searching for in 1997. “My brother and I moved from the Detroit area to Kansas City, Mo., for a business opportunity, but when that company went under we were out of a job and wondering what to do next,” shares Matthew, president of GENESYS Corp. (GENESYS). “We rallied the support of several peers within the industry and set out to do something new and different on our own.”

Matthew and Patrick formed GENESYS – a business, process and technology innovation and integration company – in 1997 by combining the duo’s aspirations of a fresh start (GENE) with systems integration (SYS) of process and technology innovation.

“Our family has been in this industry for years,” explains Matthew. “Our grandfather, Austin Dunville, originally founded Dearborn Mid-West Conveyor Co. in Michigan and our mother, aunts and uncles have all worked within the industry for many years.”

A Different Approach

With a family background in manufacturing and material handling systems, Matthew and Patrick set out to do something a little different by engineering, designing and building an array of customized solutions that have transcended numerous industries. “Any manufacturer, from auto manufacturers to jet airplane manufacturers to building product manufactures, can benefit from our capabilities,” adds Matthew. “GENESYS goes in and looks at the manufacturing facility and processes and figures out a way to help the manufacturer build their products better, faster, safer and at greater value. Our approach has always been a little different and I think that’s why we’ve enjoyed so much success.”

GENESYS has achieved global standing, serving customers throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, China and Europe. “In addition to our corporate offices, we have a 250,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Kansas City where we can manufacture just about anything, but our business model is designed around strategic relationships with services and materials suppliers from around the world,” explains Matthew. “We attract and retain some of the most qualified and experienced engineers, fabricators, machinists and industry service suppliers available globally. Everything is ultimately shipped to our facility where we do the final assembly and quality testing. If something isn’t the way the client intended it to be, or a piece of equipment or process needs to be kept proprietary, GENESYS has the ability to self-perform in-house.”

GENESYS operates as a systems integration and solutions provider for an extensive list of general manufacturing and heavy equipment industries. The company serves big-name clients in the automotive industry such as Nissan, General Motors and Mercedes-Benz, as well as food and beverage giant Anheuser Busch and agricultural equipment manufactures by the likes of Caterpillar. No matter the client, the company’s experience and diversification has proven successful.

“We work with general industry clients such as Whirlpool and Philips Lighting,” notes Matthew. “We work with building material manufacturers and we even have clients in the waste management and waste recycling fields.”

Customized, Customer-first Solutions

According to Matthew, a broad range of big-industry names trust GENESYS for its customized, client-driven approach. “Our engineer’s custom design efficient, productive, ergonomic systems tailored to the client’s specific needs,” he says. “Unlike our competitors, we don’t have a product line or a widget you can buy online. We’re not trying to push a certain product on a client just because it’s what we sell.”

Matthew goes on to note that the company’s approach incentivizes GENESYS to pull together and compare all viable options in the best interest of each client. “If it can’t be purchased online, or from a catalog, GENESYS can custom design and build the intellectual property for and with our clients,” he continues. “GENESYS is known for helping clients create competitive processes or product advantages through process improvements, innovation and technology.”

GENESYS works with a network of approved and trusted strategic suppliers to gather the right components for the job. “Every job is different,” explains Matthew. “We only go with the products and systems that are in the client’s best interest, even if that means handing them a competitor’s business card. At GENESYS, yesterday’s competitors are considered many of today’s key suppliers.”

Matthew is proud to note that GENESYS is a one-stop shop. “We are a turnkey solutions provider for manufacturers,” he continues. “We assess the manufactures’ needs, design, engineer, build and install the solution. We orchestrate the whole process so the manufacturer can focus on what they do best.”

Over the years, the company has provided a wide range of solutions for, and with, some of the world’s top Fortune 500 Companies. “We’ve helped insulation manufacturers develop systems that make for a more eco-friendly product and we’ve also implemented processes that repurpose waste that would normally go into landfills,” shares Matthew. “Waste remediation and recycling is currently our fastest growing market and is a big part of our future growth plan.”

Matthew admits GENESYS has seen its fair share of challenges over recent years. “In 2009, when the recession hit, we were forced to basically cut the company in half,” he reveals. “We laid some people off and the employees that stayed rode it out with us, but we’ve made a remarkable comeback and we are a bigger, stronger and healthier company today than we were prior to the recession.”

Matthew says some of GENESYS’ growth is actually a result of the economy. “Manufacturers are looking for ways to be more efficient and they’re finding themselves reinvesting in new modes and improved efficiencies,” he explains. “Business is great for us at the moment and we expect it to be good for the next couple of years.”

According to Matthew, GENESYS is very adaptive. “We can expand and contract based on the market demand,” he elaborates. GENESYS continues to flourish, recently pulling in a slew of awards, including the 2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year runner-up, as well as the Kansas City Business Journal’s Healthiest Employer Award and Top 10 Best Places to Work in Kansas City recognition.

“We believe your physical and mental state has a direct correlation to the performance of your company,” adds Matthew. “We offer our employees fresh fruits and vegetables every morning, in lieu of donuts and coffee. We also have an annual company marathon and road biking team events. If you are a manufacturer of anything, GENESYS can help you improve your bottom line by helping you improve business, process and technology innovation and systems integration.”

GENESYS Corp. remains as healthy as its employees, steadily climbing to the top of the systems integration and design market with an above-average approach to customer service and satisfaction.

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