Acree Daily Integrated Systems

Providing Turnkey Electronic Systems Integration Services
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
Produced by: 
John Carioti

Since 1984, Acree Daily Integrated Systems (ADIS) has been providing innovative electronic systems solutions to a diverse customer base in Ohio. The business has two offices with a headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, as well as a satellite office in Cincinnati. Between both locations, the company employs 45 people between the engineering, project management and sales departments. Daniel Blend, president and CEO of ADIS, has been with the company for eight years and proudly oversees daily operations.

Founded by Dale Acree and Jim Daily, the business started out mainly dealing with perimeter controls in the Ohio prison systems. “Now, we are a full, turnkey low-voltage electronic systems integrator,” explains Blend, who worked as an electrical contractor prior to joining the team. “We work primarily in the institutional, commercial and government markets. Our target market is the building’s end-user, such as a hospital. In health care, the facility operators themselves make a lot of the decisions. We also work with builders, such as Turner Construction, as the electrical systems specialty contractor of choice. Sometimes, our client is the engineering or architecture firm assigned to a new building, as well.”

A Growing Portfolio

In the health care market, ADIS integrates nurse call systems, asset tracking systems and access control systems. In the retail, the team serves large chain stores, such as DSW and The Limited, as well as distribution centers. In the government sector, Blend and his colleagues install high-tech access control systems in data centers and protected environments. Most of the company’s work is in Ohio, although ADIS has traveled and will travel to work for repeat clients.

“Some of our larger customers have taken us all over the U.S.,” Blend explains. “We don’t do much internationally, but we may have some work outside the country coming up in 2014.”

Currently, the team is involved in a $1 billion hospital project for Ohio State University (OHSU). “It is called the Critical Cancer Care Tower [CCCT],” says Blend, “Which is a large cancer hospital on OHSU’s main campus. Specifically, we are doing the nurse call, paging and sound systems. The hospital is set to open in September 2014. Our work at CCCT is going to open up new opportunities for us.”

ADIS is also doing a lot of asset tracking and access security systems that are brand new on the market. The access security systems are called Biometric Readers, which are growing rapidly in popularity. The changing technology involves futuristic features, such as finger print readers and facial scanners, which allow or deny access into protected facilities, including data centers, health care centers and pharmaceutical units of hospitals. The team is also looking ahead to some work with repeat customers, updating older access control systems.

Pulling Together

Like most contractors, the economic downturn disturbed the market for ADIS. “No one was spending money,” Blend elaborates. “That pushed us into the public market sectors of universities and health care. The demand for medical service goes up every year, which meant that this was a good market for us to get into.”

No that most of the country is in recovery mode, ADIS and other companies in the construction market are growing. With growth, the team faces a new set of challenges, trying to find qualified, trainable and dedicated employees.

The most important factor between team members is the dedication to customers. “We have a relationship-focused approach to business,” Blend explains. “We work as a specialty contractor directly for end-users, as well as a subcontractor. Our relationships with strategic partners and our own subs are extremely important.”

The team typically subcontracts out wire pulling and conduit installation. “Our employees are trained in low voltage systems, but often we work with subs who mount the new system and we sync it together,” he continues.

Working closely with partners and clients to provide a quality end-product, ADIS is able to turn around diverse and challenging projects, adding value for clients. The team is highly trained and capable, constantly upgrading its capabilities through training for safety and the ever-changing technology present in the market.

“One of the things we like most about this business is the newness,” Blend notes. “The electrical integration industry is one of the most changing businesses I have every worked in. The changing technology keeps us on our toes and we enjoy the challenges.”

As the economy steadily improves, Blend and his team are looking ahead to new possibilities and opportunities. ADIS maintains a customer-focused business structure. In order to maintain the company’s relationships with several large and diverse clients, Blend stays on top of the changing trends in technology and advancements in application. Regardless of where the changing industry takes the business, Acree Daily Integrated Systems continues to emphasize service, performing safe, quality work that clients have come to depend on.

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