Drill Right Technology

Following the right direction across Oklahoma
Written by: 
Aimee St. James
Produced by: 
Sean O'Reilly

Darrell Husted, CEO of Drill Right Technology (Drill Right), knows how to do a job right. Husted has created not only a successful company, but has carved a name for himself as a leader in the betterment of the oil service industry.

Based out of Oklahoma City, Drill Right is a field service company that targets large-scale oil companies. Working across 22 states, the company provides and operates down-hole tools for horizontal and directional drilling, which can reach up to 1 mile from the surface location.

Serious about safety

Husted founded Drill Right in 1998, after being laid off from Halliburton. What initially started as a byproduct of another corporation has grown into a well-respected, challenge-hungry company.

“It’s not that you have a problem, it’s how you handle it that counts,” says Husted.

The dedication Husted has for his company hinges on the importance of his employees. “We have the ultimate open-door policy,” he explains.

Drill Right boasts 35 regular employees, with an additional 70 in-field contractors. Husted prides himself in knowing everyone personally. “They’re not just a name, they’re a person,” Huston explains.

The wholesome, quality environment of Drill Right extends beyond just good relationships. “I’m a stickler on safety,” Husted chuckles.

But he isn’t kidding. In January 2012, Drill Right became the first oilfield service company in the United States to be awarded the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) status from OSHA. A coveted status, Husted’s meticulous dedication to safety earned Drill Right the highest honor.

Drill Right’s attention to detail doesn’t stop there. Most of the company’s work is self-performed. “We supply tools to guide the well bore from start to finish,” he continues. “And we’ve got on-site engineers to operate the equipment, and make that final landing point where the customer wants it.”

Some of Husted’s favorite projects are not for the faint of heart. “We were contacted to drill horizontal, shallow wells,” Husted explains. “Now typically, the depth of an oil well is 3,000 to 10,000 feet, these were only 175.”

Drill Right took the challenge, and completed the project without a hitch. “I don’t know of any oilfield service company that could have fulfilled that request,” he says proudly.

Teaching the trade

If running an award-winning, widely successful company wasn’t enough to set him apart from the crowd, Husted pushed the bar further when he approached the University of Oklahoma to offer his expertise to the university’s petroleum program.

What started as Luncheon Learns, where students were given tours and provided lunch during a lecture on the company’s processes, has developed into a full job course. Working with 15 to 20 students, Husted provides true on-the-job training, acting as professor and even helping with final grades. This program not only educates but, by allowing the students to work on actually job sites, Husted is helping build work experience and giving an extra edge in a competitive job market.

Husted’s passion for furthering the oil service field didn’t stop there. He began working closely with professors at the University of Oklahoma to co-author a paper requesting a grant to construct an electronic system, which he helped create, that provides down-hole Internet service so surface workers can communicate with equipment at the bottom of the well.

Moving onward

Husted’s innovation has helped Drill Right weather the economic recession, and only grow throughout the downturn. Taking a unique approach by actively educating new entries into the industry has helped make Husted a respected community member and teacher. The willingness to share knowledge gathered over years of experience seems rare in this day and age. Husted’s warmth and dedication to his business, be it employees or students, helps make Drill Right one of the leading service companies in America.

Husted enjoys the challenge of all the opportunities he’s encountered through Drill Right. As a company that’s noted to work out of the box, Husted takes great pride in knowing it’s a company that gets called in when the project is the most difficult. “Those projects are the most gratifying,” Husted smiles.

For an award-winning company like Drill Right, focusing on safety and education has driven the company to the top of the oil service industry. Its dedication to not only furthering the business, but also furthering the industry, sets Drill Right apart as a company worth watching. With a field-savvy, down-to-earth CEO like Darrell Husted, there’s no doubt Drill Right Technology will keep doing it right.

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