World Water Works Inc.

Optimizing Wastewater Treatment

World Water Works Inc. (WWW), based in Oklahoma City, Okla., is a manufacturing company that designs and distributes wastewater treatment equipment to municipal and industrial entities. WWW was founded to fulfill a need for ethical product commitment and continual technology innovation in the water and wastewater industry. Technology developed by WWW serves to help clients remove impurities efficiently, reduce surcharges, obtain discharge compliance, recover resources and achieve water reuse.

Mark Fosshage, the president of WWW, founded the company in 1998. A graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, Fosshage holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering. He was previously the director of technology for Hydro Modular Systems, a regional manager for Aqua Process, and a lead environmental engineer at Gemini Environmental. “I want to capture energy and resources from wastewater to change the world in a positive way,” says Fosshage. “Maybe I’m a little overzealous, but we’re going down that path.”

Recognized for Purifying and Powering the Future

“The work we do is very exciting,” says Fosshage. “We have a number of different unique technologies. We just applied for two patents for a process we have trademarked as WaterEnergy that configures several of our technologies in a very unique way to recover enough energy to power the entire wastewater treatment facility with excess left over to sell back to the grid; this effectively turns wastewater into a power plant.”

Another recent patent submittal incorporates the use of algae into wastewater treatment to supply the oxygen to the bacteria. This significantly reduces the energy required. The algae can be harvested and sold as a useful resource, such as fertilizer or animal feed, and possibly even be used for producing oil. “This makes a paradigm shift in the industry,” says Fosshage. “But there is still work to be done before this technology is ready to go to market.”

Fosshage remains actively involved in daily operations, working alongside Kyle Booth, chief operations officer, to grow the business with a customer-centric philosophy. From 2008 to 2011, WWW saw a 137-percent growth in revenue. The company, which has 85 employees, was ranked in the Inc. 500 as the 52nd fastest growing company in the industry. It also recently received a Hire Power Award, ranking No. 4 in Oklahoma. Fosshage truly recognizes the value of a team. He reflects, “Our success and our growth would not be possible without the passion and dedication of our entire team.”

WWW has been involved in the design, development and optimization of hundreds of wastewater treatment facilities in a variety of industries. The company works worldwide with a focus in serving food and beverage, oil, mining and municipal markets, performing all design and manufacturing in house, including polypropylene welding.

WWW approaches business with a consultative approach, partnering with customers to determine their unique challenges and understanding whether WWW’s technology can help. These technologies include screening; equalization; dissolved air flotation (DAF); moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR); Demon Deammonification; as well as filtration and sludge treatment. The company has helped produce significant savings for many clients.

Growing Globally

Growing rapidly successfully requires scalable systems. Over the last two years, WWW implemented a new software system based upon the platform. “We’ve dramatically changed the process with a new system,” says Fosshage. “It assures that the business is efficient and consistent at every step. The system allows us to measure everything we do in the business. It helps to determine how we improve and innovate things on the manufacturing end. It measures our performance to allow us to effectively manage as we scale.”

WWW is experiencing growth both domestically and internationally. In addition to moving into a new plant in Oklahoma City recently, the company is adding a manufacturing location in India. The market for WWW in the Middle East and South Asia is booming. WWW’s own research shows that India represents a fifth of the world population and over 80 percent of the wastewater there goes untreated.

“We had penetrated the Middle East market, but not India,” says Fosshage. “We’re opening our second manufacturing facility in India to support all of Asia, but the market opportunity in India alone is worth the move.”

Fosshage foresees India being a huge part of WWW business in the next three to five years. “We’re setting up jobs there now,” he says. “It’s a very different market – it is price conscious there over quality, which makes it challenging. We have a strategy to work with the global companies who, although still price sensitive, respect and demand quality.”

Creative Approaches

Finding ways to balance price without compromising quality or client satisfaction, WWW offers a “Pay as You Save” program. The program is designed to help facilities address excessive expense and time dealing with wastewater issues, which distracts from a company’s core competency.

This program allows WWW to install a system for a small down payment, which is then monitored remotely for proper functionality. Companies then pay WWW a small monthly fee based on the amount of water processed during that period. This allows companies to substantially reduce wastewater costs for a low capital expenditure and a determined monthly payment.

This program is one of the many ways WWW is helping Fosshage realize his dream to partner with clients to change the world positively. Dedicated to never-ending improvements, WWW will continue to expand and offer premier customer service in the wastewater treatment industry for years to come. It looks like this will mean not only cleaner water for all, but also the success of World Water Works Inc. will mean recovering tremendous amounts of resources along the way as well.