Supreme Services and Specialty Inc.

Diversified rental equipment and items for the oil industry
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
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Victor Martins

Tommy Fanguy can supply his customers with anything they have a need for. He founded Supreme Services and Specialty Inc. (Supreme) in 1984 when he saw an opportunity to give customers quality and service that would exceed expectations and in turn increase performance.

Supreme started out small as a small shop; however, the company now rents out everything from down-hole tools to offshore supply boats to both major and independent E&P companies and service companies throughout Louisiana and Texas.

Supreme has grown substantially in the last two years, expanding into Texas from Louisiana and adding eight additional locations throughout two neighboring states. The Supreme team has expanded, as well, adding over 450 dedicated teammates for a total of more than 650.

“We don’t necessarily have a niche,” Fanguy explains. “We have been doing a lot of land work in our service regions, as well as supplying a significant amount of offshore projects.”

Some of Supremes’ growth has come through domestic shale plays and horizontal drilling technologies, but that does not account for the company more than doubling in size. Fanguy and his team strive to build lasting relationships with current customers and also to build new foundations with potential accounts throughout the industry. The team has even begun to build a strong base of international clients.

“What truly sets us apart is that we rent and sell many of our own products,” Fanguy explains. “We have patents for items we have designed, engineered and had manufactured specifically for our clientele. Our competitors tend to buy off the shelf and use standard products while ours are frequently proprietary items.”

Supreme Services

Industry innovations

Over the last few years, Fanguy and his team have developed a number of new products. “One of our newer innovations is a hammerless union,” he elaborates. “When you are making a flow-line in an oilfield, a lot has to be made up with hammers. The most frequent accident in the oilfield is a hand injury. The hammerless union allows the workers to make the flow-line up by hand, so from a safety standpoint this is a major improvement.”

Fanguy explains an interesting product Supreme has been representing for the last couple of years is the natural gamma (N/G) products. “The N/G product is a non-regulated source that has a significantly lower type of radiation, which requires no regulatory oversight for shipment and is environmentally friendly,” he details. “The non-regulated, natural gamma ray substance, when used with a gamma ray scintillation tool, will provide about 200 to 600 gamma ray counts per second to locate exact depth in a well bore in comparison to 3,600 to 5,000 counts per second by a radioactive product that is regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.”

At present, the N/G products come in two forms: NG Paste Kit, which is applied to the pin of down-hole tubular connections, as well as NG Subs, which are rental connectors that can be attached to virtually any down-hole assembly and retrieved upon job completion. The N/G products can be used for tubing conveyed perforating, setting sump packers, setting down-hole assemblies and any application where radioactive subcontractors have been used in the past. 

Growing with the market

Fanguy and his team are constantly working to develop new products for a growing clientele in the industry. The business closely follows trends and geographic growth in the industry, pinpointing what kinds of products and services will be needed and where. According to Fanguy, strategic relationships with components suppliers and manufacturing partners help the company stay ahead as the industry grows within the United States and overseas.

“Land work has been good in recent years and we have seen a surge of companies doing more single pad multi well rig ups,” Fanguy explains “These companies place three or more well heads in a single location instead of staggering. These are larger products because of the inclusion of multiple wells, which often means we can take care of three or more projects in one, all in the same location. This cuts back on transportation costs for us and our clients, and makes it easier for their workers to tend to the projects than it would with separate well heads, 20 miles or so apart. It’s a much more efficient way of working.”

The international market has been good over the last few years, with companies from all over the globe turning to Supreme to buy and rent oilfield products. The Gulf of Mexico is coming back strong for offshore drilling after the Deepwater Horizon Spill in 2010. Fanguy sees improvements across the industry and continues to invest in new equipment and technology to keep up with growth.

There are always challenges with growth, however. Over the last decade and as the industry grows, safety regulations and environmental concerns have become more prevalent. “We follow the market with these regulations,” says Fanguy. “We have put more manpower into quality control and allocated more resources into safety and training programs. We have set up training facilities for new hires, with classes, videos, hands-on practice and testing before employees are allowed in the field.”

As the industry gains speed, Fanguy and his team are ready to take on new opportunities. He is optimistic about the direction of the industry and is looking forward to taking on the challenges of an expanding market at home and abroad. Focusing on safety, quality and innovation, Supreme Services and Specialty Inc. will continue as a leader in innovative product sales and rentals in the oil and gas business.

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