RUS Industrial LLC: Turnkey Industrial Electrical and Instrumentation Services

Roger Bailey worked for years in the oilfield industry before he decided to apply his experience to industrial applications by founding RUS Industrial LLC (RUS) – formerly known as Rig-Up Services LLC – in 1994. Today RUS offers a one-stop shop for the electrical and fabrication needs of companies that would otherwise rely on several suppliers for multiple services. Jeff Bailey, Roger’s son and president/CEO of RUS, is proud to have followed in his father’s footsteps.

Jeff is lucky to also have an experience management team on his side. Kevin Laird, executive vice president of RUS, and Roy Johnson, COO of RUS, work together to keep the company heading in the right direction. Meanwhile, Elton Hollis, general manager of RUS, oversees operations and works alongside Jeff to maintain steady, diverse growth in the industrial and energy sectors. Al Leonard, director of operations at RUS, also has a background in the energy industry, only enhancing the company as a whole.

Elton’s experiences have aided to the rounding out of the many services RUS provides. “This company is very diverse,” he explains. “We contribute to every process of building drilling rigs, including up to commissioning.” RUS is now carving out a niche in alternative energy as technology develops. Elton predicts the team’s presence in solar technology will continue to grow over the next few years.

A Package Deal

RUS offers start-to-finish solutions to the oilfield industry. “We’re very diverse,” explains Elton. The company offers fabrication, electrical and coatings work, as well as on-site service that is available 24/7. “It’s one-stop shopping,” Elton continues. “It is easier than seeking out separate companies to do one job.”

The team at RUS works regularly for several oil, energy and industrial clients. Some repeat customers include Helmerich & Payne I.D.C., Precision Drilling, Inc. and CB&I, as well as others of varying sizes.

In the oil industry, RUS offers a range of electrical and instrumentation services for construction and maintenance. Control and monitoring systems are a major component of the business, as well as winterization and upgrades to accommodate temperature changes. Industrial applications include many of the same, as well as heat tracing, PLC programming, insulation, lighting, conduit installation, cable work and grounding. RUS has the capabilities to work in any phase, from new construction to demolition, including maintenance and service.

The company’s API/ISO-certified and ASME fabrication division employs top-of-the-line techniques to create structural and mechanical component for almost any application. RUS works with clients from start to finish, working off plans, designs or even an idea to turn a concept into a high-quality product. Past projects have included pipe supports and other industrial plant infrastructure, as well as all drilling rig components ranging from masts and substructures to MCCs and drillers cabins.

Additionally, the company's facilities are equipped with modern machinery like welding machines, computer-aided plasma cutters, drills and brake presses, as well as multiple forklifts and cranes. The team includes both experienced and certified welders who use high-tech CAD programs to aid in design and implementation.

RUS also extends painting, coating and repair services to its clients. The team has equipment and experience to remove old coatings through blasting. After a surface is totally clean of rust and old paint, clients can choose from a wide range of protective paints for equipment that guard from water, dust and more, keeping equipment running well and looking good.

Project Partners

The company operates out of two offices in Texas, but the team has completed projects all over the United States and even parts of Canada. “We have an ongoing project with Helmerich Payne,” explains Elton. “We’ve been working for them for 19 years doing pretty much the same thing. We have around 95 people on that project alone.” Altogether RUS employs around 400 people with a range of skills and experience in the industry.

RUS is branching out in the diverse energy industry. The company has five solar projects on the horizon in partnership Spanish company AKO Engineering. “We’ve partnered with them on the Solana project, which is a largest centralized solar project in the world,” continues Elton. Like many companies in the industry, RUS has felt pressure from mounting oil prices. Branching into solar is helping to keep prices down while reducing oil dependency.

The economic downturn has made business difficult for many companies in construction and manufacturing, but the RUS team has made adjustments to weather the storm. “We made a commitment to do our very best not to lay anyone off,” Elton explains, and RUS is sticking to that commitment.

Overhead is high between oil prices and materials costs, but RUS has built several long-standing relationships with suppliers, keeping costs manageable and the supply chain reliable. “Things are getting a little better,” says Elton. “Business is increasing. For now we’re focused on making sure everyone has a job to come to everyday, keeping work lined up and staying ahead of the curve.”

The entire RUS team is dedicated to safety not only for themselves, but also for end-users of each of the company’s products. RUS consistently produces quality, durable projects for industrial and energy sector clients. The team is always willing to work toward a satisfying custom project, providing innovative and safe solutions. RUS Industrial LLC is taking many years of experience and applying it to future applications for energy and industry.