Offshore Cleaning Systems

Developing Safer, Smarter Confined Space Solutions
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
Produced by: 
Victor Martins

Offshore Cleaning Systems (OCS) offers some of the most diverse environmental maintenance service and technology in the oil and gas industry. The Louisiana-based company has been rethinking tank cleaning for more than 15 years by looking for smarter, safer solutions.

“We utilize technology to reduce hazardous environment exposure,” explains Hayden Neveaux, director of marketing for OCS. “We manufacture industry-specific equipment and perform design and engineering services in-house. None of our competitors have the products we’ve been creating since our inception.”

Kenny DesOrmeaux founded OCS in 1998 as an equipment rental and sales company. In 2004 OCS broadened its service, venturing into alternative cleaning solutions. Based in Abbeville, La., OCS mainly serves clients throughout the Gulf Coast.

The company employs more than 200 experienced superintendents and qualified personnel, who’ve completed extensive safety and equipment training programs. “We’re better than the others in this business, and our safety record is hands down the best in the industry,” adds Hayden.

A Proven Record of Success

After more than 15 years in business, OCS has established a trusted safety record with a 0.25 Total Recordable Incidence Rate (TRIR). The company is committed to providing a safe, hazard-free work environment.

“Our safety department is continually establishing and improving upon policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and requirements set forth by government agencies and the customers for whom we work,” reads OCS’ website.

The company has accomplished such a feat due to all employees undergoing extensive training programs that include more than just safety training, but also equipment training and troubleshooting. OCS holds every member of its team accountable and responsible for following safety procedures, and has established an incentive program to reward an individual’s effort.

OCS believes that the formula of success starts with people who are trained and experienced. Out of the company’s tank and vessel cleaning division, 70 percent of supervisors have been with OCS for more than five years. Additionally, the field technical services group adds more than 100 years of combined confined space entry management experience.

Innovative Industrobots

Not only does OCS uphold safety guidelines throughout production and service, the company is also on the cutting edge of more efficient and less hazardous ways of cleaning crude oil tanks with patent-pending industrobots. “This technology provides a much safer alternative than manually cleaning tanks,” explains Hayden.

OCS offers a variety of industrobots from the H1 generation weighing in at approximately 870 pounds with a 360-degree automatic cleaning head and a 6-inch swiveling vacuum connection to the newest, most efficient H5 generation (H5). The H5 is approximately 77 inches long by 20 inches wide and approximately 30 inches tall with between 500- and 700-per-square-inch jetting capability, two rubber tracks and a climate-controlled cabin. OCS is currently prototyping H6, which is a culmination of best features from previous versions, as well as completely new functionality.

In September 2012 OCS’s H5 industrobot made a historic step toward the automation of above ground storage tank (AST) cleaning. “For the first time, we were able to remove about 4,000 barrels of product safer and more efficiently than ever before,” shares Hayden. “We went in with our H5 industrobot to remove paraffin and solids from oil tanks. Using the industrobots reduces manual labor and eliminates the human element from bulk product removal, making for a safer process.”

Superior Service

OCS provides a wide range of services in addition to the industrobots, including pipeline flushing, tank and vessel degassing, along with construction decommissioning, drilling and dockside service. Additionally, the company offers the patented SandSweeper system as an innovative alternative to conventional separator cleaning. “The SandSweeper prevents production loss and downtime by removing sand and other solids from a tank or vessel without interrupting production,” says Hayden.

OCS is also paving the way for the future of dockside service by perfecting a method of cleaning tanks and boxes that cuts time and eliminates confined space entry. At OCS’ Venice, La., location the company provides boat and barge clean up, from fully automated tank and box cleaning to dry bulk vacuuming. No matter the application, OCS strives to deliver the most efficient, cost-saving solution.

After joining the company right out of college, Hayden has seen exceptional growth in his six-year span with the OCS. “We’ve grown every year we’ve been in business,” he says. “We don’t anticipate things slowing down; there are plans for expansion in the future, the challenge is to maintain and sustain the evolution of OCS without sacrificing our outstanding service.” Continuing the company’s more than 15-year span of supporting the oil and gas industry, Offshore Cleaning Systems continues to strive for the safest, most efficient solutions.

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