Mesquite Oil Tools Inc.

Oilfield Products that Work as Hard as the Operation
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
Produced by: 
Lindsey McKenna

With the resurgence of the energy market throughout the U.S. and Canada in response to new shale oil and gas production, the need for oilfield service companies is more prevalent than ever before, and many are diving into the industry. However, Justin Pechacek, vice president and operations manager of Mesquite Oil Tools Inc. (Mesquite), says it takes more than a product line to stay afloat in this competitive business. “Anyone can carry a product line and sell it,” Justin explains. “It’s the level of knowledge, service and responsiveness that set Mesquite apart from the rest.”

The Texas-based oilfield service company has been offering the full package – equipment, tools and accessories – backed by full service and expertise for nearly 30 years. “Mesquite was established in 1985 by my father, Jerry Pechacek,” recalls Justin.

While Jerry remains company president, Justin has now assumed almost full responsibility of running the multimillion-dollar company. “Although I grew up around Mesquite, I told myself I wouldn’t get into it,” he says. “But then I settled down, married and decided to get back into the family business and it’s worked out very well.”

Responsive Service Results in Record Growth

Since its inception, Mesquite has grown by leaps and bounds. “Since I’ve taken over we’ve grown by an outstanding 250 percent,” reveals Justin. “We remain family-owned and –operated, serving drilling companies in the oil and gas industry, but we’ve also expanded our own in-house manufacturing, product lines and machine shop. In 2005, we branched into the safety side of the business, adding our Safety Plus division.”

Based in Snyder, Texas, Mesquite serves big-name producers and refineries, as well as independent companies in its own backyard, from Chevron to Whiting. “Our target market is oil and drilling companies; you name it and we have contracts with them, because they know we’re going to be responsive,” explains Justin. “When our customers call they know we’re going to have what they need in stock. There’s no long, drawn-out waiting, just responsive service.”

The company has fully stocked shops from Snyder to Midland and Denver City, Texas. Mesquite covers the majority of Texas and also eastern New Mexico and southern Oklahoma. “About eight years ago, we started traveling to Colorado, as well, in support of field producers,” notes Justin. “We now have 130 employees and we can cover quite a bit of ground.”

Wide Ranging Product Lines and Applications

In addition to expanding its geographical footprint, Mesquite has also increased in-house manufacturing capacity with a full tool accessories line that supports the company’s other wide ranging products. “We offer cast-iron equipment, composite plugs, hydraulic set packers, linear equipment, mechanical set packers, permanent packers, scab liner assembly, seal bore packers, service tools and setting equipment, as well as our in-house tool accessories line,” details Justin. “We deliver about 90 percent of the tool accessories from our own facility.”

The company’s DT-2 On/Off Tool is a tubing seal receptacle allowing isolation of a lower zone using a wireline blanking plug. The tubing string can then be removed from the well. When re-run, the tubing string automatically re-engages to the stinger, and the blanking plug can be retrieved by wireline. The product’s special features include: an X Blanking plug seated on top of the stinger to prevent debris build up and an X bonded seal allowing disconnects and re-connects of the X right hand or left hand release and an X milling shoe for added rotation through debris.

Mesquite is also renowned for its DLH and Hydroset packer products. The DLH Packer is a hydraulic-set single-string retrievable packer and may be used in virtually any production application. Tubing pump pressure is used to set the packer and the setting force is locked into the packer by a body lock ring. A large internal bypass reduces swabbing when running and retrieving. The bypass closes when the packer is set, and opens during the releasing process to allow pressure and equalization. Shear screws are used to control the packer release, designed to withstand pressures up to 7,500 pounds-per-square-inch.

The company’s Type T Squeeze Packer is a tension set packer that holds pressure from above or below and can be implemented at any depth when insufficient weight is available to set a compression packer. The packer is ideal for squeeze cementing, testing and straddle operations using a retrievable bridge plug. The Type T Squeeze Packer emergency release system incorporates a left hand, high-ratio thread. Applying right-hand torque relaxes the packing element and moves the lower cone away from the slips enabling them to retract.

Mesquite’s ASI-X Packer is the most versatile of the mechanically set retrievable packers and may be used for any product application. The ASI-X Packer is suited for treating, testing or injection applications, in pumping or flowing wells, either deep or shallow applications. The packer can be left in tension or compression, depending on well conditions. A large internal bypass reduces swabbing when running and retrieving. The product’s J-Slot design allows for easy setting and releasing.

With a broad range of versatile oilfield products, Justin says his team is the company’s biggest asset, with experience that far exceeds others in the industry. “Through the recession, we kept all of our employees and when things picked back up they remembered it,” he explains. “We have very little employee turnover as a result.”

After 28 years, Justin sees Mesquite on the same track for organic growth. “I’m not going to grow us into debt, only when we can afford it,” he says. “Smart growth is what we want.” As a family-owned and –operated company, Mesquite Oil Tools Inc. continues to deliver products that are a match of strength and versatility, backed by extensive knowledge and responsive service.

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