Intimidator Inc.

4X4 Utility Vehicles going anywhere and growing everywhere
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
Produced by: 
Sean Barr

The power, strength and performance to get the job done, from the ranch to the wilderness, all at an affordable price point – that’s the Intimidator Inc. promise. Headquartered in Batesville, Arkansas, Intimidator is a family-run operation, headed up by husband-wife team of Robert and Becky Foster, former co-owners of Bad Boy Mowers.

After years of manufacturing world-class mowers, the couple set out on a new mission; to build top-of-the-line, American-made, side-by-side four-wheel drive utility vehicles (UTV) with unparalleled strength, power and performance.

“My husband, along with long-time friend Steve Caldwell, whose wife taught all three of our children in elementary school, founded Bad Boy Mowers in 1998 and they built the first mower in their garage,” says Becky, now co-owner of Intimidator. “It was actually our children’s school mascot – a bulldog – that became the logo for the mowing company.”

Building on big ideas

While Bad Boy Mowers had great success, Robert wanted to design and build on a larger scale. “My husband has always had a knack for the design and engineering side – it’s his niche in life,” shares Becky.

Robert sold his Bad Boy Mowers shares in November 2013 and began to focus solely on releasing a heavy duty UTV, capable of hauling heavy weight through rough terrain for everyone from farmers to ranchers, landscapers to hunters. While the wheels were turning on Intimidator in 2012, the company launched more formally in July 2013.

In a new 122,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility, just up the road from the Bad Boy Mowers headquarters, Intimidator now builds a range of top-of-the-line UTVs. “We sold and shipped over 500 units our first year and we will begin our first expansion to this initial plant within the next few weeks,” Becky details. “We are currently looking to purchase approximately 15 acres in the city’s new industrial development park to build a new facility in order to accommodate our growth over the next few years.”


Handling the hard stuff

Three engine options are currently offered: the Intimidator Classic, with a 750cc Kohler gas, AC-powered brushless electric or 1,000cc Kohler diesel engine; the Intimidator Crew Cab, with a full sized bed and capacity for up to six passengers; and the Intimidator Truck series, featuring drop down sides that easily transform into a flat bed.

“We also build and source accessories for many different brands of ATVs & UTVs that are sold through Intimidator’s sister company, Bad Dawg Accessories,” Becky explains. “The company is experiencing strong growth as we work to get its reputation established and expand the product offering.”

Intimidator builds many of the accessory parts for Bad Dawg Accessories. “Both companies are housed in the same building and the companies actually complement one another nicely,” continues Becky. “The four-wheel independent suspension has extra-long dual A-Arms to absorb harsh and bumpy terrain. Go-anywhere 6-ply, 27-inch tires with 14-inch aluminum alloy rims have up to 10 inches of up and down shock absorbing wheel travel, making for a comfortable ride under any load demand. Every UTV is backed by four-wheel independent suspension, giving the unit a unique ability to handle the toughest terrain. Intimidator is the first UTV to feature automotive-precision brake components with 10.25-inch slip-on brake rotors with dual piston calipers.”

A major milestone

Intimidator is currently selling across 16 states and has a distributer in New Zealand. The company will soon break into a nationwide audience with the help of a major contract milestone. “November 10, 2014, was a huge date for Intimidator,” reveals Becky. “We’ve signed a contract that we’ve been working on since April with major distributor Mahindra Tractors, which sells under the Mahindra USA brand [MUSA] in the U.S.” November 10, 2014 was the official announcement and celebration for Intimidator.

Mahindra Tractors, the farm equipment division of the worldwide conglomerate Mahindra & Mahindra, manufactures tractors that are sold worldwide across six continents. In 2010, the company became the No. 1 selling tractor distributor in the world.

“As you can imagine, this is big news for us and it’s going to give Intimidator an opportunity for exponential growth,” measures Becky.

And Intimidator will have a lot to offer. “We’ll be manufacturing a full range of vehicles for them, using the MUSA design and colors to complement their line of tractors,” explains Becky. “This contract is going to help us stay steady and keep our employees working year-round. Over the years in the mower business we found that generally there’s a big push on the manufacturing end from January through April and then business begins to taper rapidly with multiple lay-offs by August and those lay-offs may last until after Christmas. With this contract we have a set number to build daily, so we’re running more consistently and exceeding our growth goals quicker, which allows us to reinvest into the company by expanding future product offerings and organization.”

According to Becky, Intimidator anticipates to be building on the major Mahindra contract no later than February 2015. “We’re expecting to start with six UTVs a day and that number will increase each month,” she details. “This will provide a steady paced growth that will be consistent, rather than being slammed and then having slower times.”

In addition, Intimidator is also working on developing new 2015 models, including an exciting line of work and play utility vehicles that will have everyone talking. “We’re expanding – there’s no doubt about it,” shares Becky. “With top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment in place and a dream team of employees, we’re in a good position to grow.”

It’s going to be an exciting year for the company, as Intimidator Inc. tackles new sales terrain with the same high-quality UTV promise.

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