Grasan Equipment Company

Building quality and durable equipment for a diverse market in Ohio
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
Produced by: 
Lindsay Jeffries

In July 1970 Grasan Equipment Company (GEC) started as a small fabricating shop in downtown Mansfield, Ohio. “We started with nothing and built our business up into a successful equipment manufacturing business,” says Marian Eilenfeld, president of GEC.

After more than 44 years, the company has grown to employ anywhere between 39 and 65 employees. The team prides itself on building quality and durable equipment for the material processing and recycling industries.

GEC started out manufacturing conveyors then later diversified into other, and more specialized, equipment for the material processing and recycling industries. Today, the team designs and builds equipment and systems for stationary, portable and track mounted applications. “GEC designs the equipment and customizes that equipment to meet the clients’ individual specifications, volume and capacity requirements,” Eilenfeld details.

A broad market

The team serves customers across North America from a single location in Ohio. By working through regional sales representatives all over the continent, GEC has supplied custom machinery to operations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The company’s 50,000-square-foot manufacturing facility hosts GEC’s complete engineering staff, which consists of P. E. engineers, several auto-cad draftsmen, several welders, assemblers and more, as well as other necessary employees to facilitate a smooth running operation from design to delivery.

Applications can be for green field locations, as well as for refinements and add-ons when rebuilding or when conditions dictate change. The company’s product line includes complete material processing and recycling systems, or an individual component, such as a conveyor, screen, crusher or hopper, among others. Such additional components are all supporting structures for the aggregate and recycling industries. GEC’s equipment is also utilized to recycle the concrete and asphalt demolition projects.

Innovative machinery

The team has established a strong network of strategic partners that help the business continue to build high-quality, innovative and durable products. “We sub out for some coatings on our hoppers, or for the manufacture of support structures, such as towers or additional engineering services,” Eilenfeld explains. “We have a great network of subcontractors. We try not to sub out work unless we have to. When we are swamped, we ask for help. GEC has great relationships with our subcontractors, because we need high quality work and they want to make sure we return again. Our partners are also very reliable.”

These partnerships have helped GEC attract large customers and complete projects safely, efficiently and up to the high standards of quality the company represents. The team has been busy in recent years, building large and structurally complex systems for clients spread across the continent.

In 2010 GEC designed and manufactured new equipment for Anna Quarries in Anna, Ill., resulting in a $5 million project. According to Eilenfeld, the quarry needed conveyors, structures for crushers, screens and an integrated electrical system for the operation of a completely automated quarry.

The company also finished major additions to a quarry in Tennessee. “We supplied the conveyors, structures for crushers and screens, the screens were provided from a screen manufacturer,” she continues. The company is currently working on projects for Vulcan plants in California and Illinois.

Building on a solid reputation

Like many businesses involved in the constructions industry, GEC fought an uphill battle throughout the recent economic recession. “Our revenue was cut in half,” explains Eilenfeld. “GEC lost a lot of our key employees who had a lot of experience. The economy seems to be picking back up and we are growing again and our volume of work has increased significantly. We had to face the training of several new employees when we started growing again. It has been very difficult to find the same levels of qualification and experience in our new employees.”

As a family-owned business, it was difficult at GEC to go through layoffs. “GEC is grateful to our team for keeping the business afloat during the leaner years,” says Eilenfeld proudly. “We take great pride in the fact that we were able to keep this business going through the hard times. Things are improving now and we hope that it will continue. We have been fortunate to be able to rely on our excellent reputation to get us through the recession.” For more than 40 years, GEC has been associated with the manufacturing of quality equipment for the aggregate and recycling industries.

In the coming years, GEC is looking ahead to continued growth. The business is looking at expanding into new areas within North America, working with longtime dealers and looking for new partnerships. Wherever the growing market takes the business, Grasan Equipment Company will continue to build upon a tradition of quality and durable equipment, built with pride and attention to detail.

Strategic Partnership(s): 
Kissel & Associates, Inc.