Frederick’s Machine & Tool Shop Inc.: Dedicated to Industrial Machining and Manufacturing

Dudley Frederick founded Frederick’s Machine & Tool Shop Inc. (Frederick’s Machine) in 1965 as a small, family-owned machine shop located in Erath, La. Frederick’s Machine has since grown significantly over the years and now employs a large staff of skilled employees to manufacture components, tools and containers for a broad range of industries, including industrial, oilfield, agricultural, marine and petrochemical applications. Frederick’s Machine’s valued customers are spread along the Gulf Coast and require precision and durability in products.

James and Roy Frederick, Dudley’s sons and owners of Frederick’s Machine, grew up in the machine shop business alongside the company’s third owner, Daniel Dore. The three have been the backbone of Frederick’s Machine since 1985 when James, Roy and Daniel set out on their own, purchasing a small, bankrupt machine shop in New Iberia where the business still stands today.

The trio has a knack, as Frederick’s Machine has grown from a 6,500-square foot shop to an impressive 62,500-square foot facility. What began as a small, three-man machine shop has now prospered into a six-acre machining facility hosting 112 skilled employees. The men did not only expand physically, though. Frederick’s Machine has many certifications and unusual qualifications that allow the company to stand out from the competition, including being APIQR ISO 9001-2008 and API 14L-0015 certified. Such certifications portray an important message to Frederick’s Machine’s potential customer base: The company’s commitment to manufacturing a quality product to customers demanding specifications, and shipping that product on time.

Quality Control

The team adheres to a strict quality control program in which every employee takes responsibility for his or her performance. Frederick’s Machine’s quality policy reads, “It shall be the policy of Frederick’s Machine to ensure a uniform and consistently high level of quality throughout all aspects of manufacture, design and service, and to meet or exceed our customer’s specified requirements.” To keep the entire team on track, outside, independent organizations perform audits through internationally accredited registrars.

Frederick’s Machine uses state-of-the-art equipment that offers precision and durability to clients. Machines are integrated with software that allows employees to build components to the exact specifications required. Machine capability ranges from fractions of an inch to a 96-inch diameter, and can accommodate any reasonable length. This technology allows the company to take advantage of a larger range of capabilities, rendering the business highly competitive.

Diverse Divisions

The company’s capabilities are broken down into three divisions. The job shop division is outfitted with computer numerical control (CNC), and manual lathe and milling capabilities. The team manufactures single or multiple components, and is set up to perform repairs. The shop is equipped with an overhead crane for moving components and all machines are equipped with jib cranes for medium-sized pieces. Products and services in the job shop division include packer parts, down hole tools, crossover subs, hydraulic cylinders, shafts, as well as turning and threading pipe.

The sub sea division includes two departments: machining and iron fabrication. The machining side of the operation deals with large components for sub sea oilfield sites. Two overhead cranes ease operations and allow the staff to machine components as heavy as 30 tons. This department produces components such as adapters, housing, receiving structures, shipping containers, tubing hanger, ball joints and more. The capabilities of Frederick’s Machine’s fabrication department are limited primarily by the size of the door: 15-by-40 feet. One overhead crane and one mobile crane serve the facility and weight limits on components maxing out at 30 tons. This department produces mud mats and assemblies, skids, ROV components, pipe clamps, tanks and baskets.

The Wireline division is the hub for down hole tool manufacturing. Frederick’s Machine produces its own certified line of Wireline tools, all of which are made in house. The company maintains a large inventory, but often works with clients to produce custom tools or unusual orders. The team also deals in consignment inventory, where clients can store tools on their property to reduce delivery times.

After pursuing various opportunities, Frederick’s Machine has returned to a period of steady growth. According to those at Frederick’s Machine, a major blowout in the Gulf a few years back, coupled with a soft economy, severely affected the company’s sub sea division. However, the team has overcome any obstacles by retaining that diversity has been key in the business’ survival. While the company lost some large sub sea contracts, Frederick’s Machine’s broad capabilities carried the team through.

“Through the tough time we did not lay off one employee, and we were able to maintain a 40-hour week for all our employees,” says James, president of Frederick’s Machine. “Skilled labor is hard to find, and we were committed to not losing anyone. We have a remarkable salesman, which worked tirelessly in getting more job shop work that could be done in the sub sea division.”

As all tough times end, the industry is picking up again as the economy rebounds and oilfield projects in the Gulf are on the rise. Reportedly, oil and gas customers are making comebacks, and bringing business back to Frederick’s Machine. “In fact, 2012 was our best year ever,” says James.

The team has just opened a new fabrication division, dedicated specifically to aluminum or stainless steel sub sea structures. As the business grows, the owners are building up the workforce. Through skilled labor and a commitment to high standards, Frederick’s Machine has bounced back from the typical oilfield down cycle to a better position.

With a diverse line of products and services, Frederick’s Machine is built to last. Durable tools and components are a staple in many industries, and customers know they can count on James, Daniel, Roy and the executive team at Frederick’s Machine for consistent quality in manufacturing.

Frederick’s Machine is a leading manufacturer and machining business in the region. The knowledgeable team continues to provide products that fit its customers’ needs to exact specifications. The family business has been around for nearly half a century, and this longevity looks to continue. Frederick’s Machine & Tool Shop Inc. is carrying along a tradition in excellence into future generations.