Enduro Composites Inc.

Leading the charge in nonmetallic reinforced composites
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
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John Carioti

Fiberglass (FRP/GRP) products offer many advantages over traditional materials like stainless steel, concrete or wood. With high strength, light weight and outstanding corrosion resistance, FRP/GRP materials can be very cost-effective over time.

Today, many industries rely on FRP/GRP materials, used in everything from aircrafts to automobiles, tubs and bath enclosures to septic and water tanks, roofing to pipes, cladding and external doors, to name a few. One of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of fiberglass composites in the world is Enduro Composites Inc. (Enduro). The Houston-based industrial manufacturer has been setting the industry standard since 1954 by exceeding customer expectations with in-house design and engineering, bold innovation and the highest quality fiberglass products.

From the ground up

Enduro spans the electrical, building, pipe and tank, water and waste water products sectors as a leader in FRP/GRP and various nonmetallic reinforced composite solutions. “What sets us apart is we’re completely vertically integrated,” explains Sandy Woodlief, president and chief operating officer of Enduro. “We deliver the design and product engineering in-house, manufacturing, full customer service and sales. We cater to all industries, not only in FRP/GRP products, but also in nonmetallic for metals, mining, food processing, chemical storage; the list goes on and on.”

Although the company’s four divisions are directed toward the electrical, building supply, pipe and tank, water and waste water markets, Enduro can craft a custom-designed solution to meet numerous industry needs. “That’s our long-term goal: to deliver the full scope in more industries,” adds Woodlief. “So when we’re bidding on a new waste water facility, we supply the whole aspect of the job.”

Global gains

Enduro calls Houston home, but the company is growing on a global scale with more than 250 employees. “We launched a brand-new facility in Pearland, Texas, a suburb of Houston, in November 2013,” details Woodlief. “Now, we’re growing in Saudi Arabia. The buildup to our overseas facility has been close to 10 years, but the pultrusion factory itself is only 2 years old.”

“Right now, Saudi Arabia is only manufacturing products for our electrical division, but the goal is to expand production in the near future,” adds Woodlief.

Enduro fiberglass products are installed around the globe with case studies in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. “We deliver projects all over the world; the vast majority in the oil and liquefied natural gas [LNG] arena,” shares Woodlief.

Case studies

In the oil and LNG sector, valuable assets running around the clock are tasked to produce in a challenging environment where it’s critical to utilize high-quality, versatile materials able to withstand the harshest conditions while performing the specified task. One of such case studies is Enduro’s $6.5 million work with Anadarko, a leading leaseholder and producer in the Gulf of Mexico.

Enduro designed and delivered an offshore cable management system for the producer. The FRP Composite Cable Management System met and exceeded Anadarko’s criteria in: weight, raw material cost variance over time, final price, resistance to corrosion, ease of installation and high temperature performance. The FRP Composite Cable Management System is 30 to 40 percent lighter than traditional materials, while also being easy to install, maintain and hold up for extended time in saltwater.

Aside from oil and LNG, Enduro also excels in the water and waste water management sector in municipal odor control applications. The Eastern Passage project was a milestone for Enduro, incorporating a variety of the company’s products to deliver an almost entirely FRP engineered solution.

Enduro was able to design, engineer, fabricate and manufacture every FRP component for the project, meeting the strict air discharge requirements set by Eastern Passage. Enduro combined three treatment stages for the project: the Bioscrubber with BioScrub-XLTM media, the Biofilter with BioOdorSorbTM media and the Carbon Adsorber with Virgin Coconut media.

The use of Enduro baffle wall, as opposed to coated concrete, allowed for a larger treatment surface area and built-in corrosion resistance. “Because the system is under a vacuum, Enduro was able to use its XL6 FRP cover to sustain the air,” explains Woodlief.

In addition, Enduro FRP structural beams were used for support of both the roof and the media bed, preventing a costly installation of an alternative solution and better deliverable controls.

For 30 years, Enduro’s Tuff Span building products have been utilized in industrial facilities with demanding structural and environmental conditions. For a recent copper mine project in Sonora, Mexico, Enduro furnished FRP roof and wall panels, structural beams, large-throat ridge vent and louvers for the facility that has processes with high concentration of sulfuric acid. FRP components are being used instead of steel due to FRP’s corrosion resistant properties.  

Enduro continues to grow through innovation and unique FRP/GRP and nonmetallic solutions. “We’ve seen 20 percent growth year over year for the last three years,” shares Woodlief. “Our goal is to keep that trend going as the domestic economic improves and continue to be active internationally.”

Enduro Composites Inc. remains a leader in FRP/GRP and nonmetallic products that support major industry.

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