Diversified Conveyors Inc.: Enriching Others through Expertly Engineered Handling Systems

Diversified Conveyors Inc. (DCI) has provided full turnkey material handling services since 2001 to customers in all 50 U.S. states, as well as internationally. Over the years the Tennessee-based company has completed projects in a wide range of commercial and industrial markets, while maintaining a solid base of repeat clients from some of the world’s most recognized companies. Founded by the husband-and-wife team of Tom and Beth Phillips, DCI has set a goal to pay its success forward through local and global missionary work, while spreading the word of the Christian gospel.

“We’re not in the business to enrich ourselves,” explains Tom, COO of DCI. “We founded the company to give back to those in need and share the gospel with others. Over the years we’ve done a great deal of work in Africa, raising money for orphans and assisting in Bible translation. This is really why we do what we do.”

Enforcing Equality

Tom had worked in the material handling industry since 1983, working for a similar company that was eventually bought out before establishing DCI. “It was my wife who really talked me into starting my own business,” Tom recalls. “She has helped me every step of the way for the past 12 years, and is now chairwoman of the board and a majority shareholder; however, we’re not really big on titles. We believe in treating all employees as created in the image of God. ”

What started out as a small operation is now a full-fledged designer and installer of material packaging and handling operating around the world. DCI employs approximately 40 full-time professionals with the capacity to engineer, manufacture, manage and install a broad range of conveyor products. “Our company does not treat our employees specifically based on their titles,” reveals Tom. “Everybody plays a crucial part in this company.”

Tom admits it’s his talented team that really moves the business forward. “We have a team of highly qualified individuals that design and install conveyor systems for the parcel industry for big-name companies like FedEx, DHL, General Electric and UPS,” he says. “Thanks to my employees and my wife, DCI has grown significantly over the years. We started out at approximately $200,000 per year, and have generated into the $70 million range in annual revenue.”

DCI’s engineering and mechanical equipment design staff provides everything from flow diagrams to automated auxiliary equipment by utilizing a diverse network of suppliers and fabricators, as well as several lines of commercial material handling equipment. The company has its own installation crews, project managers and subcontractors that understand the importance of a turnkey system. “We have a strong supplier base and that, combined with our own capabilities, makes us a full-range material handling integrator.”

DCI is either licensed or registered in 50 states, allowing the team to perform work from coast to coast… and beyond. “We’ve done several international projects, especially in England and France,” shares Tom. “We like to fill a unique niche by remaining a mid-sized company with low overhead.”

Tom explains how DCI can take any system through concept to design, from scanners that dock and sort packages to the layout of a conveyer system for a brand new building. “We can easily move anywhere from 100 to 200,000 packages per hour; whatever the need is, we’ll figure it out,” he says. “We’ve installed conveyor systems for Fed Ex, DHL and UPS.”

Profit with a Purpose

Tom and Beth have always believed in the power of paying their success forward to others. Through DCI the couple has established Ikraro Farms, which helps support malnourished children in Africa. “Ikraro Farms produces around 30,000 eggs per week for about 1,500 children in Africa,” reveals Tom. “We’re looking to expand this model into Columbia, Uganda and India in the near future.”

DCI also works with more than 50 ministries and organizations that give to children and families locally and nationwide who are unable to care for themselves, including Christ Community Health Center, Hope International, Living Water and the Orphanos Foundation.

“I think most Americans get all tied up with numbers,” explains Tom. “We think it’s not about how much you have, but how faithful you are with what you have. I like to think of it as profit with a purpose; our long-term goal is maximizing our impact on the world for Christ.”

After 13 years doing business with big hearts, DCI has left an impression on the material handling industry and the world. Tom predicts sustained growth for the company while keeping its first priority as giving back to others. Diversified Conveyors Inc. continues to lead in the design and installation of parcel handling systems, remaining true to the fact that the best things do not come in a box.

For more information about Diversified Conveyors Inc., please visit: www.diversifiedconveyors.com.