Cashco Inc.: Field-proven Quality

A.W. Cash founded Cashco Inc. (Cashco) in 1914 to manufacture valve and regulator components for industrial partners, operating from headquarters in Decatur, Ill. In 1934 Cash chose to sell Cashco to the Riley Stocker Corporation (RSC) before acquisition by the U.S. Filter Corporation, which was subsequently purchased by Ashland Oil in 1981. In 1985 Ashland Oil wanted to sell a group of its companies, including Cashco. Elmer Sigety, Harold Miller, Lee Peery and Phillip Rogers then decided to work together and purchase Cashco. The four investors’ decision has been integral to Cascho’s development.

In 1976 Cashco relocated to Ellsworth, Kan., where the team’s current offices and facilities are located. “We have a plant in Kansas and a service center in Houston,” explains Dimity Ankerholz, sales and marketing manager for Cashco.

Phillip Rogers, president of Cashco, and Clint Rogers, general manager of Cashco, currently run the operation with the help of 178 dedicated manufacturing, service and sales specialists. The team’s hard work has paid off, as Cashco’s products can be found worldwide. Though the company relies heavily on its own team, Cashco has also established partnerships with large industrial operations on several continents in order to expand geographically. While Cascho has expanded greatly, the company still performs manufacturing and warehousing for RSC.

Going Global by Manufacturing

Cashco is comprised of three major business divisions. The company manufactures self-contained regulators, control valves and vapor control systems to manage the movement of fluids in industrial applications. Such components are sold through a network of sales representatives, representing the manufacturer worldwide. The second component of the business is comprised of manufacturing and warehousing for RCS. Cashco builds parts for the related business, which crush coal to heighten fuel efficiency. These components are used in the fuel-burning equipment that RCS produces in separate facilities.

The team performs all assembly of components in house, though Cashco works with a network of suppliers for raw and manufactured materials. “Our relationships with our partners and suppliers are integral to the way we operate,” explains Dimity. Communication with those partners is key, a practice that carries over to Cascho’s relationships with customers. “We stand out from the competition for our service,” she continues.

Cascho’s hard work and dedication has proven successful, as industrial clients around the world seek the company’s high-quality products. The recent recession presented challenges to the business, but Cashco’s diversity and broad geographic footprint helped the company to overcome many of these obstacles to growth. “The state of the economy is always a concern for us,” says Clint. “There is so much uncertainty with government projects on the sidelines. There is cash available, but everyone is in a holding pattern to see what the economy will do both nationally and on a global scale. In order to overcome some of the uncertainty in today’s market, we plan to continue at the same pace domestically while simultaneously trying to expand and grow internationally. We’re always seeking new investment opportunities and new markets to help offset some of the domestic challenges.”

Flexibility Leads to Expansion

Clint emphasizes flexibility in his business plan reporting that domestically, business is stable. “We’ve had some interesting projects lately,” explains Clint. “We worked on a project for chemical weapons disposal for the federal government, and we’ve started working with clients in the solar sector.” The team is also looking forward to a move into a new domestic headquarters office in Ellsworth. “We have a long history because we don’t make plans quarterly,” Clint explains. “This affords us the opportunity to think about long-term goals and helps us create a more stable company.”

Cashco is also constructing two new international offices as well. “We’ve got one in Brazil and one in Germany,” says Clint. “They’re critical to our expansion into more international markets.” The company has performed several large contracts in China, for which the team was required to manufacture hundreds of new regulators for the energy industry in Fuxing and Da Qo.

The company has also performed several large projects for an independent terminal operator in Brazil. The client required components for storage tank ventilation protection for standard venting and emergency venting. Cashco provided solutions that were custom designed, manufactured and tested to exceed American Petroleum Institute (API) guidelines.

Originally, there were about 60 tanks equipped. Since 2010 roughly 60 more have been equipped. Additionally, the emptying rates were increased for the tanks to allow for a quicker turnaround time at the loading dock when a ship comes in. The company provided a pressure and vacuum emergency vent combination unit that allows for additional in-breathing capacity without the need to install additional or larger size pressure vacuum vents on the existing storage tanks. This increased venting capacity required for normal dock loading operations without the downtime and expense for rework on these tanks.

Cashco continues to supply vents for the project as more tanks are constructed and retrofitted. These quality, innovative solutions are the staple of Cashco’s business, offering creativity and dependability to clients worldwide. A reputation for complex solutions has brought the company longevity, allowing Cashco to celebrate 100 years of business in 2014.

The business is one of the largest employers in Ellsworth, but Clint and Phillip maintain a commitment to people, reinvesting in training for employees and new technology for clients. Good hearts and minds will allow Cashco Inc. to pursue international goals with integrity and commitment to excellence in manufacturing.