Burner Design and Control

Providing Complete, Integrated Combustion and Control Solutions
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
Produced by: 
Chuck McKenna

Burner Design and Control (BDC) dates back to 1946 with the founding of Brandywine Equipment Company, a manufacturer’s representative for Eclipse Fuel Engineering and Rockwell Heat Treating Furnaces. The company flourished for 30 years under its original ownership before an employee buyout in 1976; BDC then took on its current name and form. Current owner, Charlie Roth, started working with the business that same year and came to purchase the company in 1990.

BDC specializes in systems integration and engineering with full fabrication capabilities. The business has established a broad product line, catering to companies with combustion, process control and data acquisition requirements. The line includes actuators, analytical instruments, burners, hazard detection, fuel standby systems, heat exchangers, sensors, valves and the systems that monitor and regulate all of the equipment in these facilities.

The company’s clients include original equipment manufacturers and end users, all involved with heating processes. BDC employs 38 people between three offices in Hazelwood, Mo., Lee’s Summit, Mo., and Decatur, Ill.

Leading Services

For more than 30 years, the company has developed the expertise and capabilities to help clients maximize their investments. “We've built an engineering team familiar with the latest trends and technologies and can provide our clients with innovative, cost-effective solutions to all of their process needs,” Roth explains. “Our engineers work with our clients to understand their unique manufacturing challenges so we can design a reliable solution tailored to each company’s unique requirements.”

BDC fabricates and installs custom systems for its clients. Along the way, the team performs a series of quality and safety checks to ensure systems will perform as intended. Clients receive coordinating documents for each step of the process to review. All calibration equipment and gauges used for the assembly or routine calibration of equipment are routinely re-certified to NIST standards.

The result has been countless happy customers. Testimonials verify this performance, as well as the team’s ability to improve the overall efficiency of the plants it serves. BDC not only provides custom design and installation services, but also 24-hour service in case of an emergency.

Staying Ahead in a Changing Market

The recession a few years ago had detrimental effects on a number of industries that support BDC’s business. “One of our largest challenges was the drop in the auto manufacturing industry,” Roth explains. “Our sales team responded well, keeping us competitive.” Services outside of new system construction have kept the team ahead.

BDC is an incredibly diverse operation. One of the major forces behind the company’s continued growth has been ongoing service for clients. “We want to support our customers before, during and after the sale,” Roth says. With BDC’s field service department, the company has built strong relationships with clients.

Customers with systematic issues can contact the team at any time of day. The service team performs emergency repair and replacement services, as well as preventative maintenance services. Clients can opt for an ongoing service program to keep systems in good shape all year, thus saving money on repairs and replacements. BDC can also ensure that all systems are up to industry standards, performing energy audits, emissions tests, safety checks and certification calibration among other services.

BDC employs a team of experienced and professional technicians as part of its mobile service team. A fleet of well-equipped trucks keeps service techs on the road. Employees are guaranteed to arrive well-prepared for the job with all of the tools, parts and other materials needed on site. Many of BDC’s technicians are CCST-certified and many have been working in the industry for more than a decade.

The company provides all the services its clients need to keep systems up and running, but Roth knows there is more to running a successful business than capabilities. BDC operates on a simple, but strong philosophy. The company’s mission includes four basic points: to respond promptly to customer needs; to take responsibility for commitments made to customers; to provide sound, cost-effective solutions to clients’ process heat and control needs; and to continuously improve practices, products and performance to better serve customers.

BDC has a strong rapport in the industry and clients have come to know and expect reliable, professional service. For that, the company’s longevity comes as no surprise. Roth and his team have kept clients operating safely and efficiently for more than three decades. With a reputation for qualified, capable and responsive work, Burner Design and Control is looking ahead to decades of continued growth and success.

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