Baccus Global LLC: Innovative and Effective Tools for Auto and Home

Baccus Global LLC is a new, yet already thriving company that manufactures, sells and distributes 12-Volt automotive and lighting products geared to manage emergencies and make travel and outdoor activities safer and easier. The company was formed in 2008 by Matt Inskeep and partners, who collectively brought over 30 years of business experience from working with Black & Decker and other Fortune 500 companies.
When Baccus Global began, the company partnered with The Stanley Works to license its brand, one of the oldest and most respected consumer brands worldwide. This was an important move, because “The Stanley brand resonates deeply with both pro and high-end do-it-yourselfers,” Inskeep states. This relationship offered terrific resources for the start-up period of 2008 to 2009. Near the end of 2009, Stanley acquired Black & Decker, and Inskeep found himself in familiar territory once again. This presented a unique opportunity for Baccus Global to capture greater market share without having to only grow organically over time.
Building its Lines
Working from its Boca Raton, Fla. headquarters, Baccus manufactures and imports its products from its factories in Asia and distributes them worldwide from its distribution centers located throughout North America. The company has around 25 employees and, although it is barely three years old, Baccus has annual revenue upwards of $50 million.
Baccus aims to be at the forefront of innovation and wants to remain there by continuously developing new, more environmentally friendly choices to its impressive product list. “There was so much average me-too product in the marketplace that we decided it was time to bring back quality and innovation to this category,” says Inskeep. “We want our customers to know they are buying the best when they put our products in their shopping basket,” he continues. These ambitions also helped Baccus overcome the challenges of being a start-up company during a period of recession.
The Baccus business model challenged the big company status quo by utilizing key senior executives that can handle multiple titles, thus keeping the manpower overhead low. “Our business model relies heavily on the experience of senior executives and key third-party providers that help us manage our bottom line by keeping our costs scalable to our needs,” says Mark Milocco, vice president of operations. “With our model, we can be much more flexible than our competition. From moulding to the demands of the marketplace to bringing new products to the market much quicker are key drivers in our success.”
Aiding Baccus Global’s efforts to differentiate themselves from competitors are the innovative, efficient designs of its lines of portable battery chargers, jump starters, power converters, spot lights and work lights. The company’s products have many new features, such as full LCD screens that convey clear information that is easy to understand, battery chargers and jump starters that alert the user if it’s incorrectly connected, and handheld spotlights that are brighter and more durable than most others on the market. Many of Baccus’ original designs are patented, making it one of the few companies in this category to do so. Safety is also in the forefront with Baccus’ products. Retailers appreciate the length that Baccus goes to get its products certified by agencies such as UL, ETL and CTL.
Powerful Products at an Affordable Price
Baccus had one mission in mind when it started … make the best products for the everyday user at an affordable price. “When we sat down and started designing our products, the first thoughts that came to our mind was ‘Simple and Safe’ for our customers,” said Ryan Powers, vice president of marketing. “How do we make these products easy to use and safe for someone that may not be experienced in using these types of tools? With the economy still a bit tough, we also want our customers to know they got their money’s worth when they buy our products.”
As of the summer of 2010, Baccus distributes five product types. First are the battery chargers. These are fully automatic tools that make maintaining a six volt or 12 volt battery easy. Once the battery is fully charged, Stanley’s charger switches to its maintain/float mode with no assistance. It is also two to three times faster than other chargers on the market and features a full LCD screen providing the user with feedback regarding charging status, time remaining to a full charge, battery condition and reverse hook ups. This charger works on cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, boats and recreational vehicles. This product line includes two, six amp with eight amp boost, 15, 25 and 40 AMP automatic battery chargers.
Baccus also has portable jump starters for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs and trailers. With this tool, there is no need for assistance from another vehicle. It uses reverse polarity protection technology so the user does not need to worry about the connection. The jump starter comes with a 270-degree pivoting LED light, built-in 120-psi compressor and built-in 120-volt or USB charging capabilities. The line of products ranges from a 300-AMP jump starter all the way up to a 500-AMP jump starter with a built-in compressor. There is also a digital power station available that features a 350-AMP jump starter, a 120-psi compressor and built-in 120-Volt power plug and USB charging outlets.
Power converters are another popular tool from Baccus. This product uses a vehicle’s battery and converts it to usable household power to charge electrical devices like cell phones, lap tops, game systems, MP3 players and more. This product line-up includes a 100-WATT auto power converter, 100-WATT tailgate power converter, 100-WATT travel power converter, 500-WATT power converter and an 800-WATT power converter with a digital LCD screen that gives the user real-time diagnostics.
Stanley has long been recognized for its intense spotlights that are used for outdoor activities, such as camping, boating, hunting and fishing. Each spotlight uses bright white LED, halogen and high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs. This product line includes a 1M Series Spotlight, a 2M Series Spotlight, a five-WATT LED Spotlight and a HID Spotlight.
To make work areas more accessible, Baccus also sells work lights, which are ultra-bright LED and fluorescent bulbs that provide a constant light output. Products include the BarFlex Work Light, Pivoting Fluorescent Work Light and SquidBrite Work Light.
Baccus’ other product is a solar back-up power generator. This product uses solar energy for up to eight hours of home or office power and will even operate in cloudy conditions. It automatically switches to household power when its back-up battery is low. It has a built-in surge protector with automatic shut off. This product eliminates energy waste and has a digital LCD display showing the input/output of AC wattage and the remaining battery voltage run time. There are five power outlets, a USB charging port, a 500-WATT power inverter and an LED emergency work light. This generator only requires do-it-yourself installation.
Additional offerings include thermoelectric coolers and battery back-up systems, among other items. The Baccus approach to research & development is to have a team that isn't accountable for day-to-day business, but rather they are responsible for thinking outside-the-box on items to launch in several years. Additionally, they search out inventors who have ideas to contribute. Using this research with a system of listening to end users, the team brainstorms to solve needs customers might not know they even have yet, while improving on what is already offered.
“We come up with ideas so far different that the same thinking in the forest won't come up with them,” says Inskeep. “You have to get out of the forest to come up with these ideas, which are why we have this team that searches out innovation, while other companies are just concerned with being cost-conscious. Really, when we think about it, what's growing in America is Apple, a product innovation company. I think that's what the world is looking for, so that's how we're investing resources.”
In the last year Baccus Global has used its increasing resources to double its business, and Inskeep forecasts the company being equally successful in the next 12 months as a result of the company's strategic acquisitions and “new product innovations and quality, including items coming out like a waterproof spotlight that can come into the consumer price range, but will outperform what folks are used to,” he informs.
“Common complaints are that spotlights aren't bright enough for a lot of folks, or they're too heavy, or they don't last long enough,” Inskeep continues. “But we made a light that lasts 10 hours of brightness, producing over 500 lumens, and it's half the size and waterproof, plus you can get this for under $50. It will be out in Christmas, with a national TV campaign. We have several more items like this that we'll end up cracking open at the SEMA Show trade exhibition in November.”
And if the company’s new products achieve the same usefulness and quality as its existing product lines, they will be equally successful. The company is becoming a dominant force in its sector thanks to its flexible approach and structure, its associated brands, and its manufacturing base that offers high-quality products at lower costs. As Baccus Global LLC continues to grow its product offerings, it can also expand its clientele, thus acquiring a larger portion of the power tool market and furthering its winning business model.