Automated Conveyor Systems Inc.: An Evolving Industrial Manufacturer

Charles Doty founded Automated Conveyor Systems Inc. (ACSI) in 1973 in Jonesboro, Ariz. Over the last four decades, ACSI has grown to become a quality conveyor manufacturer. The business has since relocated to West Memphis, Ark., and continues to evolve and produce leading conveyor equipment for clients in the industrial, distribution and parcel sectors.

Although Doty has stepped back from the company’s daily operations, he remains active as president. In addition to Doty, Bill Henson and Geddes Self, senior vice presidents of ACSI, help to lead operations after decades of experience with the company. “I'm proud to say that I’ve been working for this company for over 35 years,” Henson details. “I started off in the industry here; working on the shop floor, and worked my way up throughout the years.”

ACSI has built a reputation in the industry for producing high-quality conveyor systems, with a niche in complex systems for a range of end-users. According to Doty, approximately 95 percent of the team’s business is with U.S. clients, but ACSI also sells to clients in Canada and Mexico.

Diverse Products

ACSI products range from simple to complex, including gravity conveyors, as well as more complicated powered sorting and distribution systems. The finished product can handle everything from small letters to heavy pallet loads of product.

“ACSI offers a wide range of conveying products,” says Self. “We satisfy a sweeping array of industries, including manufacturing, warehouse, parcel handling, as well as food and beverage.”

Additionally, ACSI’s plant features high-tech equipment with broad functionality such as computer-aided design, laser cutting, robot welding and a powder-coat painting system. Henson notes that clients turn to the ACSI team for leading capabilities and consistent quality. Much of the manufacturing equipment is linked with a computer interface, offering precision in production. The business has established relationships with over 200 distributors, ensuring the product reaches customers all over the country. Connections with suppliers ensure that the production and sales chain remains uninterrupted.

Unique Operations

Aside from a diverse line of production capabilities, ACSI stands out from an operational standpoint in many ways. “We’re an employee-owned business now,” says Henson. “We have been for just over a year. Although it’s a new thing for the employees, our service values to the industry haven’t changed, so the adjustment goes unnoticed by our partners and customers.”

ACSI participates in an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), meaning the company’s employees have financial and operational stake in the success of the business. The program offers many benefits, most significant being retirement savings.

ESOPs have a record in improving employee performance; however, pride in quality of work is not by any means a new concept for the ACSI team. ACSI employees have been working hard to maintain stability throughout the recession.

“There has definitely been some uncertainty in the business cycle over the last few years,” Self explains. “It’s important for us to stay competitive and be in tune with our customers’ needs and expectations.”

In 2013, ACSI celebrated 40 years of business. With a well-known reputation carved out in the market, Henson says he doubts anything fundamental about the business will be seeing major changes over the next few years. “We’re in manufacturing and we’ll stay in manufacturing,” he explains. “We’re not going to be changing as much as adapting to the market.

“We've seen growth returning to the industry; slowly but surely,” says Self. “As clients in the manufacturing and shipping industries return to growth, the team will start to see our efforts pay off. For now, ACSI is running lean and clean, focusing on providing quality machinery to a loyal client base....we continue to be blessed.”

With several repeat customers in varying industries, including transportation, construction and manufacturing companies, ACSI is running steadily. With a network of equipment dealers, the business continues to build a growing presence across the country.

“Although we have a strong design team for those specialty applications, many systems come complete and pre-engineered to suit a range of applications,” Henson says. “Quick processing time ensures that customers have access to the material handling equipment they need in a timely fashion.”

ACSI offers value and quality service to customers, ensuring repeat business and growth. Henson, Self and the rest of ACSI team strive for success through solid, reliable machinery, as well as a dedication to continued longevity. Automated Conveyor Systems Inc. has a strong and recognizable presence in the market and will continue to evolve with client’s ever-changing needs.