Bringing Branding and Space to Life
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
Produced by: 
Christian Davis

Czarnowski is a global exhibit marketing company committed to bringing exhibit and event spaces to life, allowing each client’s brands to shine. The company’s exhibit and event professionals, who range from graphic designers to highly skilled craftsmen, understand the meaning of collaboration and culture. 

“When others can lose focus, we have a reputation for stepping up to meet challenges and getting the job done,” shares Dillon Nagle, marketing manager for Czarnowski. “Czarnowski employees are known for their execution services. They work hand-in-hand to ensure the exhibit or event gets done on time and on budget for the client, no matter the constraint.”

Be it business-to-business, public or private events, the company’s face-to-face marketing and sales tactics remain proven drivers of consumer awareness, consideration and preference. “Face-to-face marketing is all about human connections, which still resonate – even in our increasingly digital world – and we’re tried and true champions of supporting, enhancing and optimizing it,” Nagle continues.

Multinational Growth

Chicago-based Czarnowski was founded in 1947. “In 1965 my grandfather, Bob Nagle, purchased the company from two brothers,” recalls Nagle. “When he passed away in 1981, my uncle and father took over, and we’ve remained a private, family-owned company.”

With a strong focus on service and quality, the company has embraced change over the years. “From Czarnowski’s start until the 1980s, we delivered field services: labor, installation and dismantling for trade show programs,” continues Nagle. “In the 1990s we became more design-oriented, ultimately evolving into a full-service provider of exhibit marketing solutions. We now design, fabricate, install, dismantle and refurbish exhibit properties for clients worldwide. We also provide strategic support, helping clients make smarter decisions with their face-to-face marketing dollars.”

Today, Czarnowski has 17 U.S. locations, as well as an office in Cologne, Germany. “Our main production facilities are in Atlanta, Denver and St. George, Utah,” shares Nagle. “They have the space, machinery and expertise to support large-scale production. Our Chicago, Las Vegas and Orlando shops are staffed by skilled craftsmen, who are more focused on custom builds and refurbishment.” Office-based employees, including designers, account staff and field services coordinators, are spread across Czarnowski’s domestic and global locations. 

It is clear that the company has made its mark over the years. Today, Czarnowski also partners with Uniplan, a live Germany-based communications company with locations across Europe and Asia. The company’s recent international partnerships have awarded Czarnowski projects in various locations, ranging from South America to Dubai and Korea. 

Key Connections

The company employs approximately 450 year-round employees; however, Nagle says that number can more than double during busy trade show seasons. “We’ll have anywhere from 1,600 to 1,800 people working on a variety of projects,” he reveals.

“We also have a large apprenticeship program. One of our original carpenters is now one of our executive sales directors. There’s lots of room for growth in this company; we empower and trust our employees, so many tend to stick around for the long haul.”

Employees and clients alike find value in each project. “We’re very relationship-oriented; whether with labor unions, designers or subcontractors, it’s about trust,” says Nagle. “We’re in a word-of-mouth business, so we think it’s important to develop real connections.”

Czarnowski works with numerous industry leaders, including Rubbermaid, Gulfstream, BMW, Samsung, General Motors and Texas Instruments. “We also have a full-service technology team focused on R&D for the trade show world,” notes Nagle. “The team focuses on creating one-of-a-kind, technology-driven interactive engagements, as well as providing electronics solutions and expertise. Their work helps trade show visitors experience brands in new ways, and enables our clients to better understand who their customers are and what they’re looking for.”

The company is currently gearing up for the start of the trade show busy season, which runs from early fall to late spring. “The L.A. Auto Show and the Radiological Society of North America [RSNA] are two big, exciting shows coming up for us,” Nagle adds. 

Czarnowski has come a long way since 1947, and according to Nagle, it is a result of staying close to the company’s roots. “We’re building on a legacy and creating long-term relationships,” he says. “Our pride in design and craftsmanship, coupled with our unique ability to depend on one another to meet challenges, is indicative of the Czarnowski culture.” Czarnowski has been planning, designing and expertly executing exhibit marketing solutions for 66 years, with no plans of slowing down.

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