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25 years of tailored hospitality services for long-term care clients in Wisconsin
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Molly Shaw
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Sean O’Reilly

As facilities in the long-term care (LTC) market expand, many are faced with the challenge of finding the right provider to outsource hospitality services such as housekeeping, laundry, dietary, facility maintenance, lawn and exterior care services. In West Bend, Wisconsin, BSG Maintenance is the first choice for leading LTC facilities, offering unmatched contracted hospitality services to nursing homes, assisted-living complexes and a range of other retirement facilities throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota.

BSG’s customers say it best. “Several years ago, I made the difficult decision to move from having my own staff clean and provide laundry services for my 150-bed skilled nursing facility to BSG. Although it was a tough choice to make, it was the best business decision I have ever made. BSG’s staff is professional and thorough and our facility is extremely clean. The savings we experienced by contracting with BSG exceed $250,000 annually,” says one health care customer.

Making a difference for residents

Since Steve Brandt, president and CEO of BSG, founded the firm in 1990, the company has been building satisfied customers one by one.  Brandt says, “In the LTC market you’re working in someone’s home — making an environment that is cleaner and healthier.”

It takes a special kind of passionate, caring individual to work in this environment. “Our employees are interacting with residents and facility staff and they truly care about helping them and making their environment more comfortable,” he adds.

BSG has slowly transitioned to specifically the LTC sector. “When the company first started, we worked with all forms of healthcare companies until we shifted strictly to long-term care in 2000,” says Brandt. “Now we offer housekeeping services and laundry [as our primary services], as well as maintenance, lawn and other exterior care services throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota.”

Brandt says in many cases, these services are kept in-house by LTC facilities. “We consider ourselves the first alternative to services kept in-house for customers who are looking to make a switch,” he says. “When it’s all said and done, it ends up being a considerable savings without any compromise in the quality of service.”

BSG serves a range of LTC customers, including nursing homes, community-based residential facilities, residential care apartment complexes and assisted living facilities. “Our programs are tailored to meet the customer’s specific needs and are in compliance with state regulations in each facility we maintain,” says Brandt.

Four keys

Brandt adds the BSG advantage is in cost, quality, staffing and control. “The first and obvious reason is cost,” he says. “Whether a customer is currently utilizing in-house or contracting services, in most cases we can yield a savings in cost for our services,” he says. “Our pricing is locked and easy to budget. We provide complete service programs and attend the special needs within each facility at our fixed rate and applicable supplies, equipment and repairs are also included.”

Another key is quality. “We provide the highest level of service on a consistent basis and provide three levels of management support to assure compliance,” says Brandt.

Operating in an industry that is heavily regulated and government funded means ensuring everything from employees to equipment meets compliance. “Quality assurance checks are performed on a daily basis,” adds Brandt.

BSG also leverages superior staffing. “Our services provide all labor, replacement labor, hiring, record keeping and applicable human resource functions,” says Brandt.

BSG also ensures the customer maintains control. “Each site manager attends staff meetings and receives direction from the designated customer liaison,” he outlines. “We understand that facility changes are constant and make necessary adjustments. We operate as any other department within the facility; associates will perform special requests and conduct themselves in a professional manner as an extension to your staff at all times.”

Tenured employees

In the LTC market, a familiar face goes a long way with ensuring residents are comfortable and at ease. While BSG now employs some 400 staff members, Brandt says many have been with the company for years. “There’s no turnover in our senior management,” he says. “We’re all on the same page and have the same mission in mind.”

While many companies focus on customer satisfaction, BSG also looks to employee satisfaction as a success indicator. “I want my team to feel like they’re a part of something that’s more than job, but a contribution that truly makes a difference,” says Brandt. “I’ve found that if I set that example it spreads from the top down and helps maintain our company culture.”

Brandt says he feels proud to see his vision at work through BSG every day. “I’m just getting started,” he says. “I see us continuing to grow in Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and regionally.”

Along with a tenured team, BSG has put another key individual in place to help foster growth. “We recently added Stephanie Angst as vice president of operations,” says Brandt. “Stephanie previously managed the housekeeping, laundry and plant operation departments of 20 nursing homes and she is a huge addition to BSG. This is going to help us enhance everything we’re doing.”

After 25 years, BSG Maintenance continues to be one of the most reputable, trusted long-term care hospitality services providers in the upper Midwest.

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