AlliedPRA Inc.

Bringing Destinations to Life through Enriching Experiences
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
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Sean Barr

While most companies sell goods and products, AlliedPRA Inc. (AlliedPRA) delivers something more. “What we provide is an intangible thing,” shares Denise Dornfeld, president of AlliedPRA North America. “Our destination management expertise and local connections allow us to create memorable experiences while enriching communities.”

AlliedPRA Inc. Review

For over four decades, AlliedPRA has been a global leader in the destination management industry, serving destinations across three continents with 24 offices in seven countries. The company spans the U.S., Europe, the United Arab Emirates, South America and nearly everywhere in between, assisting clients with local destination experiences for meetings, incentive trips and events.

“As a meeting attendee, one of the most memorable ways to experience a city is to explore the destination like a local resident, taking part in the culinary offerings, a behind-the-scenes tour you couldn't find on your own, or an experience at a local venue that will leave you with a lasting impression,” Denise says. “It is then you experience more than the meeting ... you experience the true destination and all it has to offer.”

According to Denise, hospitality is a multifaceted industry. “We’re in the memory-making business,” she continues. “We work with everything from hotels and restaurants to kayaking companies and transportation partners and tons of other local businesses to build long-lasting partnerships that provide behind-the-scenes experiences a normal consumer wouldn’t normally have access to.”

When a corporation or incentive program needs a destination or venue to host exciting events, meetings, tours or team-building activities, AlliedPRA is the go-to specialty event management firm. “We coordinate transportation to and from arrivals and departures, themed dinners, city tours, shopping excursions, team-building exercises and all sorts of other outside activities,” notes Denise. “We take care of our clients. We figure out the fine details and arrangements and they have peace of mind.”

There are many ways AlliedPRA provides its clients peace of mind, including the implementation of a strict quality assurance process, which is unparalleled in the industry. Denise is proud to note that AlliedPRA ensures each client experience is in line with the company’s overall guidelines and goals for service delivery.

Utilizing a consultative and collaborative approach, AlliedPRA professionals customize experiences that cannot be bought off the shelf or found online. In addition, the company offers tailored and cutting-edge technologies to increase program effectiveness, helping to display immediate ROI results. Additionally, AlliedPRA provides a risk-management safety net, which includes contingency planning for all programs, industry-leading insurance levels and a rigorous due diligence of suppliers’ backgrounds.

The Local Perspective

Since 1981 AlliedPRA has been increasing its global footprint. “The firm started in the early 1980s, but in 2007 two companies merged to form AlliedPRA and increase our global reach,” explains Denise.

The company now provides destination management services on a broad scale. “The core of our business is in Arabia, Europe and the U.S.,” says Denise. “But we have local offices and representatives throughout the world, from Russia to South America and Australia; we have a vast global footprint.”

Although AlliedPRA covers global ground, the company prides itself in being highly in-tune with every destination it represents. “We’re the local experts,” reveals Denise. “We have well-established connections with key supplier-partners that provide local insight.”

Whether it’s Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York City, Orlando, France, Italy, Spain, Monaco or Arabia, AlliedPRA provides a snapshot of the best of each destination. The company helps its clients become more than a tourist, but a traveler immersed in culture, scenery, history, cuisine, adventure and events.

“Our expertise is directly related to the people that make up this company and how well-connected they are,” shares Denise. “Everyone always say they have the best employees, but we really do. Time and time again we have people who’ve worked at AlliedPRA for a significant amount of time, and I’m amazed at the relationships they’ve built. We get invited to weddings and baby showers. Because we serve our clients well and deliver peace of mind, we truly create a unique relationship.”

AlliedPRA’s partnerships help keep the company moving forward, as well as local businesses. “We have to be compelling and connected with the city and the communities, because that’s how we make our living,” says Denise. “But it’s a win-win relationship, because we help drive revenue to local businesses at our destinations.”

Corporate America Cares

Denise emphasizes that part of being interconnected in the community is also giving back. “Contrary to what some believe, corporate America cares about small communities, because we’ve seen it,” she shares. “We frequently organize corporate social responsibility [CSR] events. These events help our clients directly impact the local communities as a way to give back to the destination where they host their meetings or events.”

The company has organized care packages through the Wounded Warrior Project in both San Diego and San Antonio. “For this CSR event our clients assembled backpacks for soldiers and we paid to have them shipped overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan,” notes Denise. “Another really successful project is our beehive building in New Orleans. We have team building CSR activities where clients assemble the beehives and then they are shipped to Mexico and South America, where they sustain whole villages.”

Denise says CSR events are a perfect example of why she loves her job. “I’ve been in this industry for 28 years now and I’m absolutely passionate about memorable community experience,” she says. “It’s not just a job, it’s a contribution. You feel good at the end of the day.”

The next big step for AlliedPRA is the grand-opening of a brand-new office in Portugal. “We’re focusing on global growth and expanding our reach,” notes Denise. AlliedPRA Inc. continues to make memories by fostering enriching destination experiences that support corporations and communities.

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