PharmaNutrients Botanical Corporation

Specialized ingredients and services for the supplement and functional foods industries
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
Produced by: 
Forrest Lancaster

Since 1997, PharmaNutrients Botanical Corporation has been providing quality ingredients and expertise to clients in the nutritional supplement industry. Wayne Hachie, founder, president and CEO of PharmaNutrients, has been working in the health and wellness business since 1979. “My introduction into the nutritional supplement industry was 36 years ago as a franchise consultant to assist a national vitamin brand company in Canada to expand its retail health-food store chain across the country,” he recounts. “This two-year franchise project with that company turned into me staying for more than a decade with the parent company and the rest is history.”

In 1990, he established his first company in the nutritional industry, a fully government-licensed contract manufacturing and packaging facility in the Vancouver area, where he stayed for five years before selling his shares. After a two-year entrepreneurial stint in the freeze-dried grape seed extract manufacturing sector, he was ready to launch a new endeavor. Thus, PharmaNutrients was born. For the last 18 years, Wayne and his colleagues have worked to build strong relationships, both as a supplier and a consulting firm for the supplement and functional foods industries.

“There’s always competition, in our market,” Wayne explains. “We set ourselves apart as the best one-stop shop in the industry. Service is our key. Service is getting the client to come back — and they do — because the service, expertise and quality are there, plain and simple. Our team includes some of the best conceptual thinkers and formulators in the nutritional supplement industry with expertise only decades of experience can provide. With our step-by-step product development blueprint, our clients benefit by saving time and money, and avoiding dangerous pitfalls. It’s about creating a proper product that consumers will come back for time after time.”

“We have many satisfied customers, and we intend to keep it that way,” he adds. “Maintaining long-term relations, built upon honesty, integrity and mutual trust, is our only way of doing business.”

Diversified services

While PharmaNutrients is often viewed primarily as a specialty and trending bulk raw material ingredients supplier, the team also specializes in all levels of services needed to compete in today’s marketplace. While the business is a trusted partner to manufacturers producing their own products, the company will take customers from conception right through to delivery of the finished, labeled product.

“We move our client’s products into the U.S. and Canadian marketplace,” says Trish Frank director of regulatory affairs (RA) for PharmaNutrients. “Whether they already have products out there or are new to the market, we lead them through Health Canada’s stringent guidelines and licensing policies, which can be extremely intimidating and time consuming if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s where PharmaNutrients comes in.”

PharmaNutrients Botanical Corp

Since 2004, Health Canada has required that all supplements sold on Canadian shelves must first be reviewed and approved. “That’s my specialty,” explains Trish. “My entire career has been in the nutraceutical business, first in the laboratory then into all things RA. I have a great passion for this industry and the people in it.”

PharmaNutrients’ diversified services include research and development, custom formulations, process formulation development, regulatory submissions, manufacturing, packaging, sales and marketing. Throughout the entire process, the team works with clients to identify ingredients, processes, formulations and delivery formats that meet their standards and the demands of their customers, while creating value by adding profits to their bottom line.

Most processes are completed in-house. For everything else, the company has strong relationships, fostered over the course of decades — many of them through people Wayne knows well and has worked closely with over time and can be trusted to pay attention to detail and perform on time.

“The supplement and functional food industries are deep ones; there is a blending of multiple logistics, some requiring science, some requiring art and some requiring both, which need to be mastered,” Wayne adds. “More than just knowing the essentials, it’s about knowing the exceptions to the essentials is where it really matters. You can have the best intention in the world to accomplish something, but if you don’t know that you have an upcoming issue, that’s where a lot of money can go to ‘cash heaven’ and at PharmaNutrients we help our clients make qualified decisions based on many decades of experience.”

Making new connections

PharmaNutrients operates globally with offices and representatives in the U.S., Mexico, Latin America, China, India and Europe. It continues to grow and reach out to new markets by following the company mission, which includes the careful sourcing of proven ingredients and establishing long-term provider partnerships.

“We are all about impeccability in the traceability of our ingredients,” says Christopher Warren, the company’s director of sales and marketing. “It’s not only about quality; it’s also about being able to pinpoint origins. We sell only top-shelf ingredients and finished products with all the requirements in place to easily determine analysis and traceability. At the same time, we must have a consistent source of supply both in quality and quantity from our providers.”

Industry trends have shifted toward new delivery systems, specifically in food formats. Protein drinks, nutritional bars, and other edibles have triggered an explosion in the wellness market. “If you look at protein powder drinks over the last two or three years, there is a move away from the age-old whey-  and soy-protein-based products to the vegetable-based, low-carbohydrate, high-protein ingredients, which are moving functional food technologies in a new direction,” says Christopher. “PharmaNutrients is a prime resource because many companies are seeking new products and marketing solutions and aren’t exactly sure how to go about finding and or implementing them. While one part of PharmaNutrient’s focus is on ingredient sales, we’re also a strategic services and solution company which assists with achieving proper outcomes.”

A good example of this is PharmaNutrients’ services with Pacific Deep Ocean Biotech. The Taiwan-based company has spent 10 years developing mineral products backed with an enormous amount of clinical studies. “No single mineral ingredient has come to market with more studies behind it,” explains Christopher. “The Deep Ocean Minerals are a class-leading, standalone liquid or powder supplement which may also be blended with virtually any ingredient or nutritional product. Whether it’s a functional food such as vegetable protein powder, nutritional bar or a liquid complex, it will help the end product deliver.”

“The Deep Ocean Minerals will also work exceedingly well with animals and cosmetics,” notes Christopher. “It’s a flexible ingredient and its natural ionic state, which is similar in constitution to our own, means that it’s highly absorbed by the body. In addition, this ingredient has a great mouthfeel when it’s blended with other products and is completely heat stable. It also provides a wider range of taste to a product and doesn’t need to be masked to overcome its flavor like some ingredients do.”

Continued support in the wellness market

The most valuable aspect of the company is the services that PharmaNutrients provides its clients. “Many companies are out there seeking solutions and they just can’t find them, or they haven’t come to a place yet where they have a clear direction with which to even point in a direction for a solution,” says Christopher. “This is where we may ask ‘Have you considered this?’ In this industry, companies need impeccability and experience or they may have a misfire. We assist with the vision and work to create the organization behind the vision to make sure our clients execute without missteps. There are many different parts to getting a product created and launched and they all must be in alignment for success.”

PharmaNutrients is focused on global trending developments and will continue to serve as a leading partner for wellness brands. Its operations are coordinated from a Health Canada (NNHPD) site-licensed approved facility in Burnaby, British Columbia, where offices, regulatory services and warehousing are under one roof.

“To sum everything up, service is our passion,” adds Wayne. “However, it’s more than just an attitude of service. It’s both attitude and aptitude which gets results. We’re here to share our knowledge and experience with others to make the world a better place through advancing food technologies and creating healthy products which help make people feel good every day.”

The PharmaNutrients team’s ability to cater to all aspects of a client’s requirements via industry network and contacts — combined with its focus on unique niche or underexplored ingredients, which have credibility and results backing them — will continue to give PharmaNutrients Botanical Corporation an edge with new ingredient and product implementations.