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New Jersey-based leading sports nutrition helping workout enthusiasts rise to a new level of fitness
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Molly Shaw
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James Logan

Living a health-and-fitness lifestyle is not only something Rich Gaspari has embraced throughout his career, but something he has excelled in as an industry icon. As founder and president of Gaspari Nutrition, Rich has made a mission out of sharing his passion for optimum health and fitness with the world for the last 17 years. Based in Lakewood, New Jersey, his company, Gaspari Nutrition, is a leading sports nutrition brand dedicated to the purity, quality and potency of its products which are distributed in more than 40 countries worldwide and throughout major U.S. retailers such as Vitamin Shoppe, which has become the go-to retailer for all things fitness and wellness related.

“I enjoy inspiring others to achieve their personal best and that is why I created Gaspari Nutrition,” says Rich. “I wanted to help others attain their goals and defy all odds, just as I did. By creating a supplement company that produces effective products, I can help others improve overall health and athletic performance.”

Gaspari Nutrition

Industry experience at work

Rich set out on this mission in 1998 after years of making his name known in the competitive bodybuilding circuit. He was the first Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Champion in 1989 and his career skyrocketed after this milestone. Rich went on to win Mr. World, Mr. Universe and place as three-time runner-up in Mr. Olympia – all of which are no small feats in the bodybuilding world.

In 2013, Rich was named the winner of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Lifetime Achievement Award and he holds numerous accomplishments as a Hall of Fame Bodybuilder. Rich also has experience coaching athletes in diet, training and supplementation.

Rich established Gaspari Nutrition to provide high-quality and innovative sports nutrition products not only for the bodybuilder looking to compete onstage, but for all athletes and active everyday fitness participants striving to improve their performance and achieve their lifestyle goals.

“I’ve been involved in the bodybuilding industry for the last 30 years,” he says. “I’m passionate about health and fitness and that didn’t change or diminish after I officially retired from competitive bodybuilding. Therefore, it was a natural progression for me to develop my own line of supplements under Gaspari Nutrition so I could create products with cutting-edge ingredients that truly work and produce real results.”

Setting the benchmark in quality and performance

Since inception, the company has made serious gains. At home in New Jersey, Gaspari Nutrition actively believes that hiring employees that live the lifestyle is a key component to our success in the marketplace, as we understand the consumer’s expectations and demands of the brand.  As a result of having a loyal and dedicated staff, particularly an industrious sales team, Gaspari Nutrition products are distributed in more than 40 countries worldwide and nearly all major U.S. retailers.

Gaspari Nutrition is known for innovative products, sought after by professional athletes and recreational fitness enthusiasts alike. Rich and his team strive to find leading ingredients that produce maximum results. “2015 is our year to shine and to prove to the industry that our brand is stronger than ever,” assures Rich. “We recently launched a brand-new testosterone booster called Nova-X, which is the first product released under our Elite Performance Series.” Rich says this revolutionary product has a unique two-stage liposomal delivery system.

“Also coming summer 2015, we’ll be launching our new Pre-Workout called SP250,” he adds. “SP250 is guaranteed to become the must-have product release of 2015. Projected for a late summer or early fall 2015 release, we’ll be launching our new NO-Expander product called Plasmajet, which creates ripped muscular definition and allows you to train harder and recover faster.”

Later on this year, Gaspari Nutrition plans to launch a fat burner and nighttime formula. “Again, all these products, which are currently in the product development stage, are sure to be homeruns with consumers and will be available at select retailers nationwide,” notes Rich.

Increasing brand awareness

With so many interesting products coming out, Gaspari Nutrition has formed key business partnerships to facilitate brand expansion and global distribution. “Earlier this year, Gaspari Nutrition was purchased by Total Produce, a multibillion-dollar company that owns Allegro Nutrition,” says Rich. “Allegro is an Irish nutrition distributor and Gaspari Nutrition now falls under the Allegro umbrella. With such a well-respected and financially stable company to back us, we can more effectively and rapidly grow and expand our product line and increase our brand awareness in other consumer channels.”

However for Rich, success isn’t necessarily measured by brand expansion or dollars and cents. “What it really comes down to is that I enjoy inspiring others to achieve their goals,” he says. “When people come up to me and say how Gaspari Nutrition products have helped them and changed their lives, there’s not a better feeling in the world. This is exactly why I find helping others to be the most rewarding aspect of the business.”

“My commitment to helping others achieve success in sport has been my lifelong mission,” he adds. This is the driving force behind Gaspari Nutrition and the company continues to make it possible for professional athletes and enthusiasts to push harder and reach for more through pure, potent and high-quality sports nutrition.

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