All American Pharmaceutical & Natural Foods Corp

The full-service solution for supplement manufacturing in Montana
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Molly Shaw
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Forrest Lancaster

For the last three decades, All American Pharmaceutical & Natural Foods Corp has been formulating, developing and manufacturing its own line of dietary, food and nutritional supplements, as well as private label and custom formulations for a range of contract customers. Headquartered in Billings, Montana, All American Pharmaceutical is the brainchild of Dr. Jeff Golini, founder and executive scientist for the company.

All American Pharmaceutical & Natural Foods Corp.

Today, Golini and some 145 employees have created leading products across a broad spectrum of general health and sports nutrition, all the way to anti-aging, cosmetics and natural food products. The company’s Good Manufacturing Process (GMP)-certified, state-of-the-art, 150,000-square-foot facility located in Billings is capable of producing liquids, capsules, powders and tablet products from concept all the way to finished packaging.

On-site in Billings, All American Pharmaceutical has full-scale production, including a research and development department and 2,000-square-foot, in-house quality control laboratory. “Our main operation is in Billings, but we also have locations in San Jose and Bakersfield, California,” notes Golini.

“Our business is really twofold, including the contract manufacturing aspect and our national sports nutrition brand, EFX Sports,” he continues. “The sales and marketing for EFX Sports is based in California, but we also have international sales in Poland for the brand because we do a lot of global business.”

Turning a lifelong hobby and passion into a business

As a former athlete and still avid health and fitness enthusiast, Golini started thinking about ways in which he could improve the supplements he was taking while training back in the early ‘80s. It was this train of thought that sparked the development of All American Pharmaceutical.

“I’ve been an athlete my whole life — I always played football and then I got into body building,” he recounts. “I became interested in supplements and in the early ‘80s there weren’t a lot of good options. I wanted to find a way to take the protein powder I was taking and press it into tablet form so it was easier to take.”

All American Pharmaceutical & Natural Foods Corp.

In 1985, Golini found a small manufacturer and put up $3,500 to start the first batch of his own supplement line. “I came up with the company name and started selling the tablets to friends at the gym,” he recalls. “By 1987, things were going so well that I wanted to start doing it full time and as a very science-minded person I knew with the right facility and support staff we could really make a go of it.”

Golini moved his then small supplement business from the shores of Venice Beach to rural Billings. “I decided to move out of California for some breathing room to Billings, where my wife is from,” he says. “The first facility we started in was about 8,500 square feet and we outgrew that within a year and a half. From there we acquired other buildings and at one point, we were running out of five different smaller buildings.”

Diverse capabilities

All American Pharmaceutical has grown by leaps and bounds into its now 150,000-square-foot site. Today, the company’s capabilities span a range of markets. “We’re really the concept-to-completion solution for a range of contract manufacturing, on both the sports nutrition and the general nutrition side of things,” explains Golini. “We do everything from herbs to liquid concentrates and vitamin and mineral capsules to protein powder packets — you name it — we do it.”

All American Pharmaceutical is also the exclusive manufacturer and patent holder of two branded ingredients: Kre-Alkalyn and Kre-Celezine. “In terms of raw materials, we develop and manufacturer several patented materials,” notes Golini.

All American Pharmaceutical & Natural Foods Corp

“We also have a small, but growing cosmeceuticals division that makes natural cosmetics, creams and lotions,” adds Golini. “This division has always served local Montana companies, but the demand for natural creams and lotions is increasing.”

Golini says the company’s next exciting venture is attracting big business in China. “We have the procedures and permits in place to start producing natural infant formula for customers in China,” he reveals. “We’re just about ready to roll this out and once we do, we’ll be one of the only companies from the U.S. with the permit to export this kind of product.”

In recent years other countries have been banned from shipping formula into China. “There have been issues in the industry with contaminated products and the U.S. is one of the few left that’s allowed to enter the market,” says Golini. “There’s a huge need for safe formula and a market niche to fill, which we plan on doing.”

Things are moving at a swift pace for All American Pharmaceutical as it nears its 31st year in business. Contract customers have come to trust the science-based company for complete concept-to-completion manufacturing and high-quality standards.  There are big things in store for All American Pharmaceutical & Natural Foods Corp as it sets the pace for complete production in the dietary and nutritional supplements industry.

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