United Juice Companies of America Inc.

Squeezing up Fresh, All-natural Juice for 29 Years

United Juice Companies of America Inc. (United Juice) drinks, sleeps and breathes fresh juice, because it’s a shared passion. Since the mid-1980s the Florida-based manufacturer and distributor has been providing startup juicing companies with the turnkey programs that transform an operation into a sweet success. Over the years, United Juice has established valued relationships with customers, distributors and fruit vendors, speaking to quality and year-round consistency of its juice products.

“First of all, United Juice has been in this business for a long time,” reveals Steve Bogen, CEO of United Juice. “My partners and I started in the mid-1980s in the juice business and acquired Lambeth Juice Company from the Lambeth family in 2001. Since then, my partners and I have grown United Juice into one of the largest fresh-squeezed citrus companies in the U.S.”

Bogen, who’s been working in juicing operations for more than 28 years, started out driving a juice delivery truck in New York in 1985 alongside one of his current partners, Daniel Petry. “We just fell in love with the juice business,” Bogen says. Since Bogen entered the industry, he’s headed up seven different juice companies throughout the country, ensuring he is well-suited for his current position at United Juice.

Mark Craen, co-owner and COO of United Juice, has more than 25 years of experience in the citrus industry. Since 2001 Craen has played a significant role in the 800 percent growth of the company. United Juice now manufactures from coast-to-coast with a state-of-the-art facility in Vero Beach, Fla., and a sister location in Beaumont, Calif. “Because we have operations on both coasts, we’re able to distribute any one of our brands anywhere in the country,” adds Craen.

Customized Solutions

United Juice offers an array of customized solutions to help startup juicers or companies looking to refine programs already in place, ranging from custom juice blends, pasteurization expertise, the adding of vitamins or nutraceuticals to bottle and label design.

“We boast that our proprietary freezing process, FROZE- FRESH, is great for international customers wanting Florida juice,” says Bogen. The goal is a fully turnkey fresh or pasteurized program under the United Juice brand or a private label brand. The company also provides targeted marketing support to help drive sales and launch products.

“What makes us different is we’ve remained true to the fresh-squeezed business,” shares Bogen. “We’ve been instrumental in the creation of Food and Drug Administration requirements for safety and quality over the years, which are now the industry standard. We’ve invested time, energy and money into always keeping our operation clean, cold and consistent.”

Bogen reveals that United Juice’s Lambeth Groves freshly-squeezed brand of juice comes straight from the tree where the oranges are cleaned, squeezed, bottled and ready for delivery to a retailer or food service carrier within 72 hours. “Even amongst the over $4 billion of pasteurized, concentrate or vitamin-added orange juice products, there will always be a market for freshly squeezed orange juice,” Bogen adds. “Fresh-squeezed is still just the best there is.”

Wholesome, Natural Products

United Juice also has pasteurization down to a science, keeping as much of the fresh content of the blend intact while increasing the shelf life. “We’re trying to stay as close to the natural thing as possible,” says Bogen. “Just taste it”

The company has recently developed Always Sweet, a culmination of fresh-squeezed juice, pasteurizing expertise and highest quality concentrate. “The development of Always Sweet has required all of our knowledge of fresh-squeezed juice,” admits Bogen. “It took us over a year to perfect this product. The result is the sweetest, most natural delicious tasting orange juice on the market.”

United Juice offers a range of other products that achieve the same high-quality standards. Bar mixes like Pina Colada and Margarita, lemonades and lemonade base for food service, as well as a fortified vitamin juice called UJuice. The company’s commitment to wholesome, natural ingredients has attracted attention from the children show Lazy Town.

“In a few short weeks we’ll launch our co-branding with Lazy Town,” reveals Bogen. “It’s all about bringing health awareness to light for children, offering 100 percent all natural juices as an option over soda and sugary juice drinks.”

The partner management is confident that United Juice will expand its operation through new product lines, new distributors and retail programs, all while remaining focused on the quality and integrity of the product and the company’s core business.

From private label processing and bottling to the company’s own product line, United Juice continues to focus on premium products and an exceptional process that preserves the best nature has to offer. For decades, United Juice Companies of America Inc. has delivered some of the freshest, healthiest and best tasting juice on the market, qualifying as one of the largest and most skilled producers in the fresh juice industry.

For more information about United Juice Companies of America Inc., please visit: www.UnitedJuice.com.