Snider’s Super Foods

A small independent grocery market in Maryland
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
Produced by: 
Elizabeth Towne

Snider’s Super Foods (SSF) dates back three generations to 1922 when Louis Snider started selling produce in Kansas City, Mo. With a team of horses and a wagon, he drove door to door, dealing fresh fruits and vegetables to local residents. While the business has changed significantly over the last 90 years, the premise of the family company has remained the same: to provide the community with fresh, high-quality foods.

Today, SSF looks drastically different. Louis’ son, David Snider, owns the business and operates it as president. “We have one location that has been in the same family, on the same street corner in Silver Springs, Md., since 1946,” he explains. “We have built a reputation for our quality in products and service, particularly with perishables. Not much has changed when you get down to it and not much is going to change.”

Fresh foods

The shop is best known for its produce, meat department and deli. The business carries a large selection of products in each section of the store. Customers have touted the team for a dedication to quality. Visitors can fill the whole refrigerator in one trip, picking up classic grocery items at competitive prices as well as taking advantage of weekly specials.

The company’s meat department is stocked with the finest Grade-A meats and seafood available. Over in the produce department, employees keep the shelves stocked with hand-picked, farm fresh produce delivered each morning. SSF sources milk and eggs from local farms for the dairy case. Alongside that, customers can find cheeses of the finest imported and domestic variety.

While SSF is a small business, customers return time and again for variety. Aside from the basics, the business carries specialty items such as wine from all over the world. The deli department also bakes fresh bread that customers can buy hot and fresh out of the oven. For special events, the store offers catering with a large menu of favorites.

Standing apart

SSF is more than a mom and pop grocery store. David and his team take great pride in offering high quality foods and beverages as well as memorable service. “We do have to contend with competition,” David explains. “We are surrounded by supermarkets, big box stores, dollar stores and drug stores. There is less loyalty these days. People will go all over to shop for their needs.”

To remain competitive, the team keeps prices at a comparable level, a great incentive for local shoppers. “What really sets us apart from the big box stores is our level of service,” David adds. “We want our customers to have an exceptional experience. We listen to their needs to provide products in demand. We will also carry your groceries to the car.”

David also strives to provide a changing selection of specialty items. While much of the store’s product comes from local growers and suppliers, the team reaches out to find new grocery items, sourcing from around the country and beyond. The business also has regular specials at the deli, offering a little extra value for customers.

The family business has a solid reputation and continues to cater to loyal customers. In the coming years, David says he does not see much changing for the store. “We are happy when we can pay the bills and our customers have a good experience,” he notes. “We have won a few awards from the community and we try to give back. Once every year, we donate five percent of our sales to local schools.”

SSF is a thriving small business, with customers coming in from Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. As the business grows, David is looking forward to continuing a tradition of quality foods and leading service. Snider’s Super Foods is a local fixture in Silver Springs, Md., serving generations of local families with a hometown grocery shopping experience.

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