R.L. Schreiber Inc.: The Reason to Season for the Past 45 Years

R.L. Schreiber Inc. (R.L. Schreiber) is celebrating 45 years as a family-owned and -operated enterprise in 2013. R.L. Schreiber continues to manufacture and distribute food bases, spices, seasoning blends and other flavor amplifiers to the food service industry. The Florida-based company supplies products that are industry renowned and trusted by chefs nationwide.

R.L. Schreiber has the bases covered for chefs and kitchen connoisseurs alike. The company sells everything, including roast beef au jus, demi glace, ground allspice, bay leaves, beef and chicken bases, capers, apple pie spice and Cajun-style spice rubs. No matter the flavor, the R.L. Schreiber team has the kick-start to a memorable meal. The knack for pleasing taste buds across the nation has allowed R.L. Schreiber to grow significantly over the past 45 years, developing into an establishment of which Raymond L. Schreiber, founder of R.L. Schreiber, would be proud of.

Raymond’s Vision

The company was established by Raymond in 1968, initially a small factory in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., as his one-man-operation. With genuine faith and dedication to his products, Raymond began crafting soup bases and selling his creations to restaurants throughout southern Florida.

“Raymond was dedicated to making products he could be proud of,” details Greg Ransdell, current CEO of R.L. Schreiber. “He would make his products in the morning and then sell them in the afternoon. That pride and dedication is still the foundation for our company, and the principles upon which R.L. Schreiber continues to flourish today.”

Once the business began to build momentum, Raymond’s children began working with him after school and on weekends. Soon, there was a need for more distributors as the company slowly grew from a one-man band to a full-fledged manufacturing and distributing operation.

As more products, such as spices and seasonings, were added to the company’s repertoire, R.L. Schreiber outgrew the original Fort Lauderdale facility and expanded into a larger Pompano Beach, Fla., site in 1981. The company completed a major expansion on the Pompano Beach site in 1995, and has built an additional 135,000-square-foot plant in Lebanon, K.Y.

Today, Raymond’s five children – Tom, John, Katie, Mary and Anne – continue the family legacy, cooking up products the company can continue to be proud of. “We’ve come a long way since Raymond’s one-man operation, now employing over 120 individuals,” says Ransdell. “We directly distribute to over 10,000 members of the food service industry and another 30,000 through broad liners.”

Of course, R.L. Schreiber doesn’t cut corners. “Our facilities are FDA/USDA-inspected and state-of-the-art,” shares Ransdell. “We have distributors from coast to coast. Though Raymond passed away in 1993, the pride and dedication upon which he founded the company is still very much alive. We believe our products and services should exemplify Raymond’s vision and build on his lasting legacy.”

Room to Grow

The next page for R.L. Schreiber includes expansion. With the site’s additional space and advanced capabilities, Ransdell says it will allow the company to ramp up quality, production capacities and provide opportunity for the addition of new production lines.

“With this facility, we are running more efficiently and effectively,” says Ransdell. The facility has already achieved SQF certification in the first quarter of 2013 and meets global food safety standards and international rules, as well. “It also gives us a centralized office and support services, which will provide easier access to the plant for our salespeople,” he continues.

The family-owned and -operated company is headed by five members of the Schreiber family, each of whom sits on the board of directors. Though they are not active in the daily operations, Ransdell – who is not part of the family – is appreciative of their support and pleased with the decision to move to a more central area of the country.

“It’s unique when a family will step up and allow their company to go through changes, and this is a major change that will allow the company to better compete,” Ransdell adds. “This move is important for the company’s future.”

The Florida office will remain as the corporate headquarters and continue as a distribution center. Ransdell notes all of the spice production moved to the Kentucky plant in 2012, with the soup base line being constructed to open in 2013’s third quarter.

The new facility, Ransdell says, will make it even easier for R.L. Schreiber to maintain its focus on quality control, something which it is diligent about. Everything that comes through the company’s doors – every spice or product used – is checked and checked again to ensure it meets customers’ specifications.

“Quality control is food safety in itself,” explains Joe DeCaro, vice president of marketing and sales for R.L. Schreiber. “It’s a major part of our entire process and everyone is trained to keep it that way.”

Decaro continues, “Our willingness to focus on customers specific needs and work with them is what really sets us apart. They are willing to give us their business and their trust, and we do not take that for granted.”

Ransdell agrees that client relations truly define the company’s success. “We distribute directly to restaurants that trust us so much that sometimes they just tack a blank check to the wall in the kitchen for our representative to fill out after dropping off the order,” he details.

Once the company is settled in the new Kentucky facility, Ransdell thinks the next step is westward expansion for more efficient distribution methods and new markets. In the meantime R.L. Schreiber Inc. continues to provide trusted products to the food service industry, building on Raymond’s legacy of commitment and dedication.