Premier Meat Co.

At the top of the premium proteins food chain
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
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James Logan

Chefs and fine dining professionals across southern California and beyond are talking about Premier Meat Co. (Premier Meat). From grass-fed veal osso bucco to rib-eye steaks, venison and buffalo short ribs to local halibut filets, yellow tail and sea bass, Premier Meat has soared to the top of the premium proteins food chain by raising the bar in quality, sourcing sustainable, humanely-raised and farm-bred products.

Premier Meat offers only the best, as its name implies. “We provide healthy, sustainable, free-range, hormone and antibiotic-free proteins, because healthy animals equal healthy, happy consumers,” says Harry Greenberg, president of Premier Meat.

Premier Meat Co.

Based in Vernon, Cal., Premier Meat supplies some of the hottest hotels, fine dining restaurants and top-name chefs in greater Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Las Vegas. The family-owned company is undertaking a nationwide expansion of its professional business into the consumer market via a new website featuring an online store.

However, Premier Meat started out small, with Greenberg’s savings and dreams of starting his own company. “I arrived in the U.S. about 25 years ago and at first I had a tough time finding a job,” he recalls.

A new level of success

To earn a living Greenberg took a job as a truck driver for a meat company. During the many hours he spent on the road, he began to visualize his own company, taking the potential and products to the next level.

“I found a small company I could afford to put a down payment on called Wayne Provisions and began building it into the premium beef and poultry market,” tells Greenberg. “We changed the name to Premier Meat about 13 years ago and I’ve built the company from the ground up, making it what it is today.”

Today Premier Meat stands as a premium protein wholesale supplier, working with chefs and restaurants seeking out the best of the best in beef, pork, poultry, veal, lamb, wild game and seafood. The company currently has more than 230 employees and 20 sales representatives covering southern California.

According to Greenberg, Premier Meat is a tight-knit family with personal connections to vendors as suppliers that have been doing business with the company for many years. “Companies that hold the highest regard to quality and service, such as Imperial Wagyu Beef, careful genetic selection, alongside Japanese feeding methods and a holistic approach to beef,” Greenberg details. “Also, Marcho Farms, a family-owned company providing bottle-fed natural veal raised by Amish farmers, as well as Hill Meat, family-owned since 1947, is a proud producer of premium natural ham, bacon and sausage.” These are just a few of the many trusted partners of Premier Meat.

“We just built a new distribution center and between that, our office space and USDA-inspected production space, we have about 70,000 square feet,” continues Greenberg. “We do everything in-house, including grinding, cutting and portioning and we have the largest dry-aged facility in southern California.”

Premier Meat Co. Production

The company purchases from small farms where the animals are grown for its specific use. “We offer the best quality, healthy and natural proteins,” adds Greenberg. “We always know exactly where the protein we sell has come from. From farm to plate is our 100 percent guarantee.”

Speedy delivery and customer service

Not only does Premier Meat offer supreme quality in terms of freshness, nutrition and taste, Greenberg says the company also backs its products with efficient ordering and real-time customer service. “We’re unique in California in that our customers can call at 12 a.m. that day for next-morning delivery,” he says. “We have about a four- to five-hour window to create the order and deliver it; that’s for any combination of items; say its two porterhouse steaks, six chicken breasts, one case of shrimp and two cases of salmon, we’ll do it. We deliver six days a week.”

Greenberg says Premier Meat’s live customer service line allows for quick feedback and caters to the long hours those in the restaurant business often work. “When young chefs get an inspiration or idea and they want to run it the next night, they can talk to one of our customer service representatives up until midnight, so they always have someone to talk to or place an order with,” he adds.

Coming online

It’s certainly been a busy spring and summer for Premier Meat, as Greenberg and Hadar Almog, his daughter and head of the company’s new consumer division, as well as marketing, have pushed to bring the company to the next level in terms of online marketing and sales.

“We’ve been working on launching a new online store, which will not only provide customers with online purchasing of the highest quality proteins delivered fresh to their door step, but also cooking tips, beer and wine pairings and protein education,” shares Almog. “The online store will also increase our exposure and customers will be introduced to more wild game and proteins they’re not familiar with.”

Premier Meat is first to market to deliver never-frozen proteins directly to the public. Premier Meat partnered with packaging distribution company Landsberg San Diego to handle the creation and manufacturing of innovative packaging, which allows for proteins to be delivered nationwide without ever being frozen. The company tested and researched for over six months to ensure fresh delivered proteins make it to the destination in the optimal condition. “This type of innovation is exciting and respected in the world of consumer online sales and services,” Greenberg says.

When Premier Meat scheduled the photo shoot for the new website, Almog says the company sought out a photographer who could capture products in their natural state without the use of Photoshop or editing. “We stood behind that, because it’s what we pride ourselves on; integrity and transparency,” she remarks.

Greenberg has strived for this level of integrity since the beginning. “He’s the heart and soul of the business,” says Almog. “He knows every employee and their family by name, which helps make us a company people want to work with.”

Almog says the new marketing and online presence is part of Premier Meat’s mission to uphold integrity and educate consumers about better proteins. “We’re giving them what they want to know and we’re very excited to show the industry what we’ve achieved thus far,” she adds.

Premier Meat Co. continues to cater to top-notch chefs and restaurants, promoting sustainably sourced, skillfully crafted proteins.

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Hill Meat
Imperial Wagyu Beef
Landsberg Packaging
Marcho Farm