Parts Town LLC: Supplying Restaurant Equipment Parts with a Community Spirit

Parts Town LLC (Parts Town) is a restaurant equipment parts supplier with a simple goal: take care of customers and community. The company’s headquarters in Addison, Ill., reverberates with positive energy that stems from the staff’s team spirit, which is reinforced through a corporate climate that emphasizes openness and accountability. There are no private offices in Parts Town headquarters, because all employees share the same focus on going the extra mile to deliver an extraordinary experience to customers throughout the world. The company has created a very motivated culture with a strong set of core values delivered by an outstanding team that is groomed to provide the industry’s most complete set of value-added capabilities.

“We have virtually no turnover and we hire people almost entirely from outside our industry,” says Steve Snower, president of Parts Town.

Parts Town recruits, hires and trains the individuals it does because drawing from those outside the industry means a team with no pre-existing paradigms of how a restaurant equipment parts distributor should be run. Innovation is a key element of the Parts Town approach, and free thinkers are an invaluable addition to the company, its strategic manufacturing partners and the community. “A big part of our mission is to change our industry by creating a stronger customer experience and bringing leading-edge technology to those that can benefit from it,” says Snower.

The end result is that Parts Town employs 85 dedicated staff members who are tirelessly working in an incredibly enthusiastic environment enriched with integrity. Snower reasons that this creates an overall better experience for customers, and this customer satisfaction translates into continued success for Parts Town.

Products and Services Made Readily Available

The business has grown dramatically because Parts Town remains focused on supplying original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts for the best names in restaurant equipment. Parts Town carries a massive selection of manufacturer-supplied parts. There are over 30,000 distinctive genuine parts from the leading manufacturers kept in stock at Parts Town, including those bearing such recognizable brand names as Frymaster, Vulcan Hart, Star Manufacturing and APW Wyott.

The company remains relentlessly focused on high-quality OEM replacement parts provided through one-on-one service and unique technology. To ensure the high standard of its offerings, the company doesn’t stock any generic items. “We sell only genuine OEM parts to maximize equipment performance, ensure safety for restaurant employees and customers, and deliver real cost savings,” says Snower.

Parts Town is all about higher quality, and that applies to its friendly, professional and fun employees. The company’s staff mans the phones from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. for customer assistance and orders. Parts Town guarantees that as long as the order is placed before 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and the parts ordered are in stock the company will provide same-day shipping.

“We’re in the emergency parts business,” says Snower. “We make sure we are open so that customers can get their parts faster from us than anywhere else.” The hardworking staff provides a lot of personalized over-the-phone service in Parts Town’s customer experience center. “We believe customers want that personal friendly interaction rather than having to press one for this or two for that,” says Snower.

The company is also making itself technologically available. Parts Town is the only restaurant parts company in existence with its own smartphone app. “We’ve taken on the leadership role when it comes to providing technology for our customers; we work through social media, phone apps and mobile web,” says Snower.

Paying It Forward

While the company ensures that customers are receiving optimized service from a centrally located distribution center, Parts Town is also focused on enriching its community. This altruistic attitude goes hand in hand with the nurturing and team-oriented corporate culture that Parts Town established from the get-go. According to Snower, the capstone event for the year is the playground build.

Parts Town works in coordination with a collection of local businesses under the parent company of Reedy Industries, and these companies band together to build a new playground in an underprivileged area of the community. KABOOM, a not-for-profit organization, is responsible for developing the process, facilitating the equipment purchase and partnering with Parts Town and Reedy Industries to ready the site for the build.

Approximately 40 of Parts Town’s enthusiastic staff members take part in the event every year, whether by donating or building. Construction takes place in a single day. “It’s the most important day of our year, and it’s the most meaningful thing that we do,” says Snower.

Parts Town has several other philanthropic initiatives throughout each year, and all year-round makes use of its vending machine as a charitable fundraiser. Employees sign up on a volunteer basis to keep the machine stocked for a month at a time, and all the money raised during that month goes to the charity of choice of the employee managing the machine. Parts Town raises an average of $500 per business quarter for various charities via this initiative.

Growing Stronger Every Day

The company stands by its philosophy of paying it forward, and Parts Town has received plenty of its own good fortune back. By using an integrated marketing model the company has seen very solid and steady growth over the past several years. Parts Town doesn’t cast its net too wide, however. “Our philosophy is to have a very small list of customers that we truly want to build relationships with and to focus on them rather than focusing on calling thousands of customers,” describes Snower.

A relationship-driven company, Parts Town has seen its 2011 annual revenue reach $47 million, and Snower predicts that Parts Town will exceed $60 million for the end of 2012. The company hopes to continue enriching its employees’ lives with its distinctive team-oriented culture, as well as nurture further growth in the surrounding community. Parts Town LLC is a leader in supplying top names in OEM restaurant equipment parts, and it will maintain its position in the market as a company passionate about providing both customer and community service.