Nirvana Inc.: Responsibly Bottling the Adirondacks’ Crystal Clear Waters

Nirvana Inc. (Nirvana) has established its brand of positively pure, naturally green spring water based on the companies’ core principles of quality and product integrity. Bottled under its own label as well as for select private label partners, it draws its product from New York State’s Adirondack Mountain range of over 2,000 untouched acres, where the firm owns over 50 naturally flowing fresh water springs. Currently using only four springs for bottling, Nirvana offers an environmentally conscious, pristine natural resource that stands out for both its origins and its quality.

“The quality and taste of our water is really what sets us apart,” asserts Mozafar Rafizadeh, president of Nirvana. “From the moment you taste our water, you immediately understand our commitment to preserving our natural spring sources. The inherent beauty of our water is that it actually flows to the surface naturally from our springs. We do not have to do any underground extraction unlike other water companies.”

Nirvana uses unparalleled processes in the transfer of water to its 300,000-square foot facility for bottling and production. In a commitment to the quality and taste of the product, the firm absolutely refutes the idea of bottling water from municipal sources.

“Not a single drop of Nirvana Natural Spring Water is purified tap water, unlike the majority of other brands around the world,” explains Rafizadeh. “Our product is captured directly at the source when it flows naturally to the surface, and is piped directly into our facility. We bottle and produce Nirvana Natural Spring Water immediately after it is capture to preserve the integrity of our product.”

Going Green

As the stewards of over 2,000 acres of land, Nirvana understands the importance of keeping its land as pure as the water it bottles, and the company strives to reduce its overall environmental impact as much as possible. “We are a very green company,” asserts Rafizadeh. “We insist on keeping our land pristine to uphold the quality of our water. Because we only pipe the water to our facility, we have a much smaller carbon footprint than some of the competition that has multiple sources around the country. Our new family of bottles was recently redesigned specifically to use less plastic in the bottling process.”

Additionally, Nirvana recently committed to using pallets that further reduce its carbon footprint during shipping. “We just started using a new pallet produced by iGPS that is made of completely recyclable plastic,” says Rafizadeh. “The new pallets weigh less than wood pallets, last longer and reduce shipping weight so we save on fuel costs and further reduce our carbon footprint.”

In its commitment to maintaining a perfect balance, promoting transparency and helping customers make an informed bottled water purchase decision, Nirvana puts PDFs on its website that offer more information on the origin of the spring water, its water classifications, its water treatment, its purification process and its bottled water labeling procedures.

A New Generation

Nirvana’s forward-thinking approach to water quality and operational streamlining has certainly made the company a name for itself as a private label bottler, but the company has recently shifted focus towards promoting the water under its own, newly redesigned label(s) to much fanfare.

“We recently redesigned our brand to grow and expand our customer base,” says Rafizadeh. “The package is only part of the equation though. What really matters is what the water tastes like and what we have found is that the new logo and bottles encourage our consumers to look for this product again. In the past few months, both Shop Rite and A&P Supermarkets have begun carrying our water and the customer response has been incredible. This year in June we sold 700,000 cases in comparison to the 130,000 cases we sold in June of last year.”

The company is now on track to continue growing despite a sluggish economy. “A few years ago, legislation was put in place to attach a five-cent deposit to all bottles of water in New York and in Connecticut, which are some of our biggest markets. For the six to nine months following, we saw our sales really struggle as people hesitated to buy bottled water,” explains Rafizadeh. “2008 and 2009 were not the best years for us.”

Nirvana now looks forward to a much brighter economic situation and believes that the key to continued growth lies in the hands of a younger generation of U.S. consumers that is starting to understand the benefits of bottled water.

“People are starting to become much more aware of the sources behind the products they have been buying all these years. While bottled water offers convenience and the security of purity, there is a clear difference between the taste and quality of sources amongst the brands on the market – this is where our product really makes a mark,” says Rafizadeh. “While we have still only scratched the surface of our position in the market, we are accelerating towards opportunities for growth and expansion. In the next few years our objective is to increase our presence in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic markets.”

Nirvana is ambitious in its quest to preserve quality, while reducing the amount of CO2 emissions, and is continually looking for new methods to better the world in which we live. Nirvana is not only a bottled water manufacturer, but also a conversationalist of the undisturbed land that it owns. Nirvana Inc. has been dedicated to providing the most refreshing water possible for the past decade, and with its track record the company will continue to promote and protect healthy practices. Look for Nirvana Natural Spring Water at a supermarket near you.