Larry Kline Wholesale Meats & Provisions

Providing wholesale meats to Southern Florida for nearly 40 years
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Tom Faunce
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Sean Barr

With the goal of providing a high-quality product paired with the best service in the industry, Larry and Lois Kline founded Larry Kline Wholesale Meats & Provisions in 1976. Located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Larry Kline Meats is a regional meat provider to the southern and central Florida areas. As a wholesaler, Larry Kline Meats supplies meats and provisions to the health care, restaurants and hospitality sectors. Larry Kline Meats also exports to the Caribbean.

CEO Steve Caine believes that the level of customer service is the reason for the company’s success. “Our service is unmatched,” says Caine. “Nobody combines a quality products with outstanding service at a competitive price better than us.” With the combination of these assets, Larry Kline Meats has experienced continuous growth and reached the peak revenue of its nearly 40-year existence in 2014.

Maintaining the primary objective

While achieving a milestone such as this, Larry Kline Meats has been conscious to maintaining its primary focus, which is fulfilling the needs of its existing customers. “We’ve been taking a lot of steps since hitting those marks,” Caine explains. “We’ve upgraded our equipment, added delivery vehicles and added several new employees. We’re also changing some shifts around all the while remaining focused on our service.” As companies grow, dealing with an increase in size may distract some businesses from their lifeblood, which is its customer base. “We are doing everything in our power to prevent that from happening.”

Larry Kline Meats provides a full array of meats and provisions to its customers. The company is known for its high-quality beef, lamb, pork, veal, turkey and chicken. Larry Kline Meats also carries premium and all natural lines of beef, veal, lamb, pork and poultry as well. “Larry Kline Meat is known for its Ground Beef Steak Burgers and our famous NY style raw corned beef.” says Caine.

Originally from New Jersey, Caine began his career in the meat business while he was still in high school. “I was working a couple of jobs just trying to get my 40 hours each week and going to school at the same time,” recalls Caine. This ambition caught the eye of a local meat shop owner. “He offered me job working 11 hours a day in 50 degree refrigerated shop so I took the opportunity.” Caine became like a family member to the shop owner and eventually lived with his family while he worked for him. “His daughter was like a sister to me and we’re still close today.”

Caine continued this work as he put himself through college. Eventually the shop where he began his career shut down, forcing Caine to search for new employment. “I was told by the girl I was dating at the time that her father owned a meat shop, which was Larry Kline Meats,” says Caine. “I went and spoke with him and started working here in 1985 and have been with the company ever since.” Caine began his career with Larry Kline Meats as a butcher. He quickly moved up in the company as the ailing health of his production manager created the need for a replacement.

In his new management position with the company, Caine found himself working alongside Kline’s four sons. “They all found their niche in the sales side of the business,” says Caine. “I was more on the operational side.” After a death and few retirements, Caine found himself as the CEO of the company.

Leading by example

Caine says that dependability is the strongest asset that he presents in his leadership position. In a career spanning 30 years with Larry Kline Meats, Caine has performed every aspect of the operation from driving delivery trucks and cutting meat all the way to upper management. “My employees and my customers know that when they need something done, they can come to me,” says Caine. “I’ve done every job in this company. I come in early in my jeans and work boots and make sure everything is ready to go for the day.”

Through trials and tribulations, Caine takes pride in the fact that a great work-life balance has allowed him to be a part of a team that has built a great business. “Through handling my personal life properly, my professional life has been able to excel, and this business has grown because of that. Ultimately, I just really enjoy what I do.”

More of the same

With a strong south Florida market, Caine is optimistic about the continued growth of Larry Kline Meats. While the team met a revenue milestone in 2014, Caine expects the company to beat that mark within five years. “South Florida is booming right now,” says Caine. “There are restaurants and hotels opening up. All kinds of new construction projects are happening so we are just really looking forward to the progress of our market and community.”

While the company continues to grow, Larry Kline Wholesale Meats & Provisions will continue to be a leader in the industry while never losing sight of its primary objective: exceptional customer service.

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