Impact Energy Gum Inc.: Offering Lots to Chew On

It takes more than a great idea to find success: It takes the energy to see it through. Juan G. Negron saw an opening for an innovative product that could conveniently provide the fuel people need to perform demanding tasks, and he applied his knowledge and initiative to launching Impact Energy Gum Inc. (Impact Gum).

“I was doing research in the market and I saw that there were energy drinks, energy shots, power bars – energy everything, except for gum,” reflects Negron, CEO of Impact Gum.

The South Florida-based company operates with the sole goal of producing the best-tasting, highest quality energy gum on the market, providing brightening, smooth energy at a faster rate than similarly focused beverages. The end result may seem similar on the surface, but Impact Gum’s means of delivery has several distinct advantages.

Highly convenient and portable, Impact Gum doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and can be transported easily in a purse, backpack, glove box, pocket, desk or anywhere else you can fit a slim-profile blister pack (a familiar form of multiunit, sealed plastic packaging often used for gum and pharmaceuticals). Getting this concept from the drawing board to the shelves, however, took some concentrated efforts.

On Demand, In Demand

“When I realized there weren’t energy gums I decided to figure out why, and we quickly learned that clearly there were some obstacles,” says Negron. “Energy is transferred through the active ingredients you can put in the product, and because of the methodology of how most chewing gums are made the active ingredients will be degraded or rendered insufficient when you heat them up at the high temperatures to which regular gum is subjected. So, recognizing that challenge, we set out to determine how to make gum without heat.”

Negron, who originally went to school to be a chemical engineer, holds the perfect background for Impact Gum’s development. Working as a lab tech in a testing facility, he gained firsthand experience in the science behind products. Following that, he went into business, and was particularly successful in the distribution of new alcoholic products. With a scientific approach toward putting together a product that stands out in a crowded market sector, Negron accomplished a lot in a timely manner.

Beginning the project in 2009, Negron and his team figured out the best blend and ratio of interacting elements for the gum base, and then ingeniously set out to apply the same technology used to make pills to allow them to quantify everything that goes into each piece of Impact Gum. The result is a gum using state-of-the-art powder-based cold-compression technology that delivers an unadulterated, balanced blend of caffeine, guarana, taurine, eleuthero, B vitamins and electrolytes. A serving of Impact Gum delivers one hour of energy or approximately the energy equivalent of a cup of tea or an eight-ounce energy drink.

Impact Gum’s proprietary blend of ingredients provides the following benefits: It gives you a burst of smooth, jitter-free energy; it improves memory, alertness, endurance and mood; it assists muscle recover, reduces soreness and helps maintain hydration; its proprietary blend helps convert nutrients into energy; and it helps body resist anxiety, stress and fatigue.

Impact Gum is a superior product that provides the most portable, fastest working, dosage-controlled energy intake on the market today, giving consumers the energy they need in a healthier way. A serving of Impact Gum provides 60 minutes of energy without jitters, upset stomach or bloating. Impact Gum's safe formula provides consumers with just-in-time energy at the right dosage. University medical studies have shown that caffeine consumption is more effective in small dosages and the nutritional factors are more rapidly and effectively absorbed through the mucus membrane. Being your best just got easier with Impact Gum.

The Impact Gum formula isn’t aimed solely at the metal alertness that comes with caffeine, guarana and taurine; the gum also takes into consideration muscle recovery and the body’s physical response to common ingredients. The product is sugar-free, so it avoids the jitters and crashing sensations common to other energy products. The product will never dehydrate you because of an overabundance of electrolytes, and the eleuthero (also known as Siberian ginseng) serves as a nerve agent, so while your brain is telling your body it has all this energy your nervous system isn’t overreacting.

Additionally, it doesn’t upset your stomach because it doesn’t go through your stomach; the energy attributes are absorbed through the mucous membrane, and because of that it works faster than a drink or shot.

“People are becoming less susceptible to the current energy products,” says Negron. “Anything you consume on a regular basis you become more tolerant to that substance. Enzymes in your stomach start breaking down those ingredients faster. As people become more and more accustomed to the products out there, which are saturated with sugars and other things, they will become less and less effective. You’ve seen this as they have grown from eight ounces to 12- and 24-ounce servings. Our product, however, doesn’t go through the digestive system, so nothing breaks down the active ingredients and it continues to work.”

Energy drinks have always presented consumers with a difficult choice: toughen it out through the evening or drink something that could keep you up till 2 a.m. in the morning. It’s very hard to determine the correct amount of an energy beverage or shot to consume, and to not finish one feels wasteful. With Impact Gum, however, what each piece equals energy-wise is well-defined, and the energy attributes get into the body within five to 10 minutes, as opposed to a beverage’s 30 minutes.

“Energy isn’t something people use just for sports anymore,” observes Negron. “Now it’s something people consume on a daily basis while they work three jobs, go to school, etc. Our product is the only one where you can quantify the amount of energy you need, and avoid unpleasant side effects.”

Refreshing the Market Sector

It’s not just what’s inside the gum that benefits consumers, however. Available in two flavors – Flash, a blend of tropical berry flavors, and Shock, blend of spearmint, peppermint and wintermint – Impact Gum provides fresh breath to go with compelling sensations. Impact Gum can easily be shared, while splitting a can of energy drink requires additional cups or a more personal interaction with another individual that many people would consider uncomfortable or unsanitary. “People are already chewing gum; they have been chewing gum forever,” says Negron. “Now they are just getting more out of it.”

The company’s product perfected, Impact Gum ran a successful pilot program in various markets nationwide. Focus territories sent back very encouraging numbers, indicating that the market was clamoring for a product such as Impact Gum. In 2013 the product will roll out along the upper East Coast and throughout select markets on the West Coast, trickling into markets such as Chicago before making its way throughout the interior of the nation. The marketing campaign is very aggressive, taking point-of-sale, grassroots and social media approaches.

Drawing on the company’s team’s experience in the nightclub/hospitality sectors, Impact Gum will maximize its exposure at many key events in some of the most high-density markets in the country. A core team of 10 individuals capable of wearing many hats is driving all of this activity. Negron lauds the Impact Gum workforce, which he describes as equal partners, for the ability to compensate for intense workloads. If it sounds exhausting to launch a product in the already crowded energy sector, it is. Luckily, Impact Gum has a natural advantage.

“As much as I would like to think I’m not, I’m human, so I use our product every day,” reveals Negron. “And the beauty is that it works for me the same way I expect it to work for everybody. I don’t want to be jittery and pumped up 24/7, but in the morning when I’m dragging, taking two pieces gets me through. After lunch when you want a nap you take two pieces and it freshens your breath and gets you through. Driving home after a long day at work, I take it right as I get in the car. If at 9 p.m. I don’t have the energy to get some paperwork done, I take some more, because I know it won’t prevent me from getting to sleep at 11 or so.”

On top of marketing a product, the Impact Gum team is developing a portal called “Impact Your Community.” This will be an online program through which people will nominate different community leaders that are making a difference, and Impact Gum will get involved in their cause, contributing sponsorship support.

“The name ‘Impact’ speaks volumes; it describes everything we are about as a company,” says Negron. “We are creating a product to have an impact in everybody’s life and to give them the energy to make an impact in their communities and in everything they do. It really describes us as a company. We took our time to create a very unique product, one with no comparisons in the market as we speak.”

Impact Energy Gum Inc. is energetically answering the demand for a better, more proactive product.