Woodstone Energy LLC Smart Power and Fuel Solutions

Woodstone Energy LLC (WSE) was founded in 2005 to be an energy services partner to large-scale industrial manufacturers looking to optimize their utility usage. WSE focuses on infrastructural projects where research-based technologies can be applied to streamline the facility’s operation and maximize productivity and profit. WSE strives to identify the best undiscovered opportunities and design, engineer and deliver turnkey energy-efficiency solutions.
WSE is based in Madison, Tenn., but the company also maintains branch locations in Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Massachusetts and New York to accommodate clients nationwide. The WSE team brings together over 200 years of energy industry experience and the flexibility to work wherever a client needs by coordinating with local talent. Doug Woodward, founder and president of WSE, brings over 15 years of experience in the industrial energy services industry to the company, which combines with the 35 years of experience in the lighting and electrical industry held by Jami Hall, chairman of the board,
A Partner in Energy Efficiency
The WSE team has developed a straightforward, three-step approach to address the energy efficiency and operational cost management needs of its clients in manufacturing, oil refinery, pharmaceuticals and consumer-packaged goods. The WSE team first completes a feasibility study at the client’s location to solidify rational objectives, assemble investment versus savings comparisons, and pinpoint the cost of moving toward the next phase: the development phase.
In the development phase WSE clients identify the projects that will move toward more detailed engineering, and the WSE team compiles a turnkey proposal with guaranteed overall costs and savings projections. The team then coordinates with the client’s preferred local contractors and equipment manufacturers for multiple bids that the client’s staff will review to determine the one to move forward with on the project. WSE also works with the client to establish ways of monitoring and verifying the design’s cost-effectiveness when completed.
In the final implementation phase, the client starts the ball moving with funding as WSE manages progress and keeps a keen eye on the project’s total costs and savings. For peace of mind WSE guarantees to cover any excess costs should the actual cost exceed WSE’s projected budget. When a project is completed, the WSE team inspects the new installations, collects data and verifies that the projected savings are being realized.
Stress-free Solutions
The WSE approach is designed specifically to take the stress of infrastructural investment projects off of the client’s shoulders. Energy efficiency-aimed technologies abound in the market place, but clients came to WSE for the team’s broad experience. WSE has experience optimizing boiler systems and electrical systems, completing compressed air retrofits and lighting retrofits, designing process heat recovery systems, expanding water treatment systems and working with chilled water systems, along with designing and installing Co-Generation plants.
Improvement projects primarily target energy conservation, cogeneration and alternative fuels and energy, which help companies reduce waste, make the most of natural resources, and supplement power with budget and environmentally friendly options. In recent years wildly fluctuating oil prices have thrust energy conservation issues directly into the limelight. The manufacturing community is now looking to invest in technologies that are effective now, but still decades ahead of environmental and sustainability objectives.
Through energy conservation WSE offers swiftly complete upgrades, which can be made to maximize the performance of existing equipment and systems with minimal downtime. Minor adjustments and additions can be made to capture heat generated in one area and reuse the same heat to boil water, eliminating the need for an additional boiler. Another common solution is to upgrade existing light fixtures to comprehensively energy-efficient lighting systems.
The WSE team recently installed a new lighting system at a facility for a Fortune 50 manufacturer in Cape Girardeau, Mo. The facility sprawls across 1.3 million feet, and WSE oversaw the retrofit and replacement of the existing ballasts and swapped the HID lighting fixtures for state-of-the-art fluorescent bulbs developed specifically for high bay applications. The client also opted to have occupancy and lighting controls installed to reduce consumption in appropriate areas. Ultimately, WSE reports that the upgrades save the clients over $640,000 annually in electricity, over $40,000 in HVAC savings and an additional $149,000 in labor and material costs through fewer lamp and ballast replacements.
Ahead of the Curve
WSE can supplement a plant’s energy sources with alternative fuel sources that are bottom-line friendly. WSE can install a biomass system to convert wood- and tire-derived fuels into energy or capitalize on methane gas from nonfossil-related sources. Additionally, the team can develop combined heat and power solutions capable of producing both electricity and thermal energy from a single fuel source, thereby alleviating the burden of purchasing both fuel and electricity.
WSE can develop and implement a solution from solar, wind and geothermal energy options for clients thinking longer-term about sustainability. Though technology has made these options more productive and less costly, the payback in energy savings is usually around five or six years, and therefore not an ideal option for clients who want to see significant improvements in the near future. Nevertheless, the WSE team works directly with multiple manufacturers to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and research so that customers are assured the most informed recommendations.
WSE is already setting the wheels in motion to recruit additional talented sales personnel to add to its team and increase its market share. The WSE team expects to see steady and stable growth in the next two years, despite many companies holding off on capital improvement projects. Backed by years of energy industry experience and strong relationships with the manufacturing community, Woodstone Energy LLC will help clients achieve major sustainability goals with proven technologies and turnkey service.•