Tank Toppers

Chemical Injection System protection for the oil and gas industry based in Grand Prairie, Texas
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
Produced by: 
Victor Martins

Tank Toppers has been providing a customized solution to universal problems in the oil and gas industry since 2011. In gas production, producers and chemical companies face high expense and environmental risk every day. Kevin Carver, CEO of Tank Toppers (a division of Carver Sales Inc.) began developing a line of chemical injection systems (CIS) protection products in 2007 that would become known in the industry for saving money for production companies, chemical companies, and well and lease owners, protecting wildlife and eliminating containment filling by rain and improving the aesthetics of extraction sites the world over.

As a longtime supplier of storage and containment tanks used for CIS and other on-site and pipeline fluid storage for companies involved in gas extraction, Carver’s experience has allowed him to build a successful operation. He now supplies his innovative Tank Toppers from Grand Prairie, Texas, to well sites, chemical distribution facilities and pipelines all over the world.

The Tank Topper advantage

Carver and his team have two priorities in production of these products:

  • To assist in preventing fines levied by federal and state regulatory agencies that can reach $30,000 per incident per site.
  • To eliminate the cost associated with removing and hauling off contaminated wastewater from secondary containment.

Several agencies enforce high penalties for improper CIS protection. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife and state and local agencies all levy large fines for site hazards. One of the greatest concerns is the risk to animals, susceptible to potentially harmful chemicals used in extraction.

“To keep animals out, you have to cover secondary containment in wire mesh,” Carver explains. “We make a heavy gauge vinyl mesh topper that is stain-resistant and fire-retardant that has a three-year warranty that allows rain to go through, but keeps animals out. These custom covers can be installed in less than five minutes.  Many companies choose just to use this component of the system, but in areas where it rains a lot, end users need more.”

Heavy rainfall can fill up containment tanks quickly. Because of additional runoff collecting in these tanks, that water becomes contaminated. Every time the fluid level rises to a specific level, usually only one rain event, producers and chemical companies have to have it drained and hauled off-site, which costs $150 or more per containment. These custom protective toppers cover the complete CIS, attaching firmly to the containment keeping rain and animals out of the complete system.  This eliminates the need to remove rain water, which will pay for the topper quickly. The return on investment is usually only a matter of months and is accomplished while meeting all the protection requirements of all agencies.

While protection is the primary function of Tank Toppers, the brand also meets standards of aesthetics as outlined by the BLM. “These CIS and other systems are often in federally protected areas and because of that they are required to match the environment,” explains Carver. “Many of the tanks only come in white and the containments typically in black but there is a rainbow of possible colors from various suppliers that don’t meet the BLM standard. Our Tank Toppers are available in six colors to blend in with the surroundings; all our colors are accepted by the BLM for every landscape necessary to match.”

Custom solutions

“I’m in the tank business,” states Carver. “I know every tank and every containment in the world; I know exactly what size it is and that is the reason I’m able to do what I do. If someone comes to me and says, ‘I have a 72-inch-round containment,’ I know exactly what it is. Running this business would be an impossible nightmare for anyone else.”

Every Tank Topper is custom-made for the container on which it will be used. Carver says there are a lot of factors to take into account. Each Tank Topper must fit each CIS perfectly in order to keep out rainwater and animals. Tanks alone vary by gallonage, size and shape, stands can be of varying heights and there are 30 different containments from round to rectangular. The combination of all three requires hundreds of designs for a proper fit for each one.

“Each Chemical Injection Systems can have from one to four pumps and each one has to have access,” he explains. “We use a clear high-grade vinyl to see the level of fluid inside. We have 100 base designs that can be configured in 15 different ways. We use measurements from each project and our customers fill out a design sheet to help determine the specs of each Tank Topper. All our complete Tank Toppers also use a heavy gauge stain resistant and fire retardant vinyl and also carry a three-year warranty.”

The end result is a perfect fit – an exterior cover with compliant access that protects both the surroundings and the CIS. “It’s amazing the difference you can see between a tank that has been covered with one of our products and one that hasn’t,” says Carver. More impressive than the visual difference is the cost savings that end users see using Tank Toppers. Whether a client needs to cover a CIS, just the containment, a mud pit, service equipment or anything else, Tank Toppers has the mesh or vinyl solution to meet those needs.

Tank Toppers has master service agreements with many of the major players in the oil and gas industry. With operations all over the world, these repeat clients have helped expand the brand’s geographic footprint extensively. Carver’s line of protection products is in use across the United States as well as in Canada and overseas locations such as Romania, Brazil, Russia and Australia.

The company’s market continues to grow as producers all over the world see the multifaceted benefits of using Tank Toppers for environmental protection and cost reduction.