Shamrock Energy Solutions: Diversity Defined

Shamrock Energy Solutions is the result of innovative ideas and a pure drive to succeed. Shamrock Management was initially founded in 1997 as a consulting firm connecting oil companies with experienced labor for production operations. A decade of experience, in addition to tremendous growth in not only size, but also in areas of operation and know-how, brought big changes in 2008.

Shamrock Management caught the eye of Jeff Trahan. Jeff had established himself in the measurement business, constructing liquid and gas metering systems as a former proprietor of Alliance Measurement, as well as previous work experience as the operations manager of FMC Technologies’ measurement systems division. Jeff recognized Shamrock Management as a good investment, thus purchasing the firm and introducing a whole new edge.

A new business philosophy and additional products and services called for an all-new label. Shamrock Management was reinvented as Shamrock Energy Solutions (Shamrock), a reference to the business’ growing presence in the energy sector.

“With the word 'management' behind our name, those who didn’t know us tended to misclassify us in the architectural or construction industry,” says Keli Bonvillain, marketing director of Shamrock. “By making Shamrock Energy Solutions our name we were hoping to solidify our spot in the energy industry. Our niche is in oil and gas production support. Now, in addition to providing labor networks, we’re doing turnkey projects. We work with companies throughout the entire process starting with design and engineering through fabrication and installation.”

Oil Industry Services

Shamrock has roughly 400 employees working on-site with pipelines and platforms, offering a broad range of assistance and services to clients. The team at Shamrock boasts a network of experienced professionals and specialists, enabling the company to offer a comprehensive range of labor and service solutions, with contract labor being one of the largest.

The team’s engineering and fabrication specialists help oil production companies build efficient, safe systems. Shamrock’s team in the manufacturing sector offers a wide variety of components, including measurement systems, electrical and instrumentation control interfaces, mechanical components and more. The company’s technicians serve all of the same technologies as well, additionally allowing clients to set up a maintenance plan to keep machinery safely in compliance. To top it off, Shamrock also sells, leases and services generators with ranging kilowatt output for multiple applications.

“It’s all about finding the right people to make it work,” says Bonvillain. “We make sure we have the right people working for us and we take care of them.” This has clearly worked for Shamrock, as the team is only picking up steam while moving forward. “In turn, our people take care of our customers,” she adds with a smile.

Maintaining a Large Market

Shamrock is not only focused on connections within the company, the team is sure to maintain relationships across the board. “We’ve partnered up with some of the industry’s biggest players since the beginning, allowing us to establish great working relationships,” says Bonvillain. “Currently we are refurbishing the electrical and instrumentation equipment at Green Canyon Block 19 for Shell Pipeline, which has been an ongoing project with Shell. Additionally, we’ve built liquid- and gas-metering systems for Chevron and several metering systems for deep-water projects in the Gulf of Mexico and abroad.”

It is evident that there is a lot of teamwork involved in the energy business, and for Shamrock that only enhances the company’s edge. The team at Shamrock partners with engineering firms regularly to provide turnkey projects with custom solutions that fit a company’s needs.
The team also works closely with owner-operators to adhere to high standards that are continually updated to ensure safe production operations. “Our operators are affected by oil prices and spill prevention rules,” explains Bonvillain. “And that’s required us to retrain and follow new rules.”

The company’s diversity has allowed the team to stay ahead, even in a rough economy. Shamrock is consistently landing work as oil and gas exploration is ongoing. According to Bonvillain, when the black gold is discovered, the companies with resources turn to Shamrock for construction help. The Shamrock team has also done a lot of work lately maintaining and repairing older platforms as well, making upgrades that will keep the facilities up to changing regulations.

When all is said and done a good thing began in 1997, and Jeff enhanced that legacy. Today Shamrock has grown to become one of the industry’s most diversified service providers, and something that inspires pride in all the team members – both of the past and present.

Despite major growth over the last few years, the company continues to embrace a small, family business philosophy that places value on relationships over numbers. Bonvillain foresees steady growth for the business through maintaining a healthy reputation in the industry and putting people first, which many people today tend to forget. Lucky for the Shamrock team, this mentality will never falter. Shamrock Energy Solutions brings experience and attention to detail to every project, ensuring quality labor and safe, durable products and solutions.