River Bend Industries LLC

Breaking New Ground in Industrial Construction
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
Produced by: 
Sean O'Reilly

In 2005 Larry and Adam Wallace founded a small general contracting company. After several years of growth in commercial and multifamily residential construction, the father and son duo’s The Wallace Companies has become one of Oklahoma’s premier commercial builders. With major clients in education, entertainment and health care, the business has found its stride in the market. Commercial construction remains the company’s niche, although Larry has recently taken on a complex and promising project.

In 2011, Larry began to shift control of daily operations to Adam. Meanwhile, Larry is pioneering a unique product for the industrial sector and has found mounting success in doing so. With Larry’s new company, River Bend Industries LLC (RBI), the entrepreneur is applying his knowledge and experience to industrial testing applications.

“We are developing an enclosure business that is completely different than anything else on the market,” Larry explains. “Our general contractor business is well-established, but our new endeavor is really exciting. We are one of the few companies doing what we are doing.”

Protecting Your Assets

RBI is strictly involved with the industrial sector. The business has gotten off the ground largely in the last year, providing certified testing enclosures for high-pressure valve testing. The team has established relationships with many of the largest manufacturers of pressure valves.

“Every valve manufactured or remanufactured globally to the standards set has to be tested at 1.5 times its working pressure,” Larry explains. “Manufacturers test these components required before leaving the facility.  They have valves that have to be tested at various rates of pressure.  We have built test enclosures ranging from 3,000 psi to 40,000 psi.”

Together, Larry and his team work closely with clients to provide a custom solution for testing. With such high pressure contained in the valves, a break can be catastrophic. “We are putting 30 enclosures in a plant with 600 employees,” he explains. “You have the operator doing test and other personnel. If you think about a pressure vessel failure, the result could be horrific. Our enclosures are designed to contain projectiles in case of failure under high pressure testing.”

Therefore, RBI takes the appropriate measures. “We go in to assess the testing station and study the valves involved for size, shape, max testing pressures and possible projectiles,” he continues. “We take into account the medium, which could be air, water or gas. Different mediums compress differently. We recognize the possible projectiles, because under failure, those are the fragments you need to contain. We take that information and work with our engineers to design enclosures for those specific needs. We are one of few companies that guarantee our enclosures against those projectiles in the case of a failure.” 

Custom Solutions

While the primary function of these enclosures is to protect people from potential valve failure in the testing process, Larry and his team work hard to ensure that these structures fit into the production floor effectively. “We look at it from a safety standpoint, what it takes to control fragments under failure, but we also look at productivity,” he explains. “We determine what we can do to not just make the area safe, but also make it more productive. We design around the flow of work and the size of parts; we make the box work for you, not just to contain projectiles.”

The custom element to these designs is incorporated early on. RBI builds enclosures start to finish, collaborating with facility personnel along the way. “Overall, we are a one-stop shop,” Larry notes. “We start with the conception and the preliminary design work. We get that to our engineers, who design all parts and pieces collectively as an integral unit, per the specifications gathered. They create stamped, engineered drawings with the calculations, shop drawings for the enclosure and then from that we have our own fabrication shop. We make the parts and pieces, ship them to the site and then we have crews that erect the enclosures right at the client’s facility. It is then certified and turned over to the facility.”

A Lasting Impression

Larry and his team build relationships with clients by providing a safe, effective and customized product, designed to fit specifications of function and flow. Each enclosure comes complete with drawings and specifications of how much force it can withstand; the enclosures are providing a safer workplace for employees. 

Because the crew has already established a rapport with valve manufacturing giants, business has only been climbing in the last two years. Larry says his team has 34 enclosures in the works at present with more sure to be on the way. RBI is breaking new ground with this technology, as well.

“When we started, there were few standards anywhere for testing enclosures,” Larry explains. “There are some about how thick the plate needs to be, but that’s the extent. If someone were to call me as a general contractor to have a metal building built, there are MBCI standards that tell me what the wind load, snow load and other ratings have to be per its location. When we started, we had to develop standards before being able to price and budget for enclosures. Now two years in, we have the historical data to work off of. We have developed 25 unique enclosures from scratch we have stamped, guaranteed drawings on, which range small to large.”

RBI is leading the way in enclosure construction in the United States. Larry and his team are continuing on an upward trend, providing new technology to customize enclosures for a number of testing applications. “We’ve developed all of these things on our own,” Larry explains. “They are all unique and we are really proud of our work. We are even more proud that as the business grows, we can provide a safer work environment for those in facilities performing high-pressure testing.  Our goals are safety first, then productivity.” As the team continues to produce high-quality, safe and custom enclosures, River Bend Industries LLC is meeting rising demand with integrity.

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