FiberLight, LLC: Providing Leading Network Services

FiberLight, LLC (FiberLight) is an industry-leading provider of mission-critical, high-performance fiber optic networks headquartered in Atlanta, Ga. Initially founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of American Communication Services Inc. (ACSI), FiberLight offers an array of solutions, including dark fiber, optical transport, ethernet, dedicated Internet access and customized network solutions, all of which serve all types of businesses across the United States. In 2005 an investment group transformed and relaunched FiberLight when it decided to purchase the company’s assets, and this group began operating the company as an independent, promoting evolution as the keystone to the business’ success in the industry, regardless of names and corporate structures.

In an economy that increasingly relies on technology, businesses are constantly looking for reliable integrated solutions, specifically complex network solutions that drive an abundance of products, such as Internet, voice, video and big data. With that in mind, FiberLight provides these customized solutions with the backbone of fiber optics, specific to the advance and private need of Internet to ethernet access in convenient packaging that is both highly reliable and cost-effective for customers. The FiberLight team of 100-plus employees manages well over 500,000 route miles of fiber with thousands of access points in a broad service region. As mentioned, these solutions offer security, efficiency and flexibility as FiberLight continues to design solutions that flex and scale around the needs of customers and their business.

FiberLight’s growth and demonstrated fiber optic footprint stretches across 23 markets throughout the southern and Mid-Atlantic United States, in areas such as Georgia, Florida, Texas, Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. FiberLight has developed strong Type 2 relationships with other carriers, as the company has positioned its competitive model as a partner’s partner.

Serving Varied Industries

FiberLight has built relationships with companies across the country delivering thousands of circuits in a variety of markets. The team has connected government, retailers and educational institutions, among others, and continues to expand geographically by installing mile after mile of high-speed, secure network solutions. Large broadband Internet capacity is a growing need for American government and enterprise customers. With data transfer rates increasing exponentially, reinforcing every network’s backbone with diversity has become a necessity, and FiberLight has proven that through its growing network. Catering to the growing need of the enterprise and government segments, FiberLight launched a new platform in 2011. This launch was the introduction of a state-of-the-art IP platform that to date serves hundreds of these enterprise and government customers, increasing their speed, reliability and security.

In early 2013 the company announced a large contract in which the team will build 4,500 miles of dark fiber connecting wireless backhaul and point locations in Texas. The new regional fiber infrastructure connects Austin, San Antonio, Schertz, Corpus Christi, Waco, Laredo and many others, for a total of 64 cities. Combining FiberLight’s existing infrastructure in the area with this ongoing project, the Texas region will have over 9,000 miles of fiber maintained by FiberLight alone.

Other recent projects include BYTEGRID Data Center. In summer 2012 FiberLight established connectivity into BYTEGRID’s premier data center in Silver Spring, Md. The client specializes in catering to financial, government and wholesale clients, as well as other institutions and businesses. BYTEGRID offers large data storage and creation services for these clients, and requires large bandwidth to receive and deliver data efficiently. FiberLight’s newly established connectivity with the company will quicken the rate at which BYTEGRID can exchange data between customers. More information on these initiatives, as well as others, can be viewed on FiberLight’s website,

Stable Growth

Joe Patton, FiberLight’s executive vice president of sales and marketing, notes, “With a broad base including more than 40 of the largest 50 telecommunications companies in the U.S., as well as numerous municipalities, utilities, Fortune 500 enterprises, school systems, and federal government entities, FiberLight did not feel much of the recession. We are excited about the bandwidth boom going on! FiberLight has grown based on solid financial principals, fantastic employees and the insatiable appetite for more video content and other bandwidth rich applications. We are well poised to take advantage of the demands for secure, fiber optic-based networks that will continue to grow at exponential rates.”

As the company changes, new leadership roles need to be filled. FiberLight hired a new COO, Paul Pierron, toward the end of 2012, and he has taken a holistic leadership role over the company as founder and CEO Michael Miller just recently retired. With over 35 years in the telecom industry, Paul’s experience rivals that of many other premier executives in the industry. He has worked in sales, operations, business development and customer service with nationwide providers like AT&T, Sprint and LightCore. He and the FiberLight executive team will work closely together on a push for growing revenue throughout the United States, meanwhile enhancing the operational aspect of the business.

Recognizing growing demand, FiberLight continues to step up and deliver new network solutions. Because of FiberLight, LLC’s continued expansion and newfound opportunities, the telecommunications industry is witnessing the rise of a dark fiber powerhouse, one that has the opportunity to continue to prove its networks scalability, reliability and customization.