Albsmeyer Electric Inc.

An agricultural background carries over to electrical contracting
Written by: 
Tom Faunce
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Drew Taylor

When Adam Albsmeyer decided to go back to school for electrical mechanics, it meant leaving the swine production industry, which he had done for many years. Albsmeyer, a fifth generation grain farmer, started Albsmeyer Electric Inc. in 2002, providing general electrical services. Since then, he has been able to combine his agricultural experience with his electrical skills to establish a leading, premier agriculturalspecific electrical contracting and sales company. Located in Payson, Illinois, Albsmeyer Electric serves west-central Illinois providing electrical services to all facets of the agriculture industry, including small farms, large commercial elevators, irrigation sales and service, grain bins and commercial grain dryers.

Albsmeyer Electric Inc.

A recent venture that Albsmeyer electric has embarked on is creating a swine division. With this new service, the company not only wires new facilities, but also performs inspections, as well as general maintenance and electrical safety audits. The motivation for establishing the swine division at Albsmeyer Electric stemmed from not only Albsmeyer’s background but also from an unfulfilled demand in the area. “There was really a big need for it because we have a lot of hogs in the area,” says Albsmeyer. “With my experience and understanding of biosecurity and practices it’s a good fit.”

Empathy in the industry

Working in the swine industry presents a challenging work environment. With the local Illinois producers’ facilities reaching sizes of commercial status, Albsmeyer has created a niche market for his company by providing on-call services in a sector of the industry that he understands. “Understanding biosecurity is soimportant in this business,” Albsmeyer explains. “Empathy is not enough without the dedication and commitment to follow through with it. You can’t go farm to farm without putting all of those measures in place.” 

“This is a service-based business,” continues Albsmeyer. “That is how we got into it, how we got our feet wet and how we have grown to where we are at today.” Albsmeyer Electric also provides a wide range of quality products for which the company is capable of providing service. The business provides Reinke irrigation systems; IntelliFarms BinManager systems for monitoring moisture content and temperature of grain and outside air; grain bins; commercial agricultural grain dryers; and bucket elevators and conveyors.

With 10 employees, Albsmeyer employs 6 field electricians, a shop manager, an outside sales associate and a grain dryer expert. While Albsmeyer himself has transitioned from a field electrician to a sales management and business development role, he still enjoys being able to venture out into the field when he is needed. “Being in contact and maintaining strong communication with the customers is my main role now,” Albsmeyer explains. “I still like going out and being involved but fortunately I have a wonderful crew. They are all competent, trustworthy and do not require my supervision.”

While Albsmeyer Electric primarily serves the westcentral Illinois region, the company travels throughout the tristate area performing commercial grain dryer service, which is a growing endeavor for the business. This particular service is in high demand during harvest season. This is another aspect where Albsmeyer’s understanding of the industry comes into play. “As a farmer I understand when somebody calls at 10 p.m. on a Saturday night that you just go and fix it immediately, rather than waiting until Monday morning,” says Albsmeyer. “We understand the seasonal challenges and emergencies that farmers face, whereas a typical contractor may not.”

Albsmeyer’s understanding of the industry, coupled with the company’s attention to service and flexibility are aspects that cause Albsmeyer Electric to stand out from the competition within the market. “We’re very dedicated to service and having equipment and parts available at all times,” says Albsmeyer. “We even keep some very obscure things in stock just for that one time somebody may need it.”

Building a future

In August 2015, Albsmeyer Electric added a warehouse to its operation called AG Connection, which provides warehousing for agricultural equipment. “It supplies anything related to grain handling, swine production, irrigation and more,” says Albsmeyer. “We’re rapidly building the inventory. We have parts for many makes and models of dryers and grain bins. We will continue to expand as more opportunities present themselves.”

With the ebb and flow of the industry and the numerous challenges presented to those in the agriculture industry, Albsmeyer has found that the empathy he is able to feel for the farmers he works with allows him to establish rewarding relationships with his clients. “I am a people person,” he says. “I never oversell a product or service and maintaining integrity remains the top priority.”

With a specific niche in the market, Albsmeyer Electric will be focusing on providing full facility automation to its clients. Installation and sales of these products and services is an aspect that has been consistently growing for the company. With the ups and downs of the agricultural industry, farmers in the Midwest know that they can rely on Albsmeyer Electric Inc. to understand their needs and provide the right products and services with everlasting quality and integrity. 

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