The Williams Companies Helping To Keep The Oil and Gas Flowing

The Exxon Valdeez is a prime example of how a routine shipment of oil, can become a natural disaster and a public relations nightmare for the company involved. Scott Williams, founder of The Williams Companies, understands the importance of the service that his company provides. “Our goal is to provide our customers with both small and large with worry-free service at an affordable rate which brings peace of mind to our customers knowing they can depend on us to handle their job and handle it well.”
The Laurel, Miss., based firm was founded in 1997 and in just under 15 years has grown into one of the most respected shipping companies in the South. The company started with one truck and Williams’ determination to make his company a success. Today The Williams Companies operates a fleet of hundreds of vehicles, and Williams has had to create new divisions to handle the services that his company provides.
The company maintains a wide variety of equipment which allows it to respond to virtually any need. Williams’ Companies has a full inventory of: boats, rear-station trailers, vans, mini-floats, Wench trucks, flat-beds, hot-shots, vacuum trucks, high-pressure pump trucks, pipe trailers, dry bulk, pneumatic tanks, offshore services and air transport at its disposal 24/7 allowing the trained crew to successfully complete any request, at any time.
Different Divisions Offer A Wide Variety Of Services
Williams Transport LLC is licensed in all 48 of the contiguous states and provides customers in the oil, gas, chemical and mining industries short and long-haul trucking support. The company is licensed to carry hazardous materials, and offers clients access to a 24/7 emergency transport service.   
Williams-Southern Company LLC provides services --  primarily to customers in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi -- critical wellsite services for companies in the oil and gas industry utilizing workover rigs, rig completions, rig rod and tubing jobs and rig upgrades. Williams-Southern is licensed in all 48 states, but the company’s waiting list of projects along the Gulf Shore, keep it busy locally. 
The company’s Williams Drilling and Completion Fluids Division, helps customers in the oil and gas industries with drilling fluids and drilling waste management. The company utilizes a variety of specialty completion fluids including sea-water and sodium-potassium water. The division’s employees are respected throughout the industry for their quick response and ability to mix any completion fluids necessary to complete a project.  
No Baby-Sitting Here
Williams is proud of his company’s different divisions and the services that they provide to the industry. He extends an open invitation to anyone who is currently dissatisfied with their support crew. “If you are experiencing problems with your current service company, if loads are not making it to the destination on time, of if you are having to ‘baby-sit’ your contractor from the beginning to the end, contact The Williams Companies and become worry free knowing your business in the hands of a company who cares and will take care of your business like your own to increase your profits and productivity.” 
The professionalism and adherence to the company motto, ‘If you need it, we will get it…and get it we do.’ shown by Williams’ highly-trained crew has attracted some high-profile clients over the years. The company counts industry heavy-weights, Haliburton Corporation, Schlumberger and Valero as a few of its loyal Williams Company clients.
If another Exxon Valdeez or BP did occur, Williams has the staff ready to handle the problem. “We are experienced in meeting all the federal guidelines required to handle hazardous materials and we have a staff that is available 24/7 from our dispatch,” says Williams.

The company stands poised to respond to emergencies, disaster recovery and can provide environmental remediation, which are all handled by qualified senior staff quickly, safely, and professionally. When accidents happen in the oil and gas industry, politicians and environmentalists make it a second job to second-guess the decisions made by the professionals in those industries. What is never talked about however, are the companies like The Williams Company and Scott Williams, who quietly under the radar keep the oil and gas flowing without any complications.