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Supporting some of the world’s largest visible networks
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Molly Shaw
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Sean O’Reilly

Since opening its doors in 1987, Reston Consulting Group Inc., better known as RCG has helped government agencies and private clients alike build stronger networks, ramp up security and modernizing infrastructure while controlling costs. Based in Herndon, Virginia, RCG’s professional team offers network design, engineering, systems integration, security and operations, among a slew of other services.

One of the greatest obstacles of the Information Age is the ever present threat of cyber-attacks. Hackers are getting better, faster and more precise. According to IBM’s Cyber Security Intelligence Index, there were more than 1.5 million monitored cyber-attacks in the U.S. in 2013.

This number includes attacks that have been made known to the public, but the reality is most companies encounter multiple threats every day, some going unnoticed. Fortunately, there are experts in protection and information technology security, such as RCG . For more than 28 years the Virginia-based professional services firm has supported some of the world’s largest and most highly visible networks.

Experience at work

RCG is a leader in emerging technologies, bringing clients ISO 9001 registered processes with an 80-person technical staff. As a woman-owned, Small Business Administration (SBA) Business of the Year recipient, RCG has worked to build a 98-percent customer satisfaction rating.

RCG’s capabilities stem from years of hands-on experience with all types of network equipment and software, beginning with some of the nation’s largest wireless carriers. “When my husband and I founded RCG in 1987, we were both working in the telecomm industry,” tells Champa Bhushan, CEO of RCG. “We used this experience to start a new company that could offer consulting to the big carriers, such as Sprint and AT&T.”

“Initially, we consulted with the big carriers, but with so much capacity, these companies didn’t want to do this kind of work, so that side of the business eventually dried out,” explains Bhushan. “Our core competencies remain in telecomm and network services, but we also do infrastructure operation and troubleshooting, data center management and consolidation, user support and cyber security for government agencies.”

Bhushan says RCG has not only maintained, but grown throughout the recession. “Our area of expertise is in professional network and security services for government agencies and that has kept us going strong,” she measures. “But, I can see RCG moving more into the commercial market in the next several years.”

As RCG’s scope of IT and network services have grown, so has the firm’s footprint. “Some of our largest contracts are in Washington, D.C., in support of our government client base,” tells Bhushan. “We have also traveled as far as Seattle and Boise, Idaho.”

Ensuring full lifecycle protection

RCG’s security services span the full developmental lifecycle, from system inception to system disposal. The firm’s security experience includes: security risk management and strategic planning, reporting, certification and accreditation, forensics, identity, credentialing and access management, disaster recovery and continuity of operations, continuous security monitoring, penetration testing and selecting and implementing controls and auditing controls for effectiveness.

RCG currently operates computer incidence response centers (CIRT) in multiple states for government clients. “We are doing a great deal of computer incidence response for government agencies, in addition to security operations centers for these contracts,” shares Bhushan.

In the likelihood an attack occurs, RCG knows how to deploy a rapid response. “We’re skilled in establishing processes and procedures for incident response, configuration management and change management,” says Bhushan. “We also write and establish plans of action and milestones for continual improvement of system security.”

As hackers become more skillful with ever-changing abilities, Bhushan says a plan of action is of the utmost importance. “We offer our clients a customized assessment of their network security needs and show them how we can lower risk by meeting increasingly targeted threats,” she explains.

In fact, RCG is keeping its customers so satisfied with network peace of mind that the company has garnered a client retention rate of 98 percent. Bhushan says clients turn to RCG not just for protection and peace of mind, but for its highly-competent staff. “The people here give me the biggest sense of pride,” she adds.

In the ever-changing battlefront of cyber security, Reston Consulting Group Inc. applies years of network experience to build stronger systems and develop a plan of action should a data breach occur.

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