MacLellan Integrated Services Inc.

Providing industrial production facilities support since 1994
Written by: 
Matt Dodge
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April Reeves

Since 1994, MacLellan Integrated Services Inc. has been helping industrial manufacturing clients keep their busy production lines running. MacLellan offers a full suite of critical process cleaning services and other maintenance activities, such as robotics maintenance, sludge and wastewater management and general facility upkeep. From its centrally located headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky, MacLellan provides critical process cleaning and maintenance services primarily to clients throughout the Midwest and Southeast, performing work in 13 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces.

“If we don’t do our jobs correctly, their production stops,” says Jeff Betzoldt, president of MacLellan. Working primarily in the automotive sector, the company got its start serving industrial finishing and painting customers, performing a wide range of services including defect analysis, deep clean and shutdown support, air quality measurement and hazardous waste management.

Starting out as a publicly owned company back in 1994 before transitioning into a private model in 2001, MacLellan has now expanded beyond that initial niche to serve other types of facilities as companies continue to outsource more of their non-core technical and support services to outside firms.

Today, MacLellan performs work in a variety of manufacturing facilities including paint shops, stamping, body-weld and metalworking facilities as well as aerospace, furniture and other industrial concerns. “We’ll work anywhere where there is an industrial process that requires specialized equipment cleaning or preventative maintenance,” says Betzoldt.

The brain trust hits the road

Most of MacLellan’s 1,200 employees are stationed at manufacturing facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada, where they can be found cleaning, maintaining and operating plant equipment at over 25 locations throughout North America. “A lot of the brain trust is located right at the customer’s facilities,” says Betzoldt.

Typical clients can be broken down into two groups: large assembly plants that exceed 1 million square feet and parts manufacturing facilities of up to 500,000 square feet. “Our largest customer has several million square feet of plant under roof,” says Betzoldt.

While many think of the modern automotive factory as an immaculate, cutting-edge production facility, it takes a lot of hard work to keep such facilities looking good and running efficiently. At an automotive paint shop, for example, MacLellan is often tasked with removing the baked-on paints and coatings from the carriers and fixtures used in the painting process. “The only way to get rid of that is by using high-pressure, highly aggressive technology like water blasting and ice blasting,” says Betzoldt.

In ice blasting, frozen water particles are propelled by compressed air at pressures of 100 pounds per square inch as a means of cleaning a surface. The process leaves no chemical residue, and is often the only option when it comes to dealing with particularly hardened paint and other finishing products.

Meeting and exceeding client standards

MacLellan makes a point of holding itself to the same standard of quality that its industrial manufacturing clients apply to their own work. “Most customers will say they don’t want to manage you, they don’t want to drive your continuous improvement,” says Betzoldt. “They want you to behave like they do: in a disciplined fashion.”

By molding its own abilities to the needs of clients and placing an emphasis on discipline, MacLellan keeps pace with both the high quality and high standards of its customers. “I think we emulate our manufacturing customers better than our competitors,” says Betzoldt. “Customers don’t feel like they have to pull us along. We manage our business.”

With over 1,000 workers performing cleaning and maintenance activities at myriad facilities across the country, safety has always been a top priority at MacLellan. “It’s easy for a company to say safety is No. 1, but the companies that walk the walk are the ones who have very disciplined procedures and practices for managing everything safely,” says Betzoldt. “Safety is a daily conversation and I’m involved in safety conversations every week: how it’s improving, who is doing well.”

While MacLellan is a far cry from a conventional janitorial cleaning service, the business is often approached by satisfied customers who want the company to take on a larger share of their overall building management work. “We have some small elements of janitorial and some customers prefer to bundle those services,” says Betzoldt. These include grounds and landscape maintenance, pest control, custodial services and HVAC maintenance.

As the company continues to expand its reach and slate of services, MacLellan Integrated Services Inc. is poised to continue its growth in the Midwest and Southeast markets, providing top-notch critical process cleaning services to industrial manufacturing clients throughout the region.

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