ANF Group Inc.: Performing Commercial Construction with Integrity

Alberto Fernandez Sr. founded ANF Group Inc. (ANF) in 1981. After spending years in commercial development, Alberto Sr. wanted to start a family business for the Fernandez’s future.

Alberto Sr. accomplished his dream; today his sons, Alberto Jr. and Nelson, operate ANF with longtime family friend Alberto Gil. The current leadership continues a tradition of excellence, adhering to the founding principles Alberto Sr. laid down at inception.

ANF has remained committed to family, community, integrity, trust and good business ethics over the years. Such factors have won the business of several large commercial clients, which return time and again for the exemplary service that ANF provides. The team specializes in commercial construction, focusing on institutions of healthcare and education. “We pride ourselves on taking care of our existing clients,” says Alberto Jr., president of ANF. “We don’t overpromise or underdeliver.”

Quality Leadership

Staying true to the team’s core values has allowed ANF to grow. Operating with 37 employees, the contractor manages major construction projects out of a single location in Cooper City, Fla. “Our reach extends from Miami up through West Palm Beach,” says Alberto Jr.

The company is constantly working on something new, with several projects already lined up for 2013. The team of construction managers and foremen brings decades of experience and varying expertise to the table. “That’s what makes us stand out,” says Alberto Jr. “We bring our clients the knowledge, experience and capabilities of a larger firm, but we deliver it with the personal attention and quality of a small local business. As issues and unforeseen circumstances occur, it doesn’t take days or weeks to reach the upper management of our company. The response is immediate and that results in more expedited solutions.”

As primarily a construction management company, ANF relies on subcontractors to perform most of the work on projects. “We like to be fair and spread out work,” says Alberto Jr. “But because so much of our work is related to healthcare, our subs need specific Agency for Health Care Administration certifications. The pool is limited as to who we can work with on site.” Even though the selection becomes more limited, ANF works with many subcontractors that have proven reliable on previous projects.

A Growing Portfolio

The company has recently wrapped up two major healthcare industry projects. “We completed a project on the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in 2011,” says Alberto Jr. “The project encompassed 186,000 square feet and achieved LEED Gold certification. This year, we’ve just finished up Memorial Hospital’s West Bed Tower expansion in Pembroke Pines. We added 80 beds with a 71,000-square foot addition over the lobby, which was connected to the old hospital.”

The team also has another project in the pipeline, which Alberto Jr. says should be underway by the end of 2012. “We’ve just been awarded the contract for the Center for Collaborative Research at Nova Southeastern University. Right now we’re in the preconstruction phase.”

The team at ANF’s portfolio includes several educational projects, as well, but not as many as performed in the healthcare sector. “We’re trying to diversify,” says Alberto Jr. “We want to do more educational projects. Otherwise we’re going to continue to do our best work possible with our healthcare clients. The most important factor is staying true to our company identity. We want growth, but we want controlled growth. If it’s steady, we can work on expansion.”

While the recession has made for an unpredictable market, ANF is still stable. “The economy is always a concern for us,” explains Alberto Jr. “The projects we’ve had lately haven’t been as big as they used to be, but we’ve got to keep pulling them in to keep our employees working. The most important component to our success is to focus on taking care of the work we do have and make sure we’re still delivering high-quality projects.”

Everyone works together on the team to keep things moving. “The executive staff has come onto more projects,” Alberto Jr. continues. “Our current staff is wearing more hats. Our specific niche keeps us busy, but we have to be proactive.”

Alberto Jr. believes things are starting to turn around, but he is cautiously optimistic. “It will be interesting to see how changes in healthcare will affect the healthcare construction market,” he says. “It may take a while for changes to take place, and I think we may see a few rough patches ahead.”

Alberto Jr. started working with his father the year he founded the family business, so he has seen both the ups and downs. “I’ve been here for 31 years,” explains Alberto Jr. Alberto Jr.’s experience in the family business, as well as in the industry, has helped to mold his leadership style, which has steered ANF clear to success.

Maintaining a family atmosphere keeps employees and customers happy, and Alberto Jr. recognizes that. Communication is vital in the construction business, and ANF has brought an unmatched level of accessibility to the business as well. ANF Group Inc. was built on integrity, and Alberto Jr. plans to continue constructing a positive reputation with the base established by his family over three decades ago.