Spencer Agronomy Services Takes Flight with Drones but Stays Rooted in Down-to-Earth Advice

Christine Fisher

It turns out there’s a learning curve to flying a drone. Pete Crew, owner of Spencer Agronomy Services, crashed his new $30,000 drone three times this year, but he learned a lesson or two in each crash, and he learned the hard way so his clients don’t have to.

“It was a train wreck,” Crew says, laughing. “But we did learn a lot of things.

Spencer Agronomy Services is one of the early adopters using drones to give farmers a birds-eye-view of their fields in order to assess soil conditions and improve crop yields through careful monitoring. With drones, agronomists like Crew can spot things farmers might not see walking their property—like wet areas that need to be drained, sandy soil and patches of weeds.

The information collected from flying drones allows Spencer Agronomy—which works with farmers on anywhere from 10 acres to half sections, or about half a square mile or 320 acres—to give even better advice. Through the drones, Spencer Agronomy hopes to save farmers, who are struggling with low commodity prices, even more money.

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