Unified Ag Solutions

Providing integrated seed treatment solutions in Omaha, Nebraska
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
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Drew Taylor

Unified Ag Solutions (UAS) has been serving agricultural customers throughout the U.S. since 2011, when Roger Nesbitt set out to provide a well-rounded seed treatment solution to a growing market. Previously involved in a number of diverse agricultural enterprises, he honed his knowledge and skills throughout the Midwest before founding UAS in Omaha, Nebraska.

UAS consists of six team members between the home office in Omaha and sales outreach in North Dakota and Arkansas. Between the experienced sales team, the company is able to commit resources and provide outstanding services to clients all over the country’s agricultural basket. UAS services 22 states, including North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas and Michigan.

While many businesses in this sector of the agricultural industry focus solely on equipment or chemicals, Roger’s team has the experience and knowledge to provide fully integrated solutions on both items to its customers. This adds both convenience and accountability, characteristics that build trust with customers and keep them coming back to UAS time and again.

A one-stop shop

“What sets us apart is our customer service and our ability to provide knowledge to customers in this industry,” says Brent Nesbitt, Roger’s son and seed treatment specialist for UAS. “We provide not only the equipment for seed treating, but also the chemistry to go along with it. We can bridge that gap between equipment and chemicals to provide a distinct knowledge base to our customers.”

In this market there are a lot of similar chemicals that have to be applied at different rates. UAS offers the expertise to help customers build custom treatment plans and systems. The team helps its clients take a closer look at the products they currently use and adapt their programs for better results.

Unified Ag Systems

The company’s product offering is constantly changing, frequently by customer request. “Often, someone asks us if we’ve heard about a product and if they should try it,” says Brent. “We do some digging and find the information – that’s the fun part about this business, we’re never done learning. The chemistry changes all the time. That makes it important to maintain open communication with our customers. It helps out our business. At the end of the day, we want customers to see us as more than a materials provider and as more of business partner. We give them the information they need and our main goal is to have customers succeed; if they succeed, we do too.”

Supplier relationships

UAS has built up the company by specializing in selling superior treating equipment. The business began selling equipment with USC LLC in Sabetha, Kansas. The company has grown to offer other items but USC still remains a key component of its offerings. “USC offers new solutions to the treating market every year and they are always surprising us with solutions they come up with,” Ross explains. “It is vital to apply treatments at the correct rate, and USC has the equipment and service to ensure that.”

Despite the constant changes in the UAS supply chain, the business maintains strong relationships with many of its long-term partners. Also on the equipment end of the operation, UAS works with Quality Plus Manufacturing, which provides conveyors and farmer-applied seed treaters.

“These are not the big industrial seed treaters, but for the guys who want to treat some wheat and not pay the larger price tags for an advanced seed treater system,” Brent explains. “Quality Plus also offers solutions for people who need conveyors to reach a high angle. Their conveyors can maintain capacity up to a 45-degree angle, which you don’t often see in the market. Quality Plus offers some interesting solutions when it comes down to that. They are another family company and they are fun to work with. They have the same groundwork and values as we do.”

In conjunction with equipment, UAS also offers a wide range of chemical treatments.  The team offers the complete lineup of well-known treatments on the market such as Cruiser Maxx Vibrance and Acceleron.  The company has also found a need for custom blend treatments to help treaters and growers maximize profits. “We have worked with a great partner, Albaugh, in creating our blend N-Compass that offers complete protection at a lower cost than traditional treatments,” Roger explains.

As the business continually adapts to customers’ needs and inquiries, Roger and his colleagues continue to bring on new items. “The newest thing we have brought on for inoculants is Exceed by Visjon,” says Brent. “That came about because we were digging to find products that were similar and could compete with a bigger product line. Our customers are looking for a high-quality product at a high value. With the pressure of commodity prices, our customers are becoming more cost -conscious and we have to listen to them and find good alternatives. We also took on a new customer in Wisconsin last year that had always used ABM Marauder, so we did the footwork and research, got a hold of a representative, more research, and meetings. Now we have become a dealer and distributor for them.”

A big family business

With the products and knowledge to help customers succeed, UAS has little trouble maintaining a market share. “We go above and beyond to make them happy,” says Roger. “Everything in ag is relationship-based and word travels fast.” UAS’s pro-service approach to sales means that communication is key to successful relationships. With service, sales and consulting, the company strives to treat customers well and return their inquiries quickly.”

“We have really become just a big family business,” says Brent. “My sister just started here in June and we both remember that when we were kids and our dad was dropping us off at school, he always enforced the Golden Rule: treat people the way you want to be treated, and that is the motto we live by and the motto of UAS. We don’t offer our customers anything we wouldn’t use ourselves; we don’t wait three days to call you back.”

Roger credits his staff with the company’s continued success. “When I decided to start a new company, I brought people in I knew,” he says. “Together, we figured out all of our systems. Since then, we have had great growth and our sales continue to skyrocket. We work a lot of hours, but we like what we do.”

“I am proud to say that my three children are a part of UAS,” explains Roger. “Ross, Brent and Emily work well with each other and it’s a blessing to have them all at the helm of this venture.”

Ross, a seed treatment specialist, explains that UAS is a family business and that the hard work they put in everyday can be attributed to their upbringing.

Looking ahead

For the last four years, Roger and his team have been going nonstop to bring in the best the industry has to offer. UAS leaves no loose ends, working with customers to help them make their businesses stronger. The company is a reliable partner in a changing market and clients appreciate the consistency that UAS offers.

“Good customer service for us can mean driving ten hours north to be there for a 10-minute meeting at 6:00 a.m.,” says Brent. “That short meeting can help them the entire season “We take responsibility and accountability for the systems we help our customers put into place. In this industry, you mostly see equipment providers or chemical providers. If anything goes wrong, the equipment suppliers blame the chemicals and the chemical suppliers blame the equipment. We have the tools and expertise to determine the real problem and we help our customers get to the root of it so they can maintain production and keep growing.”

Over the coming years, service will remain the peak priority for the Nesbitt family. By providing equipment, chemicals and industry experience to customers, Unified Ag Solutions continues to serve as a reliable partner for agricultural operations throughout the U.S.

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ABM 1st
Albaugh LLC
Quality Plus Manufacturing
Visjon Biologics