Swiderski Equipment Inc.

90 years of providing agricultural and construction equipment and service
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Tom Faunce
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Victor Martins

Founded in 1925, Swiderski Equipment Inc. specializes in sales, service and rental of agricultural and construction equipment. With five locations throughout the state of Wisconsin, Swiderski sells and delivers to customers all across the United States.

As a family-owned business spanning 90 years, Swiderski began as a horse dealer. With a lack of equipment technology at the time, the company dealt with the sales and training of horses for the farming community. In the 1930s when farm equipment became readily available, Swiderski adjusted to the market and began dealing with farming equipment. The company continues to carry many of the product lines that it first started with.

General manager Sylvester “Sly” Krautkramer has been in the agriculture business his entire life. “I’ve done just about every aspect of this business in some form or another,” says Krautkramer. “I’ve been educated through experience.”

Swiderski Equipment Inc.

Precision farming

Precision Farming is creating more efficient methods for farmers. By using Global Positioning System (GPS) monitors and Geographical Information System (GIS) maps, farmers are able to see where the soil in a field is moist, where the soil eroded over the winter, and where there are factors within the soil that limit crop growth. A farmer then uploads this data into an onboard machine that automatically regulates the application of fertilizer and pesticides.

Krautkramer says that 70 percent of Swiderski’s market is generated by the agriculture industry in dairy or cash crops, with construction making up the remaining 30 percent. “Precision farming is becoming the state-of-the-art technology,” Krautkramer explains. “The ability to map crops and use automation is really driving the sales of big equipment.”

Krautkramer views precision farming as the future of the industry. “Farming has changed so much in just the past few years,” says Krautkramer. “Everything has become extremely high-tech and witnessing it has been the highlight of my career. It’s definitely the future of the industry and we have and will continue to progress with it.”

Service with a smile

With an in-house service department at all five locations, Swiderski provides service for all machinery that the company sells. “The components that make up this business are parts, service, sales and some rental,” Krautkramer explains. “Precision farming is involved in all those aspects of the company.” While Swiderski carries about 30 lines of new products, the team has the ability to service up to 200 different brand names.

While the recession in 2008 had little effect on Swiderski, Krautkramer is cautious about the near future with a downturn in cash grains and dairy products. “It can become a challenge to make sure you have the right amount of inventory,” says Krautkramer. “That’s why we diversify the business; to make sure we can serve all sectors.”

Diversification is important in any business. Swiderski’s ability to thrive in the agricultural industry while maintaining a construction sector has been a major factor in the growth and success of the company. “It’s the smaller part of our business but with the construction industry on the rebound, it has really helped out,” says Krautkramer. “With the fluctuation in prices in the ag industry, the construction side of the business has created margins.”

Customer service has consistently been the top priority of Swiderski. The company is staffed with highly-trained experts in their respective departments, which has contributed to the tremendous reputation that Swiderski has endured for 90 years. “Our sustainability is huge; we’ve been around for a long time and have quality people,” says Krautkramer.

With the market share that Swiderski has established in its area, Krautkramer says the company will continue on the path it has always been on while also venturing further into the precision farming aspect of the business. “There are so many things going on right now with precision farming and it will only get better,” says Krautkramer. “There are so many things we can do now just in diagnostics alone. I can use my computer to diagnose what’s wrong with a piece of equipment that’s 100 miles from here. So all the way from servicing to the precision farming side of things, there is definitely some uhttp://usbusinessexecutive.com/journal/2015-summer-iintapped market share that we can have some growth in.”

As the company moves forward, progress is a necessity while maintaining the traditional values which have contributed to the company’s longevity. While technology changes and advances, the core values of Swiderski Equipment, Inc. will always remain the same.

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