Poulin Grain

Family tradition and history honored with continued success
Written by: 
Tom Faunce
Produced by: 
Drew Taylor

Poulin Grain is a fourth generation family-owned and -operated company specializing in high-quality dairy, equine, pet and livestock feeds. Headquartered in Newport, Vermont, Poulin Grain also maintains locations in Swanton, Vermont, and Canton, New York. With strong nutrition support and customer service, the Poulin Grain team caters to its customers’ needs and uses its experience and knowledge to formulate diets that allow its clients to get the most out of their animals.

Poulin feed was founded by A.J. Poulin in 1932 when he began selling Bull Brand Feeds, which were manufactured in Buffalo, New York. These feeds were warehoused on his farm in Newport Center, Vermont. When Poulin purchased the Fowler Mill in North Troy, Vermont, he began blending and mixing the formulas that would later become Poulin Feeds. Throughout the years, the company’s approach to responding to customers’ needs became the impetus for the growth and change of Poulin Grain. The ability to predict trends, coupled with its dedication to customer service, has allowed Poulin Grain to develop into a leader of the industry.

Equipped to deliver

Poulin Grain manages four mills throughout Vermont and New York. With a fleet of 40 trucks, the company delivers to an approximate 250-mile radius with additional methods used for greater distances.

“In the last 20 years, we have placed a huge amount of emphasis on elevating our nutrition support with additional team members and technology,” says Mike Tetreault, executive vice president of Poulin Grain. “By bringing the best knowledge and information to the table, we’re formulating feeds that are packed with years of experience, nutritional expertise and the latest in feed industry technology.”

Tetreault began working with Poulin Grain in 1987. From his first day with the company unloading rail cars, he has worked his way through the entire facility. “I began working to produce and deliver feed,” he shares. “I then became involved with sales and working with customers. I moved around internally and worked in formulation and then management.”

Tetreault’s primary role is to provide technical support to Poulin Grain dairy nutrition advisors and directly to dairy customers throughout the Northeast. With a passion for dairy science, Tetreault is a member of several industry organizations, including the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) and the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists (ARPAS), and he serves as director and past president of the Vermont Feed Dealers and director of the Northeast Agribusiness & Feed Alliance.

Poulin Grain is grateful to have Josh Poulin as the fourth generation president of Poulin Grain. “We’re a very tight management group,” says Tetreault. “We’re very grateful that Josh is involved and very fortunate to have the complete Poulin family support over the years. They are a great family. A large part of Poulin Grain’s success has been due to the Poulin Family reinvesting the profits back into the company.”

A commitment to the local industry

With its dedication to honoring the legacy of the previous generations, Poulin Grain has developed a company culture that recognizes and rewards accomplishments. With 135 employees, Poulin Grain employees are dedicated, loyal and passionate about the company as well as the industry. “We have very low employee turnover, which really helps to build loyalty, comradery and trust,” says Tetreault. “Our team is passionate and fired up about what they are doing. It’s more than just a way to make a living. Our team truly believes in the products and services they provide.”

When it comes to distribution, Poulin Grain chooses to hand-pick its business partners, which are often local, family-owned business. The company has taken this path as it feels it speaks to Poulin Grain’s integrity and loyalty to the local agricultural industry. The company also concerns itself with maintaining a family-oriented culture. “As we add locations and team members, it can become a challenge to uphold that family feel,” says Tetreault. “Everyone operates on an open-door policy and is very accessible.”

Tetreault foresees continued transformations within the industry. He says there will be fewer but larger dairy farms. “Our challenge will be to continue to help producers increase the quality and quantity of milk production in order to meet customer demands,” he elaborates. “We will continue to push ourselves to deliver top-notch service and cutting-edge technology that will help producers achieve this in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.”

While the company grows and expands, Poulin Grain will remain true to its mission of being a leader in the feed and agricultural field by producing quality products and customer service at a fair price.

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