McCormick USA

A World Class Manufacturer of Tractors and Equipment
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
Produced by: 
Sean Barr

Cyrus McCormick developed a successful, mechanical agricultural reaper in 1831. From there, the young innovator went on to work with other agricultural manufacturers to reshape the agricultural industry across the United States. 

After a few successful years, McCormick founded his own manufacturing business: McCormick USA (McC). The business was a founding member of the International Harvester Group and has grown over the years to serve a wide range of needs on the farm and beyond.

Adding an additional 130 years of expertise in manufacturing tractors, Italian company Argo S.P.A eventually purchased McC. With a successful brand and product line, McC maintained its classic name and the features that keep farmers coming back to purchase its tractors. 

While McC’s equipment is still produced domestically, the company builds machinery in-house. A high level of quality and value has allowed the business to create a loyal customer base that has continued for generations. 

The company now operates out of a single location in Duluth, Ga., ensuring McC is able to manufacture hundreds of tractors every year, distributing to more than 195 countries worldwide. 

Tiago Bonomo, president of McC, oversees the crew and maintains a strong brand identity through quality control and customer service. Bonomo started working at McC in 2006 as an assistant controller, working his way up through the years into the management team.

Catering to a Variety of Applications

McC offers products geared toward rural homeowners, farmers and lovers of the outdoors. Therefore, the business builds equipment in an array of specifications, ranging from compact lawn-style tractors all the way up to enormous, high-power tractors suited for heavy agriculture. McC’s tough machines range from 20 to 280 horsepower.

A wide and strong range of products has helped the McC team survive the economic downturn. “We have faced a number of challenges in recent years,” Bonomo explains. “Regulations are different here than they are in Europe. From an economic perspective, however, the agricultural market hasn’t suffered to badly. People need to eat so farming has been steady. It is in the smaller market where landscaping and other smaller tractors have suffered.”

In order stay ahead, McC relies on partnerships with a number of strategic partners, most of which are suppliers. According to Bonomo, one of McC’s most vital relationships is with Perkins Engines, which builds the inner workings of McC tractors.

“We are selective about our suppliers,” Bonomo explains. “All of our suppliers have to submit their products and pass our quality control tests. We have suppliers in the United States, Italy, Ireland, France and Germany.”

Strengthening the Brand

McC has traveled the world-over; Bonomo and his team have had broad success in Europe. Now, with the McC brand, the parent company seeks to carve out a larger niche in the United States market. In order to ensure McC stands apart from other manufacturers, the company continues to produce new and improved equipment to continue filling demand for equipment small and large.

The company introduced new models in 2013: X50. As for 2014, the team has even more new introductions planned, including light duty utility tractor X4 and the heavy duty 6 cylinder X7 series.

“We are working closely with the factory to ensure updates and to renew our lineup with more efficient and strong products that feature high end design and better engines,” Bonomo says proudly. “We plan to enter a new segment, between 60 and 100 horsepower. In addition to X4, we will also be updating all of our other lines, as well.”

To manage such substantial growth, Bonomo is working closely with dealerships to ensure clients can access the best service and information available. “We want them to be prepared to support our products,” he explains. “That has been our focus in strengthening our dealer network.”

The company anticipates to offer more than 12 service and product training sessions, forming around 210 people of its dealerships, in 2014. “This will be quite an achievement,” he continues. “We want to be sure our dealers are prepared to service and support our new product lines. This will offer our customers the best possible solution for their needs. Full service will complete our product offering and set us ahead of other companies with more limited product lines.”

Bonomo and his crew are looking ahead to years of growth as the product line expands with specialty services and accessories. In order to warrant success, McC continues to work closely with dealers, ensuring solid representation of product lines to customers. Beyond the point of sale, McCormick USA is prepared to service not only equipment, but also well-deserving customers, for a lifetime.