Martinek Grain & Bins Inc.

Local company remains competitive with national brands
Written by: 
Tom Faunce
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Drew Taylor

For nearly 45 years, Martinek Grain & Bins has been a full-service network of country elevators, warehouses and retail feed stores. Located in Celina, Texas, the company’s business model is designed to provide farmers and ranchers the products and support needed to plant, fertilize, harvest, store and market their crops in the North Texas area.

In the early ‘70s, Donnie Martinek, president of Martinek Grain, was working on his father’s farm and selling grain bins to other local farmers. After realizing there was a void to be filled in the grain bin market, he built three of his own bins with 6,000 bushels of storage in Gunter, Texas. Later on, Martinek began working with a fertilizer company called Smith & Douglas, with which he worked out a deal to use the company’s scales for his grain bins. When the owners decided to sell the company, Martinek once again seized the opportunity and purchased Smith & Douglas, which propelled him into the fertilizer business.

Martinek Grain & Bins Inc.

The mission of Martinek Grain is to provide technology, products and services designed to enhance the profitability of its customers. With storage of 4 million bushels, Martinek Grain is recognized as one of the largest grain elevator companies in northern Texas, and is able to remain competitive with national brands.

Expansion equals success

As Martinek has grown and expanded over the years, the company has made several acquisitions that have contributed to its feed store division. In 2010, Martinek purchased Whitewright Feed as well as the Sherman and Greenville elevators, which included feed stores as well. In all, Martinek Grain manages three feed stores, six grain facilities and one McKinney Feed location where the company completes roasting and bagging of its own feed.

Continuing its expansion, Martinek Grain recently added a 6,000-square-foot chemical warehouse and office to its Greenville location. The addition includes 850,000 gallons of liquid storage as well as a second set of scales. “That has given that location a far better range of retail,” says Burns. “Previously, there was no warehouse and no chemical sales in Greenville.”

The team at Martinek Grain has found a way for its multiple divisions to complement each other. In addition to numerous feed stores and its own trucking service, Martinek possesses plowing, planting and fertilizing capabilities. “We literally can do everything from start to finish on a farm,” says Morgan Burns, who wears many hats at Martinek Grain. “We can perform as much or as little as the customer needs.”

In addition to its trucking service, Martinek Grain also goes to market via rail sidings and containers. While the company’s primary geographical footprint remains in northern Texas, Martinek does venture into Oklahoma to distribute to local feed lots. “We also deal with traders that ultimately distribute to the feed lots,” Burns explains. “On the feed side, we ship to farmers and ranchers in our area, as well as some in Louisiana.”

A step above the rest

The full-service aspect of Martinek Grain is something that Burns says is a unique niche that the company has in relation to the area. “There are other retail stores and elevators in our direct competing area but I don’t think there is anyone else that provides the complete farming services that we do,” shares Burns. “We also provide full-size grain trailers for some farmers.”

The target market of Martinek Grain consists primarily of full-time farmers with thousands of acres of land. On the feed store side of the business, the company’s McKinney location acts as a hybrid service and deals with Collin County producers as well as the urban community by selling chickens, greenhouse plants and organics in addition to being a full-line feed store.

In her sixth harvest with Martinek, Burns foresees a strong year approaching in the Texas agriculture industry. Due to its top-notch service and strong customer relations, Martinek has been able to weather the effects of 2015’s flooding in the area. Due to the astronomical rain the state received, many local farmers were unable to plant as much corn and milo due to the wet summer. “Many people have been weary of this upcoming year but I fully anticipate us having a great year,” says Burns. “Fortunately, we have things like preventative planting programs and insurance in place.”

With the additions to its Greenville location, Martinek Grain is content with its market reach for the time being. The company is able to serve all of its customers’ needs with top-quality service and products. By doing so, Martinek Grain & Bins Inc. will remain a strong competitor in the northern Texas agricultural industry. 

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